1. What are the names of the servants who care for Rochester at Ferndean?

  •  John and Clara
  •  Reginald and Mrs. Fairfax
  •  Mrs. Fairfax and Grace Poole
  •  John and Mary

2. Which character is in love with Rosamond?

  •         St. John
  •  Rochester
  •  John Reed
  •  Mr. Mason

3. Who sets the fire in Rochester’s bedroom?

  •  Jane
  •  Bertha
  •  Mrs. Fairfax
  •  Grace Poole

4. What has just happened to Mr. Mason the first time we encounter him?

  •  He has fallen from the roof.
  •  He has been injured.
  •  He has been poisoned.
  •  He has fallen in love.

5. Which character is based on the Reverend Carus Wilson, a figure from Charlotte Brontë’s childhood?  

  • St. John Rivers  
  • Rochester  
  • Mr. Brocklehurst  
  • Mr. Lloyd

6. Who writes to St. John regarding Jane’s inheritance from John Eyre?

  •  Mr. Briggs
  •  Mr. Mason
  •  Mr. Brocklehurst
  •  Mrs. Reed

7. How does John Reed apparently die?

  •  He falls from the roof of Thornfield.
  •  He is killed in a fire.
  •  He has a stroke.
  •  He commits suicide.

8. Where did Rochester marry Bertha Mason?

  •  Jamaica
  •  Madeira
  •  St. Kitts
  •  Bermuda

9. Who first suggests that Jane be sent away to school?

  •  Mrs. Reed
  •  Mr. Brocklehurst
  •  Mr. Lloyd
  •  John Reed

10. What is the nationality of Jane’s pupil at Thornfield?

  •  Spanish
  •  German
  •  Jamaican
  •  French

11. What does Rochester lose in the fire at Thornfield?

  •  His hand and his eyesight
  •  His eyesight and his fortune
  •  His eyesight and his dog
  •  His fortune and his fiancée

12. Which teacher is kind to Jane at Lowood?

  •  Mrs. Scatcherd
  • Miss Temple
  •  Mr. Brocklehurst
  •  Miss Ames

13. What does the kind teacher give Jane and Helen to eat?

  •  Bundt cake
  •  Strawberries
  •  Cookies
  •  Seed cake

14. How does Jane earn a living after leaving Thornfield?

  •  She paints.
  •  She writes and sells short stories.
  •  She becomes a governess at a different manor house.
  •  St. John Rivers finds her a teaching job in the town of Morton.

15. With whom does Jane believe Rochester is in love for most of her time at Thornfield?

  •  Herself
  •  Blanche Ingram
  •  Georgianna Reed
  • Celine Vranes

16. What does Jane do with the inheritance she receives from her uncle John Eyre?

  •  She divides it equally among her cousins the rivers.
  •  She starts a school in the town of Morton.
  •  She sends it to Gateshead to comfort the Reeds for the death of their mother.
  •  She buys ball gowns and jewellery for herself.

17. What is the nature of Jane’s first encounter with Rochester?

  •  Rochester comes to Lowood to enroll Adèle there, but Jane warns him about the coldness and isolation at Lowood and recommends that he hire her as Adèle’s live-in governess instead.
  •  After having been abroad for some time, Rochester returns to Thornfield and sends for Jane to come to him in his library.
  •  Jane and Rochester were long lost childhood sweethearts.
  •  Jane helps a stranger whose horse has slipped on some ice; she discovers later that the man was Rochester.

18. What does Mr. Brocklehurst do to one of Jane’s classmates to rid her of her “vanity”?

  •  He makes her wear a dunce cap.
  • He has her naturally curly hair cut short so as to make it lie straight.
  • He forces her to write “I am a very silly girl” on the chalkboard 100 times.
  •  He puts a curtain over her bedroom mirror.

19. How does Jane’s Aunt Reed punish her for fighting with her bullying cousin John?

  •  She makes her sleep outside in the cold.
  •  She makes her eat only burnt porridge.
  •  She makes her shine John’s shoes for a week
  •  She locks her in the red-room.

20. To which destination does St. John Rivers want Jane to accompany him as his wife and fellow missionary?

  •  India
  •  China
  •  The Congo
  •  Ireland

21. What is the name of the Riverses’ servant?

  •  Alice
  •  Bertha
  • Hannah
  • Persephone

22. What does Jane do immediately after finishing her studies at Lowood?

  •  She answers an advertisement for a governess at Thornfield.
  •  She becomes a teacher there.
  •  She burns down the building.
  •  She is forced to wander penniless and starving across the moors.

23. Who wears the disguise of a gypsy woman?

  •  Blanche Ingram
  •  Rochester
  •  Lady Ingram
  •  Lady Bartholomew

24. What happens within the first ten years of Jane and Rochester’s marriage?

  •  A daughter is born.
  •  A son is born.
  •  A star is born.
  • None of the above

25. What is the subject of the book Jane is reading at the beginning of the novel?

  •  Fish
  •  British royalty
  •  Fairies and knights
  •  Birds