1. Toxic agents are those which enters in the body of organisms and cause damages and toxicity in these inhabitants. These agents are of ______ types.

a. 4

b. 5

c. 2

d. 3

Correct Answer: c

.2. Clinically significant isoforms of CYP450 are axcept

a. CYP3!3

b. CYP3A3

c. CYP111

d. CYP222

Correct Answer: b

.3. Deletion fusion involve in which mechanism

a. Inactivation

b. Genotoxic

c. Mutagenic mechanism

d. Antimutagenic mechanism

Correct Answer: d

.4. Due to mercury toxicity tens or even hundreds of peoples are died in ________ incident ____year____.

a. Minamata, Japan, 1956

b. George M. Robinson, 1960s

c. Heroshema nagasaki, japan, 1956

d. Wuhan, china 1956

Correct Answer: a

.5. Our globe contains_______ % freshwater and ________ % marine water.

a. 2, 98

b. 2, 97

c. 2.8, 97.2

d. 3, 97

Correct Answer: c

.6. Changes in swimming pattern of fish after successful exposure with toxicant is observed within

a. Last 5 hrs

b. First 5 hrs

c. First 7 hrs

d. Last 7 hrs

Correct Answer: b

.7. Which type of water contains less amount of Dissolved oxygen

a. Moderate water

b. hot and warm water

c. Cold water

d. Hot water

Correct Answer: b

.8. High blood pressure,iron poor blood & nerve demages in aquatic organisms is caused by toxicity

a. Copper

b. Lead

c. Zinc

d. Cadmium

Correct Answer: d

.9. Organisms takes up a substance in its tissues faster than its expel called

a. None

b. Bioaugmentation

c. Biofilamentation

d. Bioaccumulation

Correct Answer: d

.10. High concentration of Zinc in Aquatic inhabitants like fish’s causes____________.

a. None of these

b. Lamellar hyperpelsia

c. Lamellar thickening

d. Lamella hyperpelsia

Correct Answer: b

.11. Which of the following type toxicity can occur due to single exposure

a. Less acute

b. Chronic

c. Sub chronic

d. Acute toxicity

Correct Answer: d

.12. The most common target organ of toxicity is the

a. Heart

b. Lungs

c. Kidney

d. Brain and Spinal cord

Correct Answer: d

.13. Change in behavior growth reproduction uptake and detoxification activity and tissue structure is called_______.

a. Sublethal effect

b. Suborganismal effect

c. Reproductive effect

d. None of these

Correct Answer: a

.14. The LD50  is best described as the dose at which 50% of all test animal

a. None

b. Die

c. Not Die

d. Not effected

Correct Answer: b

.15. water pollution that can be traced to a specific origin

a. Point source

b. Non point source

c. specific source

d. origin

Correct Answer: a

.16. Roughly_______of the methyl mercury enters the food web.

a. 0.3

b. 0.4

c. 0.1

d. 0.2

Correct Answer: c

.17. The molecule of Metallothionein (MT) is made up of how many amino acids.

a. 44

b. 54

c. 61

d. 51

Correct Answer: c

.18. Changes in the circulating regulatory and responder____are good indicators of an autoimmune response induced by an immunotoxic agent.

a. T cell

b. Antibody

c. B-cells

d. Puss cells

Correct Answer: a

.19. Bioaccumulation tests are performed on the type of ________ chemicals. Those accumulates in fatty tissues of aquatic organisms

a. toxicity

b. Hydrophobic

c. Hydrophillic

d. Heavy metals

Correct Answer: b

.20. Exact exposure time and time duration will be depending on?

a. Type of test

b. Type of organisms

c. Type of environment

d. Type of species

Correct Answer: a

.21. Which of the fallowing enzyme use in oil industory?

a. Amylase

b. Lipase

c. Protease

d. Gastrin

Correct Answer: b

.22. Of our lakes are polluted and unfit for swimming, fishing, and drinking

a. 1 by 10

b. 1 by 1.1

c. 1 by 3

d. 1 by 5

Correct Answer: c

.23. Lethal concentration that reduces the normal response of an organism by 50%, estimated by graphical or computational means

a. EC50

b. LC50

c. IC50

d. LD50

Correct Answer: b

.24. Hard water contains ________ concentration of calcium carbonate.

a. 90mg/l

b. 80mg/l

c. 100mg/l

d. 80-100mg/l

Correct Answer: d

.25. The main function of MT is to regulate the metabolically important metals such as______.

a. Pb

b. Cu and Zn

c. Al

d. Cu

Correct Answer: b

.26. The safe concentration for lifetime consumption is

a. 1*10-33

b. 1*10-66

c. 1*10-7

d. 1*10 -55

Correct Answer: c

.27. The main purpose of the_________ response is to immediately prevent the spread and movement of foreign pathogens throughout the body.

a. B-lymphocytes

b. Innate Immunity

c. Adaptive immunity

d. T-lymphocytes

Correct Answer: b

.28. _________metal disturb the semi permeability of cell membrane.

a. Zinc

b. Cadmium

c. Silver

d. Copper

Correct Answer: d

.29. The oysters are zinc powerhouse that packs in ….. per medium zinc.

a. 66 mg per

b. 99.4 mg per

c. 5.3 mg per

d. 44.4 mg per

Correct Answer: c

.30. The molecular mass of metalthionine is__________.

a. 4-6KDa

b. 2-4KDa

c. 6-8KDa

d. 8-10KDa

Correct Answer: c

.31. From combustion process which toxin is produced

a. Aesbestos

b. Dioxins

c. Monoxins

d. Trioxin

Correct Answer: b

.32. which of the following is an indicator of organic water pollution?

a. COD

b. pH

c. Salinity

d. BOD

Correct Answer: d

.33. According to EPA,rivers water are nearly toxic about

a. 0.3

b. 0.2

c. 0.5

d. 0.4

Correct Answer: c

.34. when contamination occurs from a single sourse is called

a. Point source

b. Industrial source

c. None of these

d. Non point source

Correct Answer: a

.35. Acute test are not valid if mortality in the control sample is greater than

a. 0.3

b. 0.2

c. 0.1

d. 0.5

Correct Answer: c

.36. Short term sublethal test are used to evaluate the toxicity of

a. Terrestrial

b. Desert

c. None of these

d. Aquatic Organism

Correct Answer: d

.37. Daphinia test used along with the

a. aAquatic bird

b. Fish 96 hrs

c. Marine algea

d. Amphibian

Correct Answer: b

.38. The P450 superfamily is believed to have originated from an ancestral gene that existed over________.

a. 5 billion years ago

b. 6 billion years ago

c. 3 billion years ago

d. 4 billion years ago

Correct Answer: c

.39. Adaptive immunity is found only in

a. Vertebrates

b. Mammal

c. Molluscs

d. Non vertebrates

Correct Answer: a

.40. Immunotoxicity in invertebrates have been studied in mainly

a. Molluscs

b. Vertebrates

c. Birds

d. Non vertebrates

Correct Answer: a

.41. The chemical  DIOXIN effects on

a. Sterility

b. Immune system

c. Memory Loss

d. Bones

Correct Answer: b

.42. Bone weakening is due to

a. Mercury

b. Iron

c. Chlorine

d. Cadmium

Correct Answer: d

.43. Genetic toxicology was first published in

a. 1790

b. 1997

c. 1987

d. 1887

Correct Answer: c

.44. In the eukaryotic organisms,the damage of the genetic material cause the

a. Diabeties

b. Hemophilia

c. Syndrome

d. Cancer

Correct Answer: d

.45. DDT bind to the androgen receptors,and prevent the normal function of

a. Testosteron

b. Aldosterone

c. Estrogen

d. Cartison

Correct Answer: a

.46. The damage of _____may lead to heritable diseases.

a. Sperm

b. Germ cells

c. Somatic cells

d. Ovum

Correct Answer: b

.47. ___________bioassays have been widely used in toxicity assessment.

a. Physiological

b. Biochemical

c. Molecular

d. Behavioral

Correct Answer: d

.48. The fish metallothionine has more metal exchange capability than:

a. Amphibian MT

b. Mammalin MT

c. Reptile MT

d. Bird MT

Correct Answer: b

.49. The term ecotoxicology was coined by _________ in ___________.

a. Rene Truhaut, 1969

b. None Of these

c. Rene Truhaut, 1967

d. Rene Truhaut, 1967

Correct Answer: a

.50. DDT was first introduced in world war II ,and well known effects on

a. Fishes

b. Amphibian

c. Reptiles

d. Bird

Correct Answer: d