Past Papers for GCUF

GCUF Past Papers (NEW)


We are Uploading Data on Daily Basis. We are trying cover all subjects as soon as it can be. Keep checking and Thank you for your Patience.

Zoology MCQS

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      1. Plzz upload the keys of BBA department:
        MGT-610 organization development
        MGT-617 conflict and negotiation

  1. Kindly CSI- 422 and ZOL- 402 and BOT-402
    And ENG-422 andCHM- 402 kay past paper
    Please upload kar dy .

  2. Please Bs Chemistry 8th semester k mcqs send kr deyn specialization in inorganic chemistry

  3. Please Bs chemistry 8th semestet k mcqs b send kr deyn specialization in inorganic chemistry

  4. Sir BS Chemistry 8th semester ka koi bi paper show nahi ho rha… Kindly wo b kr den
    Specialization organic chemistry

  5. Assalamualaikum …kindly B’s physic 4 semester k.subject k upload kr dije .. khas tor Pay differential equations 2 406 k

  6. Aslam o alaikum
    Please upload the MCQs of bs botany 4th semester
    ZOL-402, BOT-404, CHM-402
    STA-507, BOT-402

  7. A.o.a
    Kindly semester 6 ki book nuclear physic course code 506 ka
    Or Electronic 2 course code 510 ka mcqs upload kar dain

  8. I want the mcqs of Bs English 2nd semester code 302 classical poetry Thank you.

  9. It’s your best effort
    God bless you
    Please psychology 302
    And statistics 321
    K mcqs share Kar dain

  10. ENG-422 Technical Writing ju main campus m huy hain past paper wo upload kr de. Please.

  11. Plzz Mcqs for CSI 624
    Mcqs for SWE 656
    Mcqs for CSI 622
    PLZZ PLZZ UPLOAD pdf files of past paper mcqs of these subjects

  12. Literary criticism , Romantic and Victorian poetry, advanced academic and reading skills
    Shakespearean Studies.. please post

  13. Please upload online exam past papers of BS Zol 4th semester code zol 404 zol 402 and botany 401.

  14. Kindly upload online exam past papers of BS Zol 4th semester code zol 404 zol 402 and botany 401.

    1. Sir Botany 401 cell biology, genetics and evolution k past paper bhi upload kar dy kindly.
      Zoology 4 semester botany 401
      Cell biology, genetics and evolution

  15. Mth-321 algebra and trigonometry mcqs for bs zoology 2nd semester and PST-321 mcqs for 2nd semester

  16. Sir Technical and buisness writing ka past paper upload kr dein plz
    I hope you will upload in 1 to 2 days!

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