BS Physics Past Papers

Advanced Electronics
Advanced Electronics Lab Course
Atomic and Nuclear Physics Lab Course
Calculus and Analytical Geometry
Classical Mechanics
Climatology and Meteorology-I
Climatology and Meteorology-II
Communication Skills
Computational Materials Physics
Computational Materials Physics Lab Course
Computational Physics
Differential Equations-I
Differential Equations-II
Electricity and Magnetism-I
Electricity and Magnetism-II
Electromagnetism Lab Course
Electronics Lab Course
English Comprehension and Composition
Environmental Physics Lab Course
Environmental Physics-I
Ethics (For Non-Muslims only
Functional English
Health and Medical Physics -II
Health and Medical Physics-I
Heat and Thermodynamics
Introduction to Computing Applications
Introduction to Metric and Topological Spaces
Introduction to Programming for Physicists
Introdutory Chemistry
Islamic Studies
Laser and Optics
Linear Algebra
Mechanics, Heat & Vibrations Lab Course
Methods of Mathematical Physics-I
Methods of Mathematical Physics-II
Modern Physics-I
Modern Physics-II
Multivariable and Integral Calculus
Nuclear Physics-I
Nuclear Physics-II
Optics and Modern Physics Lab Course
Pakistan Studies
Particle Physics-I
Particle Physics-II
Plasma Physics
Quantum Mechanics-I
Quantum Mechanics-II
Relativity and Cosmology
Solid State Physics-I
Solid State Physics-II
Statistical Mechanics
Translation of The Holy Quran -I
Translation of The Holy Quran -II
Translation of The Holy Quran -III
Translation of The Holy Quran -IV
Waves and Oscillations