How to connect to the MySQL database?

MySQL allows us to connect with the database server in mainly two ways:

Using Command-line Tool

We can find the command-line client tool in the bin directory of the MySQL’s installation folder. To invoke this program, we need to navigate the installation folder’s bin directory and type the below command:

  1. mysql  

Next, we need to run the below command to connect to the MySQL Server:

  1. shell>mysql -u root -p  

Finally, type the password for the selected user account root and press Enter:

  1. Enter password: ********  

After successful connection, we can use the below command to use the:

  1. USE database_name;  

Using MySQL Workbench

We can make a connection with database using MySQL Workbench, simply clicking the plus (+) icon or navigating to the menu bar -> Database -> Connect to Database, the following screen appears. Now, you need to fill all the details to make a connection:

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Once we finished this setup, it will open the MySQL Workbench screen. Now, we can double click on the newly created connection to connect with the database server.