General Knowledge MCQS

Q. The waves which are used by the TV remote control are:
(A) Infrared waves
(B) Radio waves
(C) TV waves
(D) None of these

The answer is: (A) Infrared waves ☑

Q. The world’s largest security-oriented organization is
(C) European Union
(D) United Nations

The answer is: (B) OSCE ☑
The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is the world’s largest security-oriented organization.

Q. The headquarter of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is located in
(A) Brussels
(B) London
(C) Vienna
(D) Zurich

The answer is: (C) Vienna ☑

Q. The “Minsk Agreement” was signed on 5 September 2014 to end war in
(A) Lebanon
(B) Ukraine
(C) Hong Kong
(D) Syria

The answer is: (B) Ukraine ☑

Q. The Nobel Prize was awarded for the first time in
(A) 1901
(B) 1911
(C) 1921
(D) 1931

The answer is: (A) 1901 ☑

Q. The “Orange Revolution” in 2004-2005 was took place in
(A) France
(B) Ukraine
(C) Hong Kong
(D) Vietnam

The answer is: (B) Ukraine ☑

Q. The headquarters of “Green Peace International” is located in
(A) Amsterdam
(B) Vancouver
(C) London
(D) Paris

The answer is: (A) Amsterdam ☑

Q. “Channel Tunnel” is an under-sea rail tunnel that links
(A) England and Ireland
(B) England and France
(C) France and Germany
(D) None of these

The answer is: (B) England and France ☑

Q. The largest island in the Indian Ocean is
(A) Sri Lanka
(B) Sumatra
(C) Madagascar
(D) None of these

The answer is: (C) Madagascar ☑

Q. The largest and the densest rocky planet (not the gassy planets) in the solar system is
(A) Mercury
(B) Venus
(C) Earth
(D) Mars