How do you categorize data binding types in Angular?

In Angular, we can categorize data binding types in three categories distinguished by the direction of data flow. These data binding categories are:

  • From the source-to-view
  • From view-to-source
  • View-to-source-to-view

Let’s see their possible binding syntax:

Data directionSyntaxType
From the source-to-view(One-way data binding)1. {{expression}}
2. [target]=”expression”
3. bind-target=”expression”
Interpolation, Property, Attribute, Class, Style
From view-to-source(One-way data binding)1. (target)=”statement”
2. on-target=”statement”
View-to-source-to-view(Two-way data binding)1. [(target)]=”expression”
2. bindon-target=”expression”
Two-way data binding