Basics of Networking

1. A computer network permits sharing of

a. Resources and information

b. Information

c. Resources

d. None of the mentioned

Correct Option: a


2. data transmission modes are:

a. half duplex

b. full duplex

c. simplex

d. these are all


Correct Option: d

3. In the full duplex made

a. Both direction at the same time

b. Both direction at the opposite time

c. One left and second right time

d. None of these

Correct Option: a


4. signals maintain a constant level then changes to another constant level

a. continuous signal

b. periodic signal

c. Aperiodic signal

d. discrete signal

Correct Option: d


5. What is the minimum number of wires needed to send data over it serial communication link layer?

a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5

Correct Option: a


6. Peak Amplitude (A) have

a. Rate of change of signals

b. Maximum time period

c. Maximum strength of signals

d. Minimum strength of signals

Correct Option: c


7. In which medium both directions at the same time like telephone?

a. half duplex

b. simplex

c. transmitter

d. Full duplex

Correct Option: d


8. ATM stands for.

a. Automatic transfer machine

b. direct transfer machine

c. automatic taller machune

d. Automated teller machine

Correct Option: d


9. There are Internet service providers.

a. Local

b. National

c. Regional, Local, National and International

d. Regional

Correct Option: c


10. computer network is

a. collection hardware components and computers

b. sharing of resources and information

c. interconnected by communication channels

d. all of the above

Correct Option: d


11. Data communication deals with the transmission of signals in a

a. Realiable manner

b. Multiplexing

c. Realiable and efficient manner

d. Efficient manner

Correct Option: c


12. Networking deals with the

a. Technology & architecture

b. LANs

c. WANs

d. None of these

Correct Option: a


13. provide routing function across multiple networks

a. internet layer

b. application layer

c. physical layer

d. network access layer

Correct Option: a


14. Takes incoming data

a. Receiver

b. Transmission System

c. Transmitter

d. destination

Correct Option: d


15. three protocol architectures are:

a. three layer architecture


c. TCP/IP protocol

d. All of these

Correct Option: d


16. How many types of communication model?

a. 5

b. 2

c. 3

d. 6

Correct Option: a


17. Which of these is a standard interface for serial data transmission?

a. Rs232C


c. 2

d. none of them

Correct Option: a


18. A collection of hyperlinked documents on the internet forms the______

a. Mailing list

b. Hypertext markup language

c. World Wide Web

d. E-mail system

Correct Option: c


19. Which is the technology that connects the machine and people with in a site in small area

a. MAN

b. LAN and WAN

c. LAN

d. WAN

Correct Option: c


20. A periodic signal:

a. various in smooth

b. maintain a constant level

c. pattern not repeated over time

d. patttern repeated over time

Correct Option: c


21. We use the symbol to present the Amplitude

a. f

b. e

c. amp

d. (A)

Correct Option: d


22. S(t) is a

a. networking

b. internet protocol

c. time domain function

d. frequency domain function

Correct Option: c


23. the interactive transmission of data within a time sharing system may be best suited to

a. bi-flex lines

b. half duplex line

c. full duplex line

d. simplex line

Correct Option: b


24. Time domain function is……….

a. S(F)

b. S(t)

c. S(f)

d. S(h)

Correct Option: b


25. which signal maintains a constant level then changes to another constant level?

a. analog signal

b. digital signal

c. Discrete signal

d. continues signal

Correct Option: c


26. Range of frequencies contained in signal by. ?

a. Spectrum

b. bandwidth

c. transmitter

d. network

Correct Option: a


27. Which technology connect the machine and people within a site in a small area?

a. LAN

b. MAN

c. WAN

d. None of them

Correct Option: a


28. Data flow between two devices can occur in a _______ way.

a. simplex

b. Full Duplex

c. Half duplex

d. all of the mentioned

Correct Option: d


29. what is the benefit of the networking

a. easiar backup

b. easiar access to resources

c. file sharing

d. all of the above

Correct Option: d


30. Protocol use for communication between the——- in the system

a. Entities

b. Network

c. Topology

d. None of the above

Correct Option: a


31. DARPA stand for

a. Research Project Agency

b. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency

c. Advanced Project Agency

d. None of these

Correct Option: b


32. communication network used to interconnect communication deals with

a. communication protocl

b. internet protocol

c. networking

d. data communication

Correct Option: c


33. whose convert encode bit stream into electromagnetic signals?

a. Recovery

b. Destination

c. Transmitter

d. Synchronization

Correct Option: c


34. TCP/IP protocol is __________ a standard

a. both are false

b. de- facto

c. de- jure

d. both are true

Correct Option: b


35. Transmitter converts data into

a. Data exchange management

b. Transmitted signals

c. Carries data

d. Transmission line

Correct Option: b


36. large set of devices would need impractical number of connections?

a. source communication

b. General communication

c. Networking communicating formatting

d. network organization

Correct Option: c


37. Which of the following transmission directions listed is not a legitimate channel?

a. Simplex

b. Double Duplex

c. Half duplex

d. full duplex

Correct Option: b


38. The location of a resource on the internet is given by its?

a. computing

b. URL

c. Protocol

d. e mail system

Correct Option: b


39. ATM networks are

a. Connection oriented

b. Connectionless

c. Interconnected

d. None of these

Correct Option: a


40. transmission impairment caused by:

a. noise

b. delay distortion

c. attenuation

d. all

Correct Option: d


41. Transmission meant by

a. Communication by propagation & processing of signals

b. By processing

c. By propagation

d. None of these

Correct Option: a


42. communication of data by processing of signal deals with

a. receiver

b. transmission

c. signals

d. network

Correct Option: b


43. The electromagnetic or light waves represnting data are called

a. sende

b. signal

c. information

d. transmission

Correct Option: b


44. Bandwidth is a

a. Use two DC component

b. Electric or electronic representation of data

c. Limit the data rate that can be carried

d. Entities that convey meaning

Correct Option: c


45. how many types of signal in data communication

a. 4

b. 3

c. 2

d. 5

Correct Option: a


46. which component contain zero frequency

a. DC

b. AC

c. CA

d. AC&DC

Correct Option: a


47. The technology connect sites that are in diverse location.

a. PAN

b. WAN

c. MAN

d. LAN

Correct Option: b


48. This was the first network.





Correct Option: d


49. a set of rules that governs all aspects of information communication is called

a. server

b. internet

c. protocol

d. OSI model

Correct Option: c


50. Protocol architecture has the model or layer

a. 3

b. 2

c. 5

d. 1

Correct Option: a


51. The protocol architecture are

a. 3

b. 1

c. 4

d. 5

Correct Option: a

52. In LAN’s

a. data rate much higher

b. data rate much lower

c. both

d. none of the mention

Correct Option: a


53. Crossing public rights of way?

a. bus topology

b. wide area

c. local area

d. metropolitan

Correct Option: b


54. Source_________

a. converts data into transmittable form

b. generates data to be transmitted

c. carries data

d. converts the signals

Correct Option: b


55. Open system interconnection_________

a. Process from difference in data representation

b. A framework for developing protocol standards

c. Web browser

d. File transfer

Correct Option: b


56. Data rates much higher in ?

a. PAN

b. LAN

c. MAN

d. WAN

Correct Option: b


57. “Parity bits” are used for which of the following purposes?

a. To identify the user

b. Encryption of data

c. To detect errors

d. To transmit faster

Correct Option: c


58. The term HTTP stands for?

a. Hypertext tracing protocol

b. Hyper terminal tracing program

c. Hypertext transfer protocol

d. Hypertext transfer program

Correct Option: c