Gastrulation in Mammal MCQs

1-Extra embryonic membrane of mammals are derived from

a) Formative cells

b) Follicle cells

c) Trophoblast cells

d) Inner cell mass


2-Which is extra embryonic membrane in human

a) Yolk sac

b) Allantois

c) Chorion

d) All of These


3-Respiratory function of embryo is formed by

a) Allantois

b) Chorion

c) Amnion

d) Yolk sack


4- Solid ball of cells produced by repeated cleavage is called

a) Morulla

b) Blastula

c) Gastrula

d) Zyogote


5-Which distinguish a morula from blastula is

a) Presence of more yolk

b) Absence of yolk

c) Presence of cavity

d) Absence of cavitY


6- Fluid filled in the blastoceol cavity of blastula is

a) Acidic

b) Albuminous

c) Basic

d) Alkaline


7-Allantois is developed from embryonic

a) Mid gut

b) Hind gut

c) Tail region

d) Fore gut


8- Shork absorber fluid of developing embryo is

a) Amniotic fluid

b) Choronic fluid

c) Allantoic fluid

d) Coelomic fluid


9-Amniotic fluid is found in

a) Kidney

b) Sacrotal sac

c) Liver

d) Uterus


10-In mammals chorion and allantois togather form

a) Placenta

b) Endomaterium

c) Yolk sac

d) Uterus


11-Mammalian embryo is directly sorrounded by

a) Allantoic cavity

b) Amniotic cavity

c) Yolk sac cavity

d) None of these


12-Which extra embryonic membrane encloses the embryo in an fluid filled cavity

a) Allantois

b) Chorion

c) Amnion

d) Yolk sac


13-Which membrane plays the greatest role in nutirition and waste exchange

a) Allantois

b) Amnion

c) Chorion

d) Yolk sac


14-Within which extra embryonic membrane are blood cells formed

a) Allantois

b) Yolk sac

c) Amnion

d) Chorion


15-Function of Allantois is

a) Nutrition

b) Excretion

c) Respiration

d) All of these


16-Embrylogist can persume the future organ of zygote from

  • Blastula
  • Blastopre
  • Blastoceol
  • None of these


17-The embryo with 16 cells are called

a) Blastocyst

b) Blastomere

c) Morulla

d) Cleavage


18-Time period required to form blastocyst

a) One week

b) Two week

c) 8 days

d) Three weeks


19-The fluid within the blastocyst is formed by the cells is

a) Blastomere

b) Trophoblast

c) Inner layer of blastocyst

d) None of these


20-Respiratory function of embryo is formed by

a) Allantois

b) Chorion

c) Yolk sac

d) Amnion


21- Which of the following structure is found in blastula

a) Segmentation cavity

b) Notochord

c) Gills

d) Head


22-Blastocyst is a modified blastula of

a) Frog

b) Fish

c) Placenta mammals

d) Birds


23- Archentron is a cavity formed during

a) Early blastula

b) Morulla stage

c) Early gastrula stage

d) Late gastrula stage


24-Blastopre is found in

a) Blastula and is opening of archentron

b) Gastrula and its opening of blastoceol

c) Gastrula and is opening of archentron

d) Gastrula and is opening of blastoceol


25-Blastopre develops in future

a) Ear

b) Mouth

c) Anus

d) Neuropore


26-A blastula which is solid is known as

a) Coeloblastula

b) Discoblastula

c) Superficial blastula

d) Stereblastula


27-unit cells of blastula are called as

a) Micromere

b) Blastomere

c) Blastocyst

d) Megamers


28-Blastocyst is present in

a) Kangroo

b) Man

c) Bird

d) Both a and b


29-Outermost layer of blastocyst which forms the ectoderm

a) Cnidoblast

b) Germinal vesicle

c) Trophoblast

d) Amnion


30-Which is correct sequence in development of man

a) Fertilization zygote cleavage morula blastula gastrol

b) Zygote fertilization cleavage

c) Cleavage bastula gastrol

d) Cleavage fertilization


31-Sexualy reproducing multicellular animal start their development from

a) Gastrula

b) Blastula

c) Unicellular zygote

d) Chorion


32-Which of the following structures does not arise from the mesoderm

a) Circulatory system

b) Respiratory system

c) Digestive system

d) Musculosekeltal


33-Which of the following organs does not develop from the mesoderm

a) Sekeltal muscles

b) Bone

c) Bladder

d) Kidney


34-The kidneys arise from which of the three embryonic germ layer

a) Ectoderm

b) Mesoderm

c) Endoderm

d) Notochord


35-Which of the following options contain only the mesodermal structure

a) Heart,blood,bones,notochord

b) Heart,notochord,

c) Blood, bone

d) None of these


36 – Gastrulation start at end of embryo

a) Posterior end

b) Intererior end

c) Outer side

d) None


37-CyTrophoblast contains enzyme that enable them to

a) To enter the uterine wall

b) To enter the tissues

c) To enter the muscles

d) None of these


38-The eggs of placental mammals

a) Are small and store few nutrients

b) Exhibit holoblastic cleveage

c) Show no obvious polerity

d) All of them


39-Placenta is organ that

a) Connects the developing featus to uterine wall

b) Waste elimination

c) Nutrition

d) All of them


40-Amniotes develops

a) Egg in the shell

b) Provide nutrients

c) Divide horizontally

d) Morulla forms