1.Bone cells are found in minute chambers called?

a. osteocytes

b. Lacuna

c. duct

d. papillia

Correct Answer: b

2.Which of the following control the normal breathing process?

a. dorsal respiraotry group

b. amino acidcholestrol

c. cholesterol

d. ventral respiratory group

Correct Answer: a

3.In amphibians the outer layer of skin made up of

a. scutes

b. keratin

c. chitin

d. scales

Correct Answer: b

4.The epidermis are not found on skin of

a. birds

b. Mammals

c. Reptiles

d. fish

Correct Answer: a

5.Thickest portion of mammalian skin is composed of

a. dermis

b. epidermis

c. endodermis

d. hypodermis

Correct Answer: a

6.The vertebral column is found in all fishes instead of


b. lampreys

c. Rahu

d. boney fishes  Cartilagious fishes

Correct Answer: b

7.In arthropads how many motor nerves innervate a typical muscle fiber

a. Three

b. four

c. five

d. two

Correct Answer: d

8.In  flateworm and cnidarians  which type of locomotion found

a. Pedal locomotion

b. looping

c. jumping

d. walking

Correct Answer: a

9.Neries are made with the help of

a. cillia

b. flagella

c. Parapodia

d. sucker

Correct Answer: c

10.When flea is at resting femur is raised,locked and energy stored in form

a. Adipose

b. cellulase

c. resilin

d. ATP

Correct Answer: c

11.Troponin-tropomysin complex move by troponin attached to

a. Ca

b. Na

c. NaCa

d. Cl

Correct Answer: a

12.The ability of neuron to response to stimuli

a. Conductivity

b. excitability

c. deduction

d. responder

Correct Answer: b

13.Which animal do not have covering sheath of axon

a. flatwarm

b. Hydra

c. flea

d. bat

Correct Answer: b

14.In chemical synapse two cells communicated by a chemical agent

a. acetylcholine

b. norepinephrine

c. neurotransmitter

d. neuropeptides Acetylcholine

Correct Answer: c

15.Which animal lock brain and neurons

a. sponges

b. planaria

c. sea anemones

d. Flea

Correct Answer: c

16.The nerve that transfer information to the control nervous system

a. afferent   organelles

b. efferent

c. motor

d. somatic

Correct Answer: a

17.Cerebellum is an out growth of

a. cerebro spinal

b. medulla obiongain

c. Pons

d. hind brain

Correct Answer: b

18.In mmamals how many cranial nerves found

a. 12 pairs

b. 11 pairs

c. 13 pairs

d. 2 pairs

Correct Answer: a

19.Fight or flight is under the control of

a. motor nerves autonomicNS parasympathetic NS



d. Sympathetic NS

Correct Answer: d

20.The bulk movement of material into a cell

a. endocytosis

b. Exocytosis

c. Pinocytosis

d. phagocytosis

Correct Answer: a

21.If solute conc. is higher outside the blood cell then inside called

a. hypotonic

b. hypertonic

c. osmosis

d. tonicity

Correct Answer: b

22.Lysosomes also known as

a. Dissolving body

b. liner body

c. dividing body

d. breading molecules

Correct Answer: a

23.Non-membrane bound structure is

a. cytosol

b. ribosomes

c. nueleolus

d. cillia

Correct Answer: c

24.Which of the following is smallest unit of life

a. cell

b. organ

c. Tissue

d. organelles

Correct Answer: a

25.Which one of the following is not second messenger in hormone action

a. cAMP

b. calcium

c. sodium

d. cGMP

Correct Answer: c

26.Name the basic structural and functional unit of nervous system

a. perikaryon

b. glial cells

c. Neurons

d. neuroglia

Correct Answer: c

27.The ventral root of the spinal cord contains axons of



c. motor neuron

d. mixed neuron  spinal neuron  sensory neuron

Correct Answer: c

28.The spinal cord is a link between body parts and

a. brain

b. skull

c. midbrain

d. vertebral column

Correct Answer: a

29.The number of spinal nerves along the spinal cord is

a. 31

b. 38

c. 32

d. 30

Correct Answer: a

30.Which of the following has the thickest wall in human hearr

a. right ventricle

b. left ventricle

c. left atrium

d. right atrium

Correct Answer: b

31.Blood enters into the heart because of muscles of

a. atria relax

b. atria contract  ventricle relax   ventricle relax



Correct Answer: a

32.Passive immunity is obtained through injecting

a. antibodies

b. antibiotics

c. vaccines

d. antigens

Correct Answer: a

33.Rh factor is named after

a. man

b. monkey

c. drosphila

d. rat

Correct Answer: b

34.Which blood cells secrets antibody

a. eosinophils

b. lymphocytes

c. monocytes

d. neutrophils

Correct Answer: b

35.Vitamin essential for blood clotting is

a. vitaminA

b. vitaminB

c. vitaminC

d. vitaminK

Correct Answer: d

36.Hemoglobin is a

a. carbohydrate

b. reproductive pigment

c. respiratory pigmenr

d. fat

Correct Answer: c

37.What is the primary organ in a bony fish respiratory system

a. scutes

b. gills

c. fins

d. mouth

Correct Answer: b

38.Gastrin and secretin are the hormones of

a. digestive tract

b. placenta

c. heart

d. kidney

Correct Answer: a

39.The rate at which substance enters or leaves the cell is enhanced by

a. neurotransmitter

b. hormones

c. impulse

d. glands

Correct Answer: b

40.The invertebrates in which asexual reproduction occurs are

a. amoeba

b. paramecium

c. planarian

d. euglena

Correct Answer: c

41.The receptor that is sensitive to light is called



c. photoreceptor

d. georeceptor   baroreceptor   chemoreceptor

Correct Answer: c

42.Skeletal muscles are controlled by



c. somatic nerves

d. autonomic nerves sympathetic  parasympatehtic nerves

Correct Answer: c

43.Spinal nerves emerge from the

a. cerebrum

b. vertebral column   medulla oblongata


d. spinal cord

Correct Answer: d

44.Spinal nerves divides into motor fibers which get connected to

a. effectors

b. receptors

c. sensors

d. optic lobes

Correct Answer: a

45.What do invertebrates usually contain

a. smooth muscle

b. cardiac muscle

c. skeletal muscle

d. striated muscles

Correct Answer: d

46.Contraction of smooth muscles are controllrd by

a. brain

b. heart

c. glands

d. hormones

Correct Answer: a

47.Cartilage helps fishes in

a. catching prey

b. whirling

c. swimming

d. breathing

Correct Answer: a

48.In some reptiles eggs are deposited outside body of female, known as

a. viviparous

b. ovoviviparous

c. oviparous

d. egg lying

Correct Answer: c

49.Sensory organs and nervous system arises from the

a. ectoderm

b. germ cell

c. endoderm

d. mesoderm

Correct Answer: a

50.Muscle fatigue is caused by accamulation of the

a. calcium carbonate

b. lactic acid

c. iron

d. creatinine

Correct Answer: b