Bio-scrubber And Bio-trickling Filter

1.    In bioscrubber a large number of soluble and biodigradeable molecules are transferred.


a)    Aquous Phase

b)    Gaseous Phase

c)    Solid Phase


2.    Bioscrubber procedure is applied to remove


a)    Volatile organic compound

b)    Odourus molecules

c)    Both


3.    A Bioscrubber consist of -­—–and biological reactor.


a)    Gas Scrubber

b)    Sludge reactor

c)    Both

4.    Biologically degradable hydrocarbons are converted to


a)    H2O/CO2

b)    H2S

c)    NH3

5.    The non-degradable hydrocarbons remains in


a)    Ice water

b)    Scrubber

c)    Wash water

6.    The conductivity of salt content in bioscrubber is


a)    6ms/cm

b)    5ms/cm

c)    4ms/cm

7.    A hydrolic residence time for wash water is


a)    20-40 days

b)    30-40 days

c)    60-80 days

8.    The residence time of gases in the scrubber is approximately


a)    3sec

b)    2sec

c)    1sec

9.    The mix of neutriants contains


a)    Nitrogen and Phousphorus

b)    Trace elements

c)    Both

10.A bioscrubber creates —–types of waste flows


a)    4

b)    2

c)    5

11.Besides hydrocarbons.The biological system also needs


a)    Salts

b)    Acids

c)    Neutrients

12.Systems cwith carring material normally have a —–sludge production


a)    Higher

b)    Medium

c)    Lower



1.    A

2.    C

3.    A

4.    A

5.    C

6.    B

7.    A

8.    C

9.    C