1. An indifference reaction can occur when______

a. The sensory area of the left hemisphere is damaged

b. the motor area of the left hemisphere is damaged

c. The sensory area of the right hemisphere is damaged.

d. the motor area of the right hemisphere is damaged.

Correct option: d


2. The tendency for individual to attribute their own success to internal factors while putting the blame for failures on external factors is:

a. Halo effect

b. Contrast effect

c. Self-Serving bias

d. Fundamental attributes

Correct option: c


3. Primary emotions are to the ______ pathway as secondary emotions are to the ________ pathway.

a. mild, intense

b. hard, soft

c. pleasant, unpleasant

d. fast, slow

Correct option: d


4. Mood is defined as

a. A temporary depression

b. A prevailing state of feeling

c. A short-lived feeling

d. Being depressed for more than 1 month

Correct option: b


5. How many types to identical emotions

a. 8

b. 6

c. 5

d. 4

Correct option: b


6. How many theories in basic emotions ?

a. 6

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5

Correct option: b


7. Based on cross cultural research , Ekman and colleagues concluded that there are basic emotions

a. Six

b. Seven

c. Five

d. Eight

Correct option: a


8. Which of the following is the classed as a basic emotion

a. Disgust

b. Jealous

c. Shame

d. Guilt

Correct option: a


9. The statement We are afraid because we tremble is explained by which theory of emotion?

a. Darwin’s theory

b. The two-factor theory

c. The Cannon-Bard theory

d. The James-Lange theory

Correct option: d


10. From the following, on which factor, the study of Good enough (1932) has placed emphasis?

a. Role of Perception in Emotional Deve­lopment

b. Role of Maturation in Emotional Deve­lopment

c. Role of Learning in Emotional Deve­lopment

d. Role of Motivation in Emotional Deve­lopment

Correct option: b


11. According to the James-Lange theory of emotion:

a. emotional experience and physiological arousal occur at the same time

a. physiological arousal precedes emotional experience

b. we cannot experience different emotions

c. emotional experience and physiological arousal occur at the same time

d. None of above

Correct option: a


12. Polygraph detect which of the following

a. Hormone change

b. Cognitive appraisal

c. Autonomic arousal

d. Emotional appraisal

Correct option: c


13. According to Lewin, tensions are emotional states which accompany:

a. Goals

b. Anxieties

c. Need

d. motives

Correct option: c


14. Which one of the following is not one of the six universally recognizable, basic emotions described by Ekman and his colleagues?

a. Anxiety.

b. Surprise.

c. Fear.

d. Disgust.

Correct option: a


15. There are ___ basic emotions.

a. Eight

b. Nine

c. Ten

d. Eleven

Correct option: a


16. The experience of feelings is called

a. Emotions

b. Emotional experience

c. Cognitive appraisal

d. Hormone changes

Correct option: a


17. Which area of the brain is involved in the recognition of facial expression and the proper emotions?

a. Hypothalamus

b. Hippocampus

c. Occipital

d. Amygdala

Correct option: d


18. Which of the following does NOT influence our feelings of hunger

a. Septin

b. Leptin

c. Ghrelin

d. Insulin

Correct option: a


19. Emotions differ from moods in that emotions

a. Are longer lasting

b. Have a clear cause

c. All of these choices are correct

d. Implicate a multiple component system

Correct option: a


20. Before taking a test ,sunni says to his friend “I know I can do well on this test” this best illustrate sunni’s?

a. Over confidence

b. Self doubt

c. Peer review

d. Self efficacy

Correct option: d


21. Kim Bui good things come to those who wait is a quote that describes which concept

a. Impulse control

b. Strange situation

c. The social clock

d. Delay of gratification

Correct option: d


22. How many emotions can you name

a. 5

b. 8

c. 7

d. 6

Correct option: b


23. What is the part of the limbic system involved in regulating emotion?

a. The cortex

b. The hypothalamus

c. The adrenal

d. The amygdala

Correct option: d


24. Which of the following is not one the six universally recognizable basic emotions discribed by ekman and his colleagues

a. Fear

b. Disgust

c. Anxiety

d. Surprise

Correct option: c


25. Which of the following is NOT a kind of non-verbal communication?

a. swearing

b. tone of voice

c. crying

d. facial expression

Correct option: a


26. During emotional states, epinephrine and norepinephrine are released because of activation of which of the following?

a. Amygdala

b. Sympathetic nervous system

c. Cortex

d. Thalamus

Correct option: b


27. Drawing a general impression about an individual on the basis of a single characteristics:

a. selective perception

b. Halo effect

c. Contrast effect

d. Self-Serving bias

Correct option: b


28. When analyzed separately, which emotions tend to have a more complex dimensional structure?

a. Positive emotions

b. Primary emotions

c. Secondary emotions

d. Negative emotions

Correct option: d


29. According to “William James” emotion has ______ components.

a. Five

b. Six

c. Seven

d. Nine

Correct option: a


30. Which two theorists psychology independently proposed by James-lange theory ?

a. William James , Carl lange .

b. Walter, Cannon .

c. Philip Board , Bard theory .

d. None of these

Correct option: a


31. The most widely and experimentally studied emotion is :

a. Sadness

b. Disgust

c. Fear

d. Anger

Correct option: c


32. The adrenal glands release:

a. Melatonin

b. Melatonin and epinephrine

c. Only cortisol

d. Cortisol and epinephrine

Correct option: d


33. Who has conducted a classic experiment on Albert to prove that fear can be condi­tioned?

a. Webb

b. J.B. Watson

c. Richard Solomon

d. R. W. Leeper

Correct option: b


34. In avoidance-avoidance conflict, the indi­vidual is compelled to choose between:

a. Two positive alternatives

b. One positive and one negative alter­native

c. Two negative alternatives and two posi­tive alternatives

d. Two negative alternatives

Correct option: d


35. According to Selye’s general adaptation syndrome, the third stage of our reaction to stress is:

a. Alarm

b. Exhaustion

c. Resistance

d. Mobilization

Correct option: b


36. The emotion is related to

a. displacement behaviour

b. conflict

c. Arousal

d. instincts

Correct option: c


37. The experience of emotion happen at the same time that psychological arousal happens .This theory is called _ .

a. Cannon-band theory

b. Two factor theory

c. James – lange theory

d. None

Correct option: a


38. Emotion is the result of brain interpretations of a stimulus and simultaneously changes with the body .This is described in the

a. Cannon – bard theory

b. Two – factor theory

c. James – lange theory

d. Facial feedback theory

Correct option: a


39. People with depression tend to recall which types of memories?

a. Procedural

b. Semantics

c. Positive auto biographical

d. Generalized events

Correct option: d


40. if you see a line in your living room you will experience extreme arousal. if you see the same line at the zoo no such panic occurs. This illustrates..

a. The facial feedback hypothesis

b. Cannon.s theory

c. The role of cognitive appraisal on emotions

d. The james lange thorey

Correct option: c


41. Both the slow and fast emotional pathways are controlled by the?

a. Amygdala

b. Thalamus

c. Hypothalamus

d. Frontal cortex

Correct option: b


42. By two factor theory people’s experience of emotions depend upon how many factors?

a. Two

b. Three

c. Five

d. eight

Correct option: a

43. Anne campbell ben enjoys dangerous activities such as bungee jumping and ski diving According to bates ben is

a. Neurotic

b. Extroverted

c. Social

d. Sensation seeking

Correct option: d


44. According to the Cannon-Bard theory, what is the relationship between physiological arousal and the experience of emotion?

a. The experience of emotion and physiological arousal occur simultaneously

b. People experience emotion because they experience physiological arousal

c. People have physiological arousal because they experience emotion

d. None of the above

Correct option: a


45. With age, emotional responses become:

a. Transitory

b. Complex

c. Permanent

d. Less diffuse and random

Correct option: d


46. The body mass index is calculated using

a. Heart beat

b. Calorie output

c. Height and weight

d. Blood pressure

Correct option: c


47. ________ is the main sugar that the body uses for energy.

a. Glucose

b. Insulin

c. Leptin

d. Fructose

Correct option: a


48. The physiological component of emotion is closely associated with the

a. skeletal or somatic nervous system

b. brain stem functions

c. autonomic nervous system.

d. central nervous system.

Correct option: c


49. There are ____main dimensions to organization to stimuli:

a. 5

b. 2

c. 3

d. 4

Correct option: b


50. What is a primary difference between excitation transfer theory and Schachter and Singer’s theory of emotion?

a. Conscious awareness of arousal

b. Physiological arousal

c. Specific emotions felt

d. Experimental arousal

Correct option: a


51. In which century emotions are based

a. 1237

b. 1970

c. 1978

d. 1976

Correct option: b


52. The emotion connected with an object or task are the

a. Affective components of attitudes

b. Behavior components of attitudes

c. Cognitive components of attitudes

d. None

Correct option: a


53. Which of the following is a human sex Hormone

a. Adrenaline

b. Estrogen

c. Ghrelin

d. Insulin

Correct option: b


54. Harvey Carr treats emotion as the part of the:

a. Motivational Forces

b. Background of mental life

c. Future arena of conscious activities

d. Foreground of mental

Correct option: b


55. According to Maslow, the self-actualizing tendency is:

a. Growth Motivation

b. Deficiency motivation

c. Imprinting

d. None

Correct option: a


56. which is an example of mixed emotion

a. Anger

b. love

c. fear

d. sadness

Correct option: b


57. Walter cannon disagree with James, posing ___ main arguments against it.

a. Four

b. Five

c. Six

d. Three

Correct option: d


58. Which theory of emotions has been discredited bases on people who have experienced spinal cord injuries still experiencing emotions?

a. Feed back theory

b. Cognitive – mediational theory

c. Two – factor theory

d. James- lange theory

Correct option: d


59. According to the two factor theory of emotion, emotion equals

a. Attribution plus cognition

b. Attribution plus explanation

c. Arousal plus cognition

d. Arousal plus intelligence

Correct option: c


60. Cognitive appraisals are largely responsible for what aspect of emotions

a. determining all behaviour responses

b. differentiating facial expressions

c. differentiating emotions

d. determining the physiological response to the emotion

Correct option: c


61. By Cannon Bard theory emotions happens at the …..time that physiological arousal happens?

a. Both

b. Automatically

c. Same

d. Different

Correct option: c


62. Cannon proposed his own theory of emotion in

a. 1990s

b. 1920s

c. 1940s

d. 1960s

Correct option: b


63. Differences among emotions at the biological level are characterized by which of the following?

a. Activation of different brain areas, different nonverbal behaviors, different neurotransmitters

b. Different neurotransmitters, different patterns of autonomic activity, activation of different brain areas

c. Activation of different brain areas, different cognitive appraisals, different patterns of autonomic activity

d. Activation of different brain areas, different cognitive appraisals, differ Different patterns of autonomic activity, different nonverbal behaviors, different neurotransmitters

Correct option: b


64. The emotional experience is facilitated by the internal secretions of the:

a. Endocrine glands

b. Brain

c. Kidney

d. None of the above

Correct option: a


65. The ability to control one’s emotions is known as:

a. emotional regulation

b. emotional contingency

c. interpersonal intelligence

d. facial feedback

Correct option: a