Programming Languages MCQs

1. The standard C++ comment

a. /

b. /* and /*

c. ( )

d. //

Correct Option: d

2. A program which interpret each line of high level program at the time of execution is called:

a. Translator

b. Executor

c. Interpreter

d. Instructor

Correct Option: c

3. Types of computer language translator are

a. Compilers

b. Interpreters

c. Assemblers

d. All of these

Correct Option: d

4. Translator which is used to convert codes of assembly language into machine language is termed as

a. Debugger

b. Assembler

c. Attempter

d. Compiler

Correct Option: b

5. Which is not a reserve keyword in C language :

a. case

b. register

c. main

d. Auto

Correct Option: c

6. Which of the following function that must contain in all c ++ programs?

a. Main ()

b. System ()

c. Start ()

d. End ()

Correct Option: a

7. Java script was first released in?

a. 1975

b. 1980

c. 1987

d. 1995

Correct Option: d

8. An Assembly Translator:

a. None

b. Assembly Code into Machine code

c. Machine code into Assembly code

d. Processing time into manual

Correct Option: b

9. The functions used in programs that are defined by programmers are called

a. User defined function

b. program layout

c. Built in function

d. Program procedure

Correct Option: a

10. Language that is developed for business applications is known as __________

a. C++



d. C

Correct Option: b

11. The language which are close to humans are called

a. C language

b. Source code

c. High level language

d. Low level language

Correct Option: c

12. Diagram which shows relationship between class is termed as

a. Communication diagram

b. Class diagram

c. Sequential diagram

d. Use case diagram

Correct Option: b

13. Computer language was developed was developed in:

a. 1975

b. 1980

c. 1985

d. 1970

Correct Option: d

14. Language which is based on pascal is?

a. C++



d. Ada

Correct Option: d

15. Animations and interactivity with the user web pages can be done by

a. visual basic

b. Visual C#

c. JavaScript

d. PHP

Correct Option: c

16. When the variable used in program in whole number,the variable is stored as:

a. Positive whole number

b. Fixed String

c. Integers

d. Negative whole number

Correct Option: c

17. Who is known as the father of C language

a. Dr.E.F.Codd

b. Dennis Ritchie

c. James A. Sosling

d. Vjarne Stroustrup

Correct Option: b

18. The name given by a programmer to some data is classified as

a. Identification

b. Exponent

c. Identifier

d. Mantisa

Correct Option: c

19. Higher order function are not built into

a. Structured language

b. Object oriented program


d. C++

Correct Option: a

20. The language which is close to the computer is called

a. Source code

b. Object code

c. Low level language

d. High level language

Correct Option: c