Computer Software MCQs

1. In any software package which of the following version represent a major improvement on the earlier version?

a. 2.5

b. 2

c. 1.1

d. 1.5

Correct Option: b

2. Specialized program that allows the user to utilize in specific application is classified as

a. Relative program

b. Replicate program

c. Application program

d. Relative program

Correct Option: c

3. Modern Computers represent characters and numbers internally using one of the following system:

a. Hexa

b. Octal

c. Binary

d. Penta

Correct Option: c

4. When the ERASE command is used

a. The files name is deleted from the directories on disk

b. the file content is erased

c. Both a and b

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

5. Examples of system programs include

a. Operating system of computer

b. Trace program

c. Compiler

d. All of the mentioned

Correct Option: d

6. Set of software is held central by?

a. Library files

b. Directory files

c. Computer Installation

d. Computer software

Correct Option: c

7. A program is execution is called

a. Instruction

b. Procedure

c. Function

d. Process

Correct Option: d

8. Most application software’s today come with an interface card a/an:

a. Icon user interface

b. Character user interface

c. Graphical user interface

d. Button user interface

Correct Option: c

9. A display listening of program options which users can select is called.

a. Selection

b. Options

c. Icons

d. Menu

Correct Option: d

10. Computer Programs are written in a high level language;however the human readable version of a program is:

a. Cache

b. Word size

c. Instruction set

d. Source code

Correct Option: d

11. The set of Software is held central by:

a. Computer Installation

b. Computer Software

c. Library Files

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

12. In a good word processor left and right margins can be set:

a. Anywhere in a document

b. Only at the end of document

c. Only at the beginning of document

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

13. The _______ tells the computer how to use its components

a. Network

b. Utility

c. Operating system

d. Application program

Correct Option: c

14. In micro computers,the operating system is usually stored on::

a. Temporary Memory

b. Read Only Memory

c. Random Access Memory

d. Permanent Memory

Correct Option: b

15. Which of the following software can not be categorized application software?


b. DBM

c. Spreadsheet

d. Word processing

Correct Option: a

16. Programs which is used to control the system performance is classified as

a. Experimental program

b. Specialized program

c. System program

d. Organized program

Correct Option: c