BS Mathematics GCUF Past Papers

Advanced Complex Analysis
Advanced Functional Analysis
Advanced Group Theory-I
Advanced Group Theory-II
Advanced Set Theory
Advanced Topology
Affine and Euclidean Geometry
Algebraic Number Theory
Algebraic Number Theory
Communication Skills
Complex Analysis-I
Complex Analysis-II
Computing Tools for Mathematics
Continuous Groups
Differential Equations-I
Differential Equations-II
Differential Geometry
Discrete Mathematics
English Comprehension and Composition
Ethics(For non-Muslims only)
Fluid Mechanics-I
Fluid Mechanics-II
Functional Analysis
Functional English
Fundamentals of Electricity and Magnetism
Integral Equations
Introduction to Computing Applications
Introduction to Heat and Thermodynamics
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Statistical Theory-I
Introduction to Statistical Theory-II
Islamic Studies
Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Mathematical Concepts of
Mathematical Concepts of
Mathematical Methods
Mathematical Statistics
Measure Theory
Mechanics –I
Mechanics –II
Modeling and Simulation
Number Theory
Numerical Analysis-I
Numerical Analysis-II
Operations Research
Operator Theory
Pakistan Studies
Partial Differential Equations
Point Set Topology
Real Analysis-I
Real Analysis-II
Rings and Fields
Special Functions
Special Functions
Special Theory of Relativity
Theory of Elasticity
Theory of Optimization
Translation of The Holy Quran – I
Translation of The Holy Quran – II
Translation of The Holy Quran – III
Translation of The Holy Quran – IV
Vector and Tensor Analysis