Computer Networks

BS Computer Science 3rd Semester

1. Introduction to Computer Networks /4, A. S. Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall 2003
2. Computer Networks and Internets, 5/E, 2008 Douglas E. Comer, Purdue University ISBN-10: 0136061273 ISBN-13: 9780136061274 Publisher: Prentice Hall
3. Data and Computer Communications By William Stallings Published by Macmillan Pub. Co., 8th Edition 2006

Course Structure

Lectures: 3, Labs: 1
Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisites: None


To introduce students to the concept of computer communication. Analogue & digital transmission. Network Layers, Network models (OSI, TCP/IP) and Protocol Standards. Emphasis is given on the understanding of modern network concepts.

Course Outline:

Analogue and digital Transmission, Noise, Media, Encoding, Asynchronous and Synchronous transmission, Protocol design issues. Network system architectures (OSI, TCP/IP), Error Control, Flow Control, Data Link Protocols (HDLC, PPP). Local Area Networks and MAC Layer protocols (Ethernet, Token ring), Multiplexing, Switched and IP Networks, Inter-networking, Routing, Bridging, Transport layer protocols TCP/IP, UDP. Network security issues. Programming exercises, labs or projects involving implementation of protocols at different layers.