Victorian Novel (Wuthering Heights)


1.  What is inscribed above the entrance of Wuthering Heights?

(A) “Hindley Earnshaw, 1729” (B) “1623”

(C)  “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”

(D)  “Hareton Earnshaw, 1500”

2.  What kind of countryside surrounds Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange?

(A)   Moorland

(B)   Savannah

(C)   Forest

(D)   Grassy plains

3.  What destination does the young Catherine have in mind when she leaves Thrushcross Grange for the first time?

(A)   Wuthering Heights

(B)   The fairy caves at Penistone Crags

(C)   The nearby village

(D)   London, where her cousin Linton lives

4.  What is the name of the village near Wuthering Heights?

(A)   Loch Crag

(B)   Gimmerton

(C)   Heatherton

(D)   Purvey

5.  In what region of England was Emily Brontë raised?

(A)   Sussex

(B)   Gloucestershire

(C)   Yorkshire

(D)   Warwickshire

6.  Who plans to live at Thrushcross Grange at the end of the novel?

(A)   Young Catherine and Hareton

(B)   Lockwood

(C)   Heathcliff

(D)   Young Catherine and Linton Heathcliff

7.  Over the course of the novel, which characters claim to see Catherine’s ghost?

(A)   Heathcliff, Hareton, young Catherine, and Joseph

(B)   Edgar Linton and Heathcliff

(C)   Joseph and Nelly Dean

(D)   Lockwood and Heathcliff

8.  On what day do young Catherine and Hareton plan to be married?

(A)  New Year’s Day

(B)  The Ides of March

(C)  The anniversary of Heathcliff’s death

(D)  Valentine’s Day

9.  Why does young Catherine climb over the garden wall?

(A)   To escape from the Grange

(B)   To meet with Linton

(C)   To retrieve her hat, which fell off as she stretched for the fruit of a tree

(D)   To escape her mother’s ghost

10.   Who raises Hareton during the early years of his life?

(A)   Hindley

(B)   Heathcliff

(C)   Catherine

(D)   Nelly

11.   Who does Lockwood believe would have given young Catherine a fairy tale life, if only she would have fallen in love with him?

(A)   Heathcliff

(B)   Hareton

(C)   Linton

(D)   Lockwood

12.   Which of the following characters dies first?

(A)   Mrs. Earnshaw

(B)   Mr. Earnshaw

(C)   Mrs. Linton

(D)   Edgar Linton

13.   Which of the following characters dies last?

(A)   Mr. Linton

(B)   Catherine

(C)   Heathcliff

(D)   Linton

14.   According to Heathcliff, when will Catherine’s body decompose?

(A)   When a hundred centuries have passed

(B)   When Edgar Linton is finally cursed to hell

(C)   Never

(D)   When Heathcliff can join her in the earth

15.   Where does Lockwood record Nelly’s story?

(A)   In a novel

(B)   In his diary

(C)   In the margins of his Bible

(D)   In Catherine’s diary

16.   Which character speaks the words “I am Heathcliff!”

(A)   Linton Heathcliff

(B)   Hareton

(C)   Heathcliff

(D)   Catherine

17.   Which three names does Lockwood find inscribed in the window ledge near his bed at Wuthering Heights?

(A)   Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Linton, and Catherine Heathcliff

(B)   Catherine Earnshaw, Hindley Earnshaw, and Hareton Earnshaw

(C)   Isabella Linton, Isabella Heathcliff, and Isabella Earnshaw

(D)   Nelly, Joseph, and Zillah

18.   Where does Earnshaw originally find Heathcliff?

(A)   London

(B)   Boston

(C)   Liverpool

(D)   Gimmerton

19.   Where is Catherine buried?

(A)   In a churchyard overlooking the moors

(B)   In the chapel

(C)   Under a stone wall

(D)   She is not buried, but cremated, and her ashes are scattered in the Thames.

20.   At what age is Linton taken away from Thrushcross Grange by Heathcliff?

(A)   Four

(B)   Twenty

(C)   Eleven

(D)   Thirteen

21.   At what age is Linton reunited with young Catherine?

(A)   Twenty-two

(B)   Nineteen

(C)   Sixteen

(D)   Forty-three

22.   Whom does Hindley force to work as a servant in his home?

(A)   Joseph

(B)   Heathcliff

(C)   Heathcliff’s son,


(D)   Edgar Linton

23.   Whom does Heathcliff force to work as a servant in his home?

(A)   Hindley

(B)   Catherine

(C)   Hareton

(D)   Isabella Linton

24.   Where do Catherine and Heathcliff first become close?

(A)   In the nursery at Wuthering Heights

(B)   During Catherine’s visit to Liverpool

(C)   At Isabella Linton’s birthday party

(D)   On the moors

25.   Whom does Edgar Linton sometimes forbid his daughter to visit?

(A)   Linton Heathcliff

(B)   Hareton Earnshaw

(C)   Isabella Linton

(D)   The evangelical servant Joseph

26.   Where does Heathcliff live?

a)   Thrushcross Grange

b)   Lowood

c)   The Chase

d)   Wuthering Heights

27.   Why does Lockwood visit Heathcliff in Chapter 1?

a)   To sell him a Bible

b)   He and Heathcliff were friends in their school days

c)   To inquire about his health

d)   To rent property from him

28.   Why does Heathcliff think his dogs attacked Lockwood?

a)  Lockwood smells bad

b)  Lockwood is unfamiliar to them

c)  Lockwood tried to steal something

d)  His dogs have rabies

29.   What does Joseph accuse Lockwood of stealing?

a)   A horse

b)   Jewelry

c)   Money

d)   A lantern

30.   To which Shakespearean hero does Lockwood compare himself after Joseph and Heathcliff accuse him of stealing?

a)   Hamlet

b)   Othello

c)   King Lear

d)   Romeo

31.   Who intercedes in the argument in Chapter 2 and ensures that Lockwood can spend the night at Wuthering Heights?

a)   Zillah

b)  Joseph

c)   Hareton Earnshaw

d)  Cathy Linton

32.   What did Joseph make Catherine and Heathcliff do as children?

a)   Scrub the floors

b)   Memorize multiplication tables

c)   Listen to sermons

d)   Chop wood

33.   Where is Lockwood’s nightmare about Catherine Linton set?

a)   A church

b)   Wuthering Heights

c)   A library

d)   The moors

34.   How does Lockwood wake up Heathcliff?

a)   By accidentally slamming the door

b)   By gently shaking his arm

c)   By crying out in his sleep

d)   By falling down the stairs

35.   How long has Ellen Dean lived at Thrushcross Grange?

a)   10 years

b)   15 years

c)   16 years

d)   18 years

36.   What does Lockwood mean when he says that “my predecessor’s name was Linton”?

a)   Linton rented Thrushcross Grange before Lockwood did

b)  Linton was married to Cathy before Lockwood met her

c)   Linton occupied the position of village pastor before Lockwood did

d)  Like Lockwood, Linton was also a newcomer to the village at one point

37.   What gift did Mr. Earnshaw promise to bring Nelly Dean from Liverpool?

a)   A set of paints

b)   A fiddle

c)   A bridle for her horse

d)   Fruit

38.   Who took care of Heathcliff when he had measles as a child?

a)   Hindley Earnshaw

b)   Mr. Earnshaw

c)   Cathy Earnshaw

d)   Nelly Dean

39.   Which of these best describes Cathy Earnshaw’s personality when she was a child?

a)   Shy

b)   Depressed

c)   Mischievous

d)   Docile

40.   Whose arms does Mr. Earnshaw die in?

a)   Nelly Dean’s

b)   Heathcliff’s

c)   Hindley’s

d)   Cathy Earnshaw’s

41.   Who forces Heathcliff to work in the fields after Mr. Earnshaw dies?

a)   Joseph

b)   Hindley

c)   Cathy Earnshaw

d)   Mrs. Earnshaw

42.   What is Hindley’s wife Frances afraid of?

a)   Strangers

b)   Spiders

c)   Death

d)   Water

43.   What happens to Cathy the first time she goes to Thrushcross Grange?

a)   She cuts her arm on a shard of broken glass

b)   A dog bites her

c)   She catches a cold

d)   She falls down a rocky hill

44.   Cathy does something to cause tension between herself and Heathcliff when she returns from her first visit to the Lintons. What does she do?

a)   She refuses to kiss Heathcliff

b)   She doesn’t notice Heathcliff until after she has greeted everyone else

c)   She gushes about how much fun she had with Edgar and Isabella Linton

d)   She comments on Heathcliff’s bad hygiene

45.   What time of year does Cathy return from her stay at Thrushcross Grange?

a)   Christmas

b)  Remembrance Day

c)   New Year’s

d)  May Day

46.   Who does Heathcliff envy?

a)   Hindley Earnshaw

b)   Cathy Earnshaw

c)   Edgar Linton

d)   Mr. Linton

47.   Why do most of the servants leave Wuthering Heights after Frances dies?

a)   Hindley becomes a cruel master

b)  The Earnshaws can no longer afford them

c)   They are disgusted by Hindley’s treatment of Heathcliff

d)  They loved Frances, and working at Wuthering Heights reminds them too much of her tragic death

48.   Why does Ellen stay in the room when Edgar Linton visits Cathy?

a)   Hindley asked her to

b)  She is worried about Cathy’s honor

c)   She didn’t have time to tidy the room before Edgar arrived

d)  She is trying to avoid Heathcliff

49.   How does Cathy shock Linton when he comes to visit her?

a)   She turns him away because she would rather spend time with Heathcliff

b)   She pinches Ellen

c)   She insults Isabella

d)   She speaks well of Heathcliff

50.   Which of these does Hindley do when he gets angry?

a)   Curse his wife

b)   Fire his gun

c)   Beat Hareton

d)   Destroy the furniture

51.   Under what male names did Charlotte, Emily, and Ann Brontë publish a collection of poetry?

a)   Aubrey, Chester, and Edgar Blanchard

b)   Bartholomew, Pervis, and Spencer Busk

c)   Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell

d)   George, Edward, and Matthew Elliot

52.   What does Lockwood feel when he reaches for the branch?

a)   A cold hand

b)  A dead dog

c)   A head

d)  A pool of water

53.   What does Nelly put in Catherine’s locket after she dies?

a)  A lock of Edgar’s hair

b)  A lock of Heathcliff’s hair

c)  A picture of Heacliff

d)  Locks of Edgar’s and Heathcliff’s hair intertwined

54.   What event happens that requires Catherine to stay with the Lintons?

a)   She is bitten by a dog.

b)  She is disowned by her brother.

c)   She is injured falling on the rocks.

d)  She is penniless and hungry.

55.   What is the relationship between Cathy and Hareton?

a)   Aunt and nephew

b)   Cousins

c)   Friends

d)   Sister and brother

56.   Where do Heathcliff and Catherine play like savages when they are young?

a)  By the river

b)  In the barn

c)  In the cave

d)  On the moors

57.   Which characters bear a resemblance to Catherine?

a)   Hareton and Cathy

b)  Isabella and Zillah

c)   Linton and Nelly

d)  Lockwood and Joseph

58.   Who finds Healthcliff’s body?

a)  Cathy

b)  Hareton

c)  Linton

d)  Nelly

59.   Who is the primary narrator of the novel?

a)  Catherine

b)  Heathcliff

c)  Lockwood

d)  Nelly

60.   Whom does Catherine marry?

a)   Edgar Linton

b)  Hareton

c)   Heathcliff

d)  Hindley


1 d 21 c 41 b
2 a 22 b 42 c
3 b 23 c 43 b
4 b 24 d 44 d
5 c 25 a 45 a
6 a 26 d 46 c
7 d 27 d 47 a
8 a 28 c 48 a
9 c 29 d 49 b
10 d 30 c 50 b
11 d 31 a 51 c
12 a 32 c 52 a
13 c 33 b 53 d
14 d 34 c 54 a
15 b 35 d 55 b
16 d 36 a 56 d
17 a 37 d 57 a
18 c 38 d 58 d
19 a 39 c 59 d
20 d 40 d 60 a