Network Topology MCQs

1. How many type of network topologies?

a. 6

b. 4

c. 7

d. 5

Correct Option: a


2. Terminator ________

a. Speed of Network reduce

b. A transmitter is a special device used to absorb signals

c. Address of the destination computer with the area

d. Other computer discard the signals

Correct Option: b


3. Which topology used for small number of computer

a. Tree

b. Bus

c. Star

d. Mesh

Correct Option: b


4. The physical layout of network is

a. Ring topology

b. Bus topology

c. Network topology

d. Mesh topology

Correct Option: c


5. Which topology has low cost as compare to other?

a. Ring topology

b. Bus topology

c. Mash topology

d. tree topology

Correct Option: b


6. The arrangement of computer in a network is called?

a. Network topology

b. communication model

c. transmitter

d. networking

Correct Option: a


7. The line configuration between devices in a mesh topology is.

a. Multipoint

b. duplex

c. point to point

d. Peer to peer

Correct Option: c


8. disadvantage of star topology

a. easy to modify

b. easy to troubleshoot

c. very costly

d. resource sharing is easy

Correct Option: c


9. when nine devices are arranged in a mesh topology each devices needs input /output ports

a. thirty-one

b. eight

c. nine

d. ten

Correct Option: b


10. In the star topology we use a central device

a. Hub

b. Electrical cable

c. Bus

d. None of these

Correct Option: a


11. Star topology use a central device called

a. Hub

b. Electrical wire

c. Coaxial cable

d. Both b and c

Correct Option: a


12. Bus topology use the central

a. None of these

b. Hub

c. Backbone or central wire

d. Coaxial cable

Correct Option: c


13. The device that normally used as central device is called as?

a. Hub& switch

b. hub

c. switch

d. none of mentioned

Correct Option: a


14. all computer or nodes are connected to a common communication medium

a. mesh topology

b. hybrid topology

c. bus topology

d. star topology

Correct Option: c


15. if one workstation go faulty, all workstation are effected in which topology?

a. tree

b. hybrid

c. bus

d. mesh

Correct Option: c


16. It is easy to modify. Network

a. Ring

b. Mash

c. star

d. Tree

Correct Option: c


17. which of the following is a basic network topology

a. star

b. mesh

c. ring

d. all of the above

Correct Option: c


18. which topology is called completely connected network?

a. star

b. Mesh

c. tree

d. bus

Correct Option: b


19. devices in a ring or mesh topology are usually configuired in a relationship

a. master-slave

b. multiplexed

c. peer-to-peer

d. primary-secondary

Correct Option: c


20. In Tree topology if the central cable fail then whole system

a. Breaks down

b. Only one computer down

c. Half Computers damages

d. No one damage

Correct Option: a


21. In a relationship,the link is shared equally between devices.

a. Peer to peer

b. Point to point

c. Primary secondary

d. all of mentioned

Correct Option: a


22. Which is a LAN topology

a. Star

b. Ring

c. Bus

d. All of these

Correct Option: d


23. ____________ topology integrate multiple star topologies together onto a bus.

a. star

b. tree

c. ring

d. bus

Correct Option: b


24. integrates multiple star topologies together onto a bus

a. star topology

b. tree topology

c. ring topology

d. mesh topology

Correct Option: b


25. which device is used for absorbing signals in networking?

a. MASH topology

b. tree topology

c. Ring topology

d. Bad topology

Correct Option: c


26. The central device in star topology called…..

a. Bandwidth

b. Two adjacent node

c. Ring

d. Hub and switch

Correct Option: c