Fossils – Types of Fossils

1. How many years are required for complete fossilization?

A. 12000

B. 18000

C. 11000

D. 10,000

2. When the organic part remain unchanged for a considerable period after burial and ultimately appear without any change

A. Unaltered fossils

B. Complete unaltered

C. Altered fossils

D. Amber

3.unalterd fossils are divided into:

A. Two categories

B. Four categories

C. Five categories

D. None

4.Mammoths were present in ______period

A. Eocene

B. Oligocene

C. Pleistocene

D. Miocene

5.First wooly mammoth was discovered 30,000 years ago in the frozen soil of

A. America

B. Australia

C. Switzerland

D. Siberia

6._______ is very good preserving material is:

A. Amber

B. Rocks

C. Wood

D. Soil

7. Altered fossils indicate the

A. Structure of animal

B. Behavior of animal

C. Function of animal

D. None

8. When the spaces of skeleton of organic remain is filled with surrounding material it is called

A. Replacement

B. Premineralization

C. Carbonization

D. Pseudomorph

9. The process of mineralization mostly occur in

A. Plants

B. Woods

C. Animals

D. Both a and b

10. Ichthyosaur looks:

A. Frog like

B. Lizard like

C. Snake like

D. Fish like

11.leaves are generally preserved by the process of:

A. Replacement

B. Premineralization

C. Pseudomorph

D. Distillation

12.Icthyosaur are found from lower

A. Miocene period

B. Eocene period

C. Jurassic period

D. Oligocene period

13.when the skeleton is dissolved and cavity is filled by plastic substance it is known as

A. Pseudomorph

B. Artificial cast

C. Natural cast

D. Internal cast

14.foot prints of dinosaurs are found in

A. Red stone in USA

B. Red stone in UAE

C. Red stone in pakistan

D. Red stone in india

15. Gastroliths are also known as

A. Index fossil

B. Sub fossils

C. Trails fossis

D. Trace fossils

16.Trilobites are index fossils of

A. Mesozoic

B. Palaezoic

C. Cenozoic

D. Pliocene

16.Hipparion include horses

A. Two toed

B. Three toed

C. Four toed

D. Five toed many types of petrification?

A. 2

B. 4

C. 3

D. 5

18.minerals are abtained from premineralization is

A. Calcite

B. Iron

C. Silica

D. All of above

19.mineraliztion is also known as

A. Distillation

B. Premineralization

C. Replacement

D. Petrification

20.If the origin of animal is somewhere and died and buried somewhere else it is called

A. Allochthonous

B. Sub fossils

C. Autochthonous

D. Index fossil