OSI Model MCQs

1. basic elements of layered model:

a. services

b. protocol

c. interface

d. ALL

Correct Option: d


2. ISO model developed for the

a. National and worldwide communication

b. National

c. Worldwide

d. None of these

Correct Option: a


3. OSI model has layer

a. 9

b. 8

c. 6

d. 7

Correct Option: d


4. The ISO-OSI mode is a five layer architecture developed by

a. none of the mention

b. 1984

c. 1985

d. 1990

Correct Option: a


5. OSI model commonly known for ___________

a. Communication between the layers

b. Open system interconnection

c. Lower layers

d. Highest layer

Correct Option: b


6. OSI stands for ______

a. International standards of Organization

b. international organization of standard

c. intercommunication standard of organization

d. Internet standard of organization

Correct Option: a


7. OSI model was developed in ?

a. 1986

b. 1988

c. 1990

d. 1984

Correct Option: d


8. Who developed standards for the OSI reference model?

a. ISO



d. ACM

Correct Option: a


9. Physical layer is responsible for sending _________ from one computer to another:

a. MB

b. TB

c. bits

d. bytes

Correct Option: c


10. Basic elements of layered model are

a. Interfaces

b. Services protocol and interfaces

c. Services

d. Protocol

Correct Option: b


11. a set of action that a layer offers to another layer

a. server

b. service

c. protcol

d. layer

Correct Option: b


12. Primary goal of presentation layer is to take care of ___________

a. syntax

b. semantics

c. both of these

d. none of both

Correct Option: c


13. Transport layer link the network between

a. None of these

b. Support layer and user support layer

c. User support

d. Layer support

Correct Option: b


14. HTTP stand for

a. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

b. Hyper Text Markup language

c. Transfer Protocol text

d. Both (a)&(b)

Correct Option: a


15. layer links the network support layer and user support layer

a. session layer

b. transport layer

c. application layer

d. physical layer

Correct Option: b


16. Transferring of files disturbing the results to the user is also done in _________

a. Layer 7:Application layer

b. Layer 1,2 and 3 network supported layers

c. Layer 5,6 and 7 user supported layers

d. Directory services

Correct Option: a


17. A is a set of rules that a layer uses to exchange information is ?

a. transmitted


c. Bandwidth

d. simplex

Correct Option: b


18. The standard mechanism to access files & manages it. ?





Correct Option: c


19. Each layer of the OSI model receives services or data from a ________ layer.

a. below layer

b. Upper layer

c. A&B

d. none of them

Correct Option: a