Isoptera Order MCQs

1 Isoptera means _______________?

A different wings

B same wings

C broad wings

D cylindrical wings

2 which termites are present in non-reproductive caste_____?

A workers

B soldiers

C king

D both a b

3 which termites play role in reproduction____

 A king

B queen

C both a b

D none

4which type of mouth present in termites_____?

A sucking

B chewing

C biting

D spongy

5 Antenna of termites ________?

A geniculate

B moniliform

C serrat

 D filiform

6 How many segments are present in tarsi of termites_______?

A 3

B 4

C 5

D 7

7 how many pairs of wings present in termites _______

A 2

B 4

C 1

D 0

8 Elbowed (BENT) antennae present in________

A ant

B Termites

C bees

D wasp

9 straight type of antennae present in __________?

A bees

B Wasps

C termites

D none

10 typical habitats of isopteran order family members_____?

A fossorial

B colonial

C terrestrial

D both a b

11 number of termites species__________?

A 4000

B 5000

C 3000

D 6000

12 Isoptera word derived from which language_________?

A Latin

B Greek

C French

D none

13 what happened with the wings after mating in termites_______?

A wings length increase

B shed their wings

C save their wings

Wings color dark

14 termites feed on______________?

A wood

B  Soft bodies

C detritus

D both a b

15 how many types of termites______?

A 2

B 4

C 3

D 5

16 which type of metamorphosis is present in termites?

A complete

B incomplete 

C both a b

D none

17 In Dry wood type of termites queen can live up _________ years

A 30 years

B 20 years

C 25 years

D 10 years

18 what is the range of wood which eat dry wood termites____

A 3to 6 ft.

B 5to 6ft

C 2to 5 ft.

D 4to 3 ft.

19 which type of termites is well known ________

A subterranean termites

B dry wood

C dampwood

D Formosan termites

20 how many families of Isoptera order _______

A 3

B 4

C 6

D 2

21 saddle shaped pronotum present in which family of Isoptera order_______

A hudotermitidae

B kalotermitidae

C termitidae

D rhinotermitidae

22 two segmented cerci present in which family_____of isopteran

A temitidae

B rhinotermidae

C kalotermitidea

 D hudotermitidae

23 in which family of Isoptera order colored wings present

A kalotermitidae

B termitidae

C hudotermitidae

D none

24 flat pronotum is present in which family of isopteran order_____

A kalotermitidae

B hudotermitidae

C termitidae

D rhinotrmitidae

25 ocelli absent in ______________ family

A hudotermitidae

B kalotermitidae

C rhinotermitidae

D none

26 Formosan termites found in _______ areas

A aquatic

B tropical

C terrestrial 

D none

27 which type of termites is not very common____

A dry wood

B dampwood

C subterranean 

D Formosan

28 which termite is common enemy of ant_____

A dry wood

B Formosan

C subterranean

D none

29 subterranean termites eat between ____to_____ft. of wood per year

A10 to20

20 to 30

C 10to 30

D 10 to 12

30 most feared termites____?

A drywood

B dampwood

C Formosan

D none