Greek Literature

1. What does Chryses want Agamemnon to do?

a. Build a sculpture of him

b. Return his daughter

c. Compensate his family for the war

d. Award him a position in the Achaean army

Correct Answer: b

2. How does Apollo react to Chryses’ prayers for help?

a. He kills Agamemnon.

b. He sets a plague on the Greeks.

c. He refuses to take sides.

d. He asks Zeus for his advice.

Correct Answer: b

3. What does Agamemnon demand in exchange for returning Chryseis?

a. That Achilles take his place in battle

b. That Apollo punish the Trojans directly

c. That Chryses be publicly executed

d. That he get Achilles’ bride Briseis

Correct Answer: d

4. What favor does Achilles ask of his mother?

a. Rescue him from the Achaean army

b. Stay out of his plans regarding his future

c. Ask Zeus for revenge on the Achaean army

d. Help him get his bride back from Agamemnon

Correct Answer: c

5. Why is Zeus reluctant to punish the Achaeans?

a. Because he admires Agamemnon

b. Because his wife favors the Greeks

c. Because he favors the Greeks

d. Because he does not want to get involved

Correct Answer: b

6. The book opens during what year of the Trojan War?

a. The first year.

b. The eleventh year.

c. The fifth year.

d. The tenth year.

Correct Answer: d

7. Who is the priest that Achilles calls upon to see what must be done to appease Apollo?

a. Aias.

b. Calchas.

c. Agamemnon.

d. Chryses.

Correct Answer: b

8. Who are the two beautiful women that are captured as war prizes?

a. Atheanna and Kristianna.

b. Chryseis and Briseis.

c. Olysis and Banalis.

d. Charmis and Braeisis.

Correct Answer: b

9. Who was the mortal man responsible for the plague against the army?

a. Agamemnon.

b. Odysseus.

c. Achilles.

d. Chratheus.

Correct Answer: a

10. Who calls Agamemnon greedy for profit and shameless?

a. Odysseus.

b. Nestor.

c. Achilles.

d. Aias.

Correct Answer: c

11. Who stops Achilles from killing Agamemnon?

a. Helena.

b. Hera.

c. Athena.

d. Aphrodite.

Correct Answer: c

12. Who is the wise leader from Pylos who tries to stop Achilles and Agamemnon from arguing?

a. Nestor.

b. Darius.

c. Nathan.

d. Pylosies.

Correct Answer: a

13. Who is Achilles’ mother?

a. Thallia.

b. Hera.

c. Thetis.

d. Helen.

Correct Answer: c

14. Who accompanies Chryseis back home?

a. Odysseus.

b. Achilles.

c. Aias.

d. Talthybios.

Correct Answer: a

15. What is Thetis?

a. Mortal.

b. Goddess.

c. Sea nymph.

d. Demi-goddess.

Correct Answer: c

16. The iliad is written by.

a. Spencer

b. Byron

c. Homer

d. Milton

Correct Answer: c

17. Who sends the plague to the Achaean camp near the beginning of The Iliad?

a. Hera

b. Moses

c. Apollo

d. Zeus

Correct Answer: c

18. When is The Iliad thought to have been composed?

a. The twelfth century b.c.

b. The fifteenth century b.c.

c. The third century b.c.

d. The eighth century b.c.

Correct Answer: d

19. With what weapon does Ajax knock Hector unconscious?

a. A boulder

b. A wooden club

c. A spear

d. His astonishing good looks

Correct Answer: a

20. Which   character is Helen’s brother-in-law?

a. Achilles

b. Agamemnon

c. Agenor

d. Hector

Correct Answer: b

21. How long has the Trojan War been going by the time The Iliad begins?

a. One week

b. The poem begins with the beginning of the war.

c. Nine years

d. Eight months

Correct Answer: c

22. Who wrote the Homeric Hymn to apollo?

a. Milton

b. Pope

c. Cynaethus Chios

d. Pamphos

Correct Answer: c

23. How many Homeric Hymns are there?

a. 33

b. 34

c. 35

d. 36

Correct Answer: a

24. What bad things has Aphrodite done?

a. lie

b. wrath

c. envy

d. Sexual crimes

Correct Answer: d

25. Who killed Aphrodite?

a. Eagle

b. Wild Boar

c. Lion

d. Elephant

Correct Answer: b

26. What does Oedipus accuse Creon of?

a. Military crimes

b. Theft

c. Cruelty

d. Usurping the throne

Correct Answer: d

27. How does Oedipus blind himself?

a. Acid

b. With his fingers

c. With a point of his crown

d. With the pin of Jocasta’s brooch

Correct Answer: d

28. To end the plague, whose murder must be avenged?

a. Polynice’s

b. Laius’s

c. Oedipus’s

d. Creon’s

Correct Answer: b

29. Which of the following is not something Tiresias says Oedipus will discover?

a. He is the killer of his father

b. He is both prince and pauper

c. He is both son and husband to the same woman

d. He is both father and brother to his sons

Correct Answer: b

30. Whom does Oedipus erroneously believe is his father?

a. Polybos

b. Laius

c. Ajax

d. Creon

Correct Answer: a

31. How does Jocasta react to the news about Oedipus?

a. Is unfazed as she already knew

b. Commits suicide

c. Flees

d. Faints

Correct Answer: b

32. Thebes has fallen under the curse of:

a. Prius

b. Creon

c. The Sphinx

d. Antigone

Correct Answer: c

33. Who is Oedipus’s mother?

a. Jocasta

b. Cleopatra

c. Antigone

d. Ismene

Correct Answer: a

34. What does Oedipus do to his father?

a. Exiles him

b. Tortures him

c. Imprisons him

d. Kills him

Correct Answer: d

35. What reason does the shepherd give for taking Oedipus?

a. To collect ransom

b. To avoid his fate

c. He wanted a son

d. He was not in his right mind

Correct Answer: b

36. Rex mean___.

a. Prince

b. Princes

c. King

d. Queen

Correct Answer: c

37. How many childrens does Oedipus have?

a. 3

b. 4

c. 5

d. 6

Correct Answer: a

38. What does the name ‘Oedipus’ mean?

a. King of thebes

b. Blinded by fate

c. Swollen foot

d. Incest monger

Correct Answer: c

39. In what country was Oedipus raised?

a. Athens

b. Corinth

c. Thebes

d. Colonus

Correct Answer: b

40. What is creon’s relationship to Jocasta?

a. Son

b. Uncle

c. Brother

d. Father

Correct Answer: c

41. At the start of Agamemnon, a Watchman is awaiting a signal announcing the fall of which city?

a. Rome

b. Cyprus

c. Troy

d. Athens

Correct Answer: c

42. Where is Agamemnon set?

a. A battlefield near Troy

b. The Athetian courthouse

c. mount Olympus

d. The palace at Argos

Correct Answer: d

43. Who kills Cassandra?

a. Aegisthus

b. Clytemnestra

c. Orestes

d. Cassandra

Correct Answer: b

44. Whose return is prophesized by the Chorus in the final moments of the play?

a. Orestes

b. Cassandra

c. Aegisthus

d. Agamemnon

Correct Answer: a

45. At the end of the play, which of the following characters is NOT dead?

a. Iphigenia

b. Clytemnestra

c. Agamemnon

d. Cassandra

Correct Answer: b

46. Who is revealed to have sacrificed his daughter to obtain a favorable wind for his fleet?

a. Agamemnon

b. Menelaus

c. Aegisthus

d. The Herald

Correct Answer: a

47. The Chorus is made up of elder citizens from ___.

a. Argos

b. Troy

c. Athens

d. Sparta

Correct Answer: a

48. Before her capture, Cassandra was the lover of which Greek god?

a. Apollo

b. Zeus

c. Ares

d. Bacchus

Correct Answer: a

49. Which character provides vivid descriptions of the war against Troy?

a. The Herald

b. Cassandra

c. Agamemnon

d. Menelaus

Correct Answer: a

50. Who advises Clytemnestra in Agamemnon’s absence?

a. Iphigenia

b. The Watchman

c. Menelaus

d. The Chorus

Correct Answer: d