Operating Systems

1.If Process fail,OS write information to:

a. Message Passing only

b. Context Switching

c. All of Above

d. Log File

Correct Answer: d

2.A computer can not boot if it does not have:

a. Process

b. Registers

c. Bus

d. Operating System

Correct Answer: d

3.A cycle in resource allocation graph leads to Deadlock:

a. Must

b. Possible

c. May not

d. Always

Correct Answer: c

4.A process have short CPU burst is called:

a. None

b. I/O Bound

c. CPU Bound

d. Both I/O & CPU Bound

Correct Answer: b

5.A process is a:

a. Program in Memory

b. Program in ROM

c. None

d. Program in execution

Correct Answer: d

6.A program ia a:

a. Error File

b. Software File

c. System File

d. Active Entity

Correct Answer: d

7.A resource allocated by OS is:

a. Execute process enter in the last

b. Excecute processthat never enter

c. None

d. CPU

Correct Answer: d

8.A resource handle in non-shareable mode is called:

a. Bounded Buffer

b. Circular wait

c. Mutual Exlusion

d. Circular Wait

Correct Answer: c

9.A semaphore is a:

a. Standard Operation

b. Integer Variable

c. Binary Value

d. Counting Variable

Correct Answer: b

10.A shared memory model is:


b. Priority Algorithm

c. d.RoundRobbin

d. Inter process Communication

Correct Answer: d

11.A thread exist without process

a. Neutral

b. None



Correct Answer: c

12.Address generated by CPU:

a. I/O Address

b. Memory Address

c. Logical Address

d. Physical Address

Correct Answer: c

13.Algorithm which produce largest hole in memory:

a. Worst Fit

b. Best Fit

c. First Fit

d. Last Fit

Correct Answer: a

14.Banker Alogrithm is used for:

a. Deadlock Protection

b. Deadlock Avoidance

c. Deadlock Detection

d. Deadlock Recovery

Correct Answer: b

15.Calim edge indicate that:

a. Process request resource in future

b. Process request resource in Past

c. c.Process will not request resource

d. Process has taken resource

Correct Answer: a

16.Deadlock occur due to:

a. Multiple Resources

b. None

c. Share resource

d. Separate Resource

Correct Answer: c

17.External Fregmentation occur in:

a. Logical Memory

b. RAM

c. Segmentation

d. Paging

Correct Answer: c

18.FIFO algorithm executes:


b. Neutral

c. None

d. Execute process enter first

Correct Answer: d

19.File system is used to organize file using:


b. Directories

c. Files

d. OS

Correct Answer: b

20.How many types of mode bit:

a. 2

b. 1

c. 3

d. 0

Correct Answer: a

21.In coalescing Holes we used:

a. Sequential Search

b. Linked List

c. Data Structure

d. Binary Tree

Correct Answer: b

22.In dinning Philosopher there are:

a. 6 Philosopher, 6 Chopsticks

b. 5 Philosopher, 5 Chopsticks

c. 5 Philosopher, 6 Chopsticks

d. 4 Philosopher, 5 Chopsticks

Correct Answer: b

23.KTHREAD stands for:

a. Kernal Thread Library

b. Kernal Thread File

c. Kernal Thread System

d. d.Kernal Thread Data

Correct Answer: a

24.List of processes waiting for I/O devices are:

a. Turnaround

b. Waiting Time

c. ThroughPut

d. Device Queue

Correct Answer: d

25.Long Term scheduling is performed on:


b. Priority Algorithm

c. SJF


Correct Answer: d

26.LRU Means that:

a. Pages out Pages that have been least used recently

b. Pages out Pages that have not been least used recently

c. Pages out Pages that have been most used recently

d. None

Correct Answer: a

27.LRU stand for:

a. Least Recently used

b. Less Recently Used

c. Linear Recently Used

d. Least Replacement Unit

Correct Answer: a

28.Mid Term scheduling is performed when Processes:

a. No switching

b. None

c. Moved from waiting to ready state

d. Moved from Ready  to Running  state

Correct Answer: c

29.No. of processes completed per time unit:

a. Throughput

b. Turnaround

c. Waiting Time

d. Response Time

Correct Answer: a

30.One to one Model is suppoted in:

a. Microsoft

b. Andriod

c. Lunix

d. Unix

Correct Answer: c

31.OSI Model develop in:

a. 1983

b. 1980

c. 1975

d. 1985

Correct Answer: a

32.Page Hit means that:

a. Page Found in Memory

b. Page Not Found in Memory

c. Page Missed from Memory

d. None

Correct Answer: a

33.Pages vary in size?

a. Ready Queue

b. Waiting Queue

c. Ready Queue


Correct Answer: d

34.Physical Memory is divided into Fixed size blocks:

a. Blocks

b. Frames

c. Logical Memory

d. Pages

Correct Answer: b

35.Preemption means that

a. CPU is shared between processes

b. CPU is not shared between processes

c. CPU delayed execution

d. None

Correct Answer: a

36.Program Counter includes:

a. Control Register

b. Address of Next Instruction

c. Address of Previous Instruction

d. Meory Register

Correct Answer: b

37.Purpose of Memory Management Unit is:

a. Map Vitual to Physical Memory

b. Map Physical  to Vitual  Memory

c. Just Mange data

d. No Mapping

Correct Answer: a

38.Single large hole is made from separate small holes is called:

a. Linked List

b. Compaction

c. Segmentaion

d. Paging

Correct Answer: b

39.Starvation means:

a. Process denied from necessary resources

b. Process have taken all necessary resources

c. Process need no resources

d. There are no Process in Memory

Correct Answer: a

40.The optimal Job scheduling Algorithm is:

a. System Software

b. Software Kernal

c. Application Programs

d. SJF

Correct Answer: d

41.There is interrupt handler in OS:

a. Not Found

b. In RAM



Correct Answer: c

42.Time needed to determine when response was first produce after making request:

a. SJF

b. Priority Algorithm

c. d.RoundRobbin

d. Response Time

Correct Answer: d

43.Valid state of processes are:

a. Executing,waiting,New

b. None

c. Running,Block,waiting

d. Next,Block,running

Correct Answer: c

44.Wait and Signal values are:

a. Countig Variable

b. Boolean Value

c. Binary values

d. Semaphore

Correct Answer: b

45.What is Operating System:

a. System Kernal

b. Collection of programs that manage hardware resources

c. System Function

d. Software Module

Correct Answer: b

46.When proceess go from RAM to Backing Store:

a. Swap out & Swap in

b. No Swapping needed

c. Swap out

d. Swap in

Correct Answer: c

47.Where starvation is possible?

a. Passive Entity

b. Another name of Process

c. All of above

d. Multi Level Queue Scheduling

Correct Answer: d

48.Which Algorithm has lowest fault rate


b. NRU

c. Page Optimal Replacement

d. LRU

Correct Answer: c

49.Which Scheduling Algorithm is used for Time sharing systems:

a. SJF

b. Priority Algorithm

c. d.RoundRobbin

d. Round Robbin

Correct Answer: d

50.X-Rays Mchine use software:

a. Embedded System

b. Hard Real Time

c. Soft Real Time

d. Not Real Time

Correct Answer: b