Pakistan Studies 1000+ MCQs

Pakistan Studies 1000+ MCQs

Who Was The First President Of The Constitution Assembly Of Pakistan?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan B. Quaid-e-Azam

C. Moulvi Tameez-ud-Din D. Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

After how many years did Pakistan got its first constitution?

A. 5 years B. 7 years C. 9 years D. 11 years

What document was firstly drafted to give pace to constitution making process?

A. Representative Act B. Pakistan Act

C. Independence Act D. Objective Resolution

When the Constituent Assembly passed the Objective Resolution?

A. 14th February 1949 B. 12th March 1949

C. 9th June 1949 D. 15th August 1949

When Mohammad Ali Bogra presented Bogra Formula in the assembly?

A. January 1953 B. April 1953

C. September 1953 D. October 1953

Who was Mohammad Ali Bogra?

A. Prime Minister B. Foreign Minister

C. Law Minister D. Parliament Minister

What is the other name of Mohammad Ali Bogra Formula?

A. New Law of Pakistan B. Pakistan Report

C. Third Report D. Constitutional Formula

When first constitution of Pakistan was enforced?

A. 8th June 1956 B. 23rd March 1956

C. 14th August 1956 D. 25th December 1956

Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during enforcement of first constitution?

A. Mohammad Ali Bogra B. Khwaja Nazim Uddin

C. Choudhry Mohammad Ali D. Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar

What official name was given to Pakistan in 1956 constitution?

A. United States of Pakistan B. Republic of Pakistan

C. Islamic Pakistan D. Islamic Republic of Pakistan

What age was prescribed for President in 1956 constitution?

A. 40 years B. 45 years C. 50 years D. 55 years

In respect of religion what term was set for President and Prime Minister in 1956 constitution?

A. He may be a Muslim B. He must not be Hindu C. He must not be Christian

D. He must be a Muslim ( this condition applicable only on president. pm may be non-muslim)

What was the official language declared in 1956 constitution?

A. Urdu B. Bengali C. Hindi D. Both a & b

Who abrogated 1956 constitution?

A. Ayub Khan B. Tikka Khan C. Iskander Mirza D. Yahya Khan

When the first constitution was abrogated and Martial Law was proclaimed?

A. May 1958 B. June 1958 C. October 1958 D. December 1958

When Ayub Khan enforced new constitution in Pakistan?

A. 9th January 1962 B. 6th February 1962

C. 13th March 1962 D. 8th June 1962

Which kind of system of Government was introduced by the 1962 constitution?

A. Autonomous B. Presidential C. Bicameral D. Confederate

When the constitution of 1962 was abrogated?

A. 20th March 1969 (exact date is 25 march)

B. 29th March 1969 C. 4th April 1969 D. 14th April 1969

Who abrogated 1962 constitution and became CMLA?

A. Gen. Tikka Khan B. Gen. Ahsan Khan

C. Gen. Mansoor Khan D. Gen Yahya Khan

When Mr. Z.A. Bhutto launched a new constitution in the country?  

A. 11th August 1973 B. 14th August 1973

C. 17th August 1973 D. 21st August 1973

Which kind of system of Government was introduced in 1973 constitution?

A. Parliamentary B. Presidential

C. Basic Democracy D. Autonomous

who elects the President according to 1973 constitution?

A. National Assembly B. Senate C. Both of them D. None of them

according to 1973 constitution who elects Prime Minister?

Senate National Assembly President Provincial Assemblies

In which constitution Bicameral Legislature was provided for the first time?

1949 1956 1962 1973

In constitution of 1973 what age is specified for a person to contest for the Election to National Assembly?

25 years 18 years 20 years 30 years

In constitution 1973 what number of seats in Senate was set?

120 Seats 115 Seats 110 Seats 100 Seats

According to 1973 constitution what is the term of the office of President?

6 years 5 years 4 years 3 years

Article 58(2b) of constitution 1973 is about:

Power of President to dismiss Army Chief

Power of President to dissolve Provincial Assemblies

Power of President to dissolve National Assembly

Power of President to dissolve Senate

How many articles were there in the constitution of 1956?

A. 200 Articles B. 259 Articles C. 254 Articles D. 234 Articles

how many articles were there in 1962 constitution?

225 Articles 250 Articles 275 Articles 290 Articles

how many articles are there in 1973 constitution?

220 Articles 240 Articles 260 Articles 280 Articles

in constitution 1973 who were declared none Muslims?

Qadiyanis Hindus Christians Jews

When did Fatima Jinnah joined All India Muslim league?

A. 1939 B. 1927 C. 1947 D. 1949

Pakistan’s National Flag was prepared by

A. Abdur-rehaman Chugtai B. Liaqat Ali

C. Chaudhary Rehmat Ali D. Ameer-ud-din Qadwai

Pakistan’s standard time was suggested by

A. Liaqat Ali B. Maulana Mazhar-ud-din

C. Chaudhary Rehmat Ali D. Proffessor Muhammad Anwar

Pakistan’s first coin was issued on

A. 3rd june 1948 B. 6th june 1949

C. 3rd January 1948 D. none of these

Where the biggest Salt Mine located in Pakistan ?

A. Mangora B. Jhelum C. Sawat D. none of these

The longest river in Pakistan is ?

A. River Ravi B. River Sindh C. River Cheenab D. River Jehlum

Which is the national flower of Pakistan ?

A. Lilly B. Rose C. Jasmine D. Tulip

Which is the national bird of Pakistan ?

A. Markhor B. Parrot C. Pigeon D. Chakor

Who started the Faraizi Movement?

A. Haji Shariat Ullah B. Allama Muhammad Iqbal 3 PAK STUDY

C. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar D. Sir Aga Khan

The ‘Kashaf-ul-Mahjub’ was written by?

A. Hazrat Data Gunj Buksh (R.A) B. Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali

C. Maulana Shibli Nomani D. Maulana Zakaullah

Who Reviewed the famous book “The Indian Musalmans” in 1872?

A. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan B. Sir William Wilson Hunter

C. M Delwar Hussain D. John King Fairbank

Indian Council Act 1858 was passed on?

A. 2nd August 1858 B. 18th July 1858

C. 24th October 1858 D. 3rd June 1858

The book, “Khutbat e Ahmadia’ is written by?

A. Dr. Safdar Mahmood B. Abdul Haleem Sharar

C. Sir Syed Amir Ali D. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Indian Independence Act’ was enforced on ?

A. 13th August 1947 B. 14th August 1947

C. 15th August 1947 D. 16th August 1947

Allama Muhammad Iqbal delivered his famous Allahabad Address in?

A. 1929 B. 1930 C. 1931 D. 1932

In which year British East India Company occupied Punjab?

A. 1846 B. 1847 C. 1849 D. 1850

At the time of Independence which community was in majority in the state of Kashmir?

A. Muslim B. Hindu C. Sikh D. Christian

Which state was attacked by India on 11th September 1948?

A. State of Hyderabad Daccan B. State of Jammu and Kashmir

C. State of Manavadar D. State of Junagarh

In which year the Kashmiris started their freedom movement against Dogra rule before the partition of the sub-continent?

A. 1940 B. 1930 C. 1920 D. 1928

In which of the following cities Indian National Congress was found?

A. Delhi B. Bombay C. Kanpur D. Allahabad

In which of the following cities All India Muslim League was found?

A. Delhi B. Lahore C. Dhaka D. Allahabad

Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of partition of Bengal?

A. Lord Curzon B. Lord Wavell C. Lord Minto D. Lord Algan

Who was the first President of All India Muslim League?

A. Sir Agha Khan B. Nawab Waqar ul Mulk

C. Nawab Saleem ullah Khan D. None of them

In which year Ali Garh Trusteeship bill was passed?

A. 1886 B. 1887 C. 1888 D. 1889

In which year Syed Jamal-u-din Afghani died?

A. 1895 B. 1896 C. 1897 D. 1898

What was the real name of Titu Mir?

A. Nisar Ali B. Sayed Ahmad C. Muhammad Ali D. None of them

Which pass connects Pakistan with Afghanistan?

A. Khunjerab Pass B. Khyber Pass C. Tochi Pass D. Gomal Pass

The highest peak of Salt Range is?

A. Nanga Parbat B. Skaser C. Malka Parbat D. Everest

Which mountain range is located in Sindh Province?

A. Himalaya B. Karakoram Range C. Kirthar Range D. Salt Range

Pakistan conducted nuclear tests on May 28, 1998 at?

A. Kohe-e-Sufaid B. Chaghi Hills C. Toba Kakar D. Raskoh

What is the total area of Punjab Province? 4 PAK STUDY

A. 74,521 Km B. 40,914 Km C. 347,190 Sq Km D. 205,344 Sq Km

The capital city of Gilgit Baltistan is?

A. Ghanchay B. Nagar C. Chilas D. Gilgit

Who was the founder of Daily English Newspaper Dawn?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan B. Z.A Sulehri C. Quaid-e-Azam D. None of them

Pakistan Steel Mills is located in?

A. Lahore B. Gwadar C. Karachi D. None of them

Who was the second Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. Ch Muhammad Ali B. Kh. Nazim-ud-Din

C. Liaquat Ali Khan D. Feroze Khan Noon

The 1973 Constitution of Pakistan came into force on?

A. 23rd March 1973 B. 14th August 1973

C. 8th June 1973 D. 27th October 1973

The 1962 Constitution of Pakistan was passed during the regime of?

A. Sikandar Mirza B. Ayoub Khan C. Yahya Khan D. Ch. Muhammad Ali

ICT stands for?

A. Islamabad capital total B. Islamabad city tribes

C. Islamabad Capital Territory D. Islamabad city territory

First Charter of Human Rights is?

A. International Charter B. U.N. Charter

C. Khutba-Hajjat-ul-Vida D. French Constitution

The members of Punjab Assembly are?

A. 275 B. 371 C. 237 D. 100

Senate of Pakistan comprises of how many members?

A. 104 B. 63 C. 87 D. 50

Tenure of National and Provincial Assemblies is?

A. 4 years B. 5 years C. 6 years D. 3 years

Number of houses of Pakistan’s Majlis-e-Shura (Parliament) is?

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

The Supreme commander of Pakistan Armed Forces is?

A. Army Chief B. Prime Minister C. President D. Governor

SNGPL stands for?

A. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Lahore B. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines limited

C. Sui Northern Gas Pakistan limited D. Sui Northern Gas Punjab limited

The third largest city of Pakistan is

A. Faisalabad B. Rawalpindi C. Sialkot D. Hyderabad

First Census was held in Pakistan in the year?

A. 1950 B. 1951 C. 1952 D. 1953

Sadqain is famous for?

A. Painting B. Calligraphy C. Music D. A & B

In _____ the Shahi Mosque was built during the Mughal period?

A. Pakpattan B. Thatha C. Multan D. Attock

The Muslims came to Sindh in 712 A.D.under the leadership of?

A. Mahmood Ghaznavi B. Zaheer-ud-Din Baber

C. Muhammad Bin Qasim D. Aurangzeb Alamgir

The area between rivers Jhelum and Chenab is called?

A. Gandhara B. Chaj C. Taxila D. Harrapa

The largest Railway workshop Mughalpura is situated in?

A. Gujranwala B. Multan C. Karachi D. Lahore

The ruins of Harrapa are situated in district?

A. Multan B. Okara C. Lahore D. Sahiwal

Abdul Rehman Chughtai was attached with the art of? 5 PAK STUDY

A. Construction B. Music C. Painting D. None of them

Which is the sixth most populated country of the world?

A. India B. Iran C. Pakistan D. None of them

Thal desert is located in?

A. Sindh B. Gilgit C. KPK D. Punjab

The founder of All India Muslim League Nawab Salimullah Khan belonged to?

A. Madras B. Karachi C. Dhaka D. Delhi

Who is the first Punjab poet?

A. Baba Farid B. Shah Hussain C. Bullhay Shah D. None of them

Who was the hero of Pak India 1965 war?

A. Major Raja Aziz Bhatti B. Major Tufail C. Lalik Jan D. Mulla Faqir

The name of poet whose collection of poetry is called “Shah jo Risalu”?

A. Khushal Khan Khattak B. Waris Shah

C. Makhdum Muhammad Hashim D. Shah Abdul Latif Bhatai

Which is the first book of Pushto language?

A. Pata Khazana B. Tazkra-tul-Aulia C. Jat di Kartut D. Aasar-ul-Sanadeed

Urdu is a word of Turkish language, it means?

A. Wth B. Arms C. Army D. Literature

Who wrote “Mauj-e-Kausar”?

A. Amir Khusro B. Shaikh Muhammad Ikram

C. Mir Taqi Mir D. Khawaja Mir Dard

Name the language in which the Holy Quran was translated for the first time in India?

A. Punjabi B. Kashmiri C. Sindhi D. Balochi

Madr-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah died in the year?

A. 1940 B. 1950 C. 1967 D. 1970

Ahmad Shah Pitras Bukhari was a famous writer of ______ language.

A. English B. Hindi C. Urdu D. Punjabi

Who inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan?

A. Quaid-e-Azam B. Malik Ghulam Muhammad

C. Liaquat Ali Khan D. Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Sardar Abdur Rub Nishtar was the Governor of?

A. Gilgit Baltistan B. KPK C. Punjab D. Sindh

National code of Pakistan is?

A. PAK B. PK C. PAK 1 D. None of them

Where is Warsak Dam of Pakistan situated?

A. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa B. Punjab C. Sindh D. Balochistan

Shakarparrian is situated in?

A. Islamabad B. Rawalpindi C. Murree D. Peshawar

Identify the largest cantonment of Pakistan?

A. Kharian Cantt B. Quetta Cantt C. Okara Cantt D. Karachi Cantt

Which city of Pakistan held the OIC Conference in 1997?

A. Lahore B. Islamabad C. Karachi D. Peshawar

In which year was OIC founded?

A. 1970 B. 1975 C. 1980 D. 1969

Length of common border of Pakistan and Afghanistan is?

A. 2252 Km B. 2282 Km C. 2350 Km D. 2430 Km Read more Details about this Mcq

The Kargil incident happened in?

A. 1998 B. 1997 C. 1999 D. 2000

Which country assisted Pakistan in the construction of Sandak Project?

A. Iran B. Saudi Arabia C. Afghanistan D. China

When was Liaquat Nehru Pact between India and Pakistan signed? 6 PAK STUDY

A. 1950 B. 1955 C. 1964 D. 1951

Who was the First woman Governor of State Bank of Pakistan?

A. Noor Jahan B. Dr Shamshad Akhter

C. Farzana Raja D. Dr Ashraf Abbasi

Mirpur is a famous city of?

A. KPK B. Punjab C. Azad Kashmir D. None of them

What is the total area of Balochistan Province?

A. 74,521 Sq Km B. 40,914 Sq Km C. 347,190 Sq Km D. 205,344 Sq Km

What is the total area of Sindh Province?

A. 74,521 Sq Km B. 140,914 Sq Km C. 347,190 Sq Km D. 205,344 Sq Km

What is the total area of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah Province?

A. 74,521 Sq Km B. 40,914 Sq Km C. 347,190 Sq Km D. 205,344 Sq Km

What is the total area of FATA?

A. 27,220 Sq Km B. 40,914 Sq Km C. 347,190 Sq Km D. 205,344 Sq Km

What is the total area of ICT?

A. 906 Sq Km B. 1106 Sq Km C. 1006 Sq Km D. 1206 Sq Km

GHQ Stands for:

A. General Head Quarters B. General High Quarters

C. General High Quartermaster D. None of them

KRL Stands for:

A. Khan Research Laboratories B. Kahuta Research Laboratories

C. Karachi Research Laboratories D. None of them

Who was the first C-in-C of Pakistan Navy?

A. Gefford James B. R.L Archy C. Frank Meseri D. None of them

Frank Meseri was the first C-in-C of ________ .

A. Pak Army B. Air Force C. Navy D. None of them

Paery Cane was the first C-in-C of ___________.

A. Pakistan Air Force B. Armed Forces C. Navy D. None of them

The first Chief of Staff of Pak Army was ________ ?

A. General Takka Khan B. General Ziaul Haq

C. General Sharif D. General Ayub Khan

Zafar Ahmed Chaukhry was the first Chief of Air Staff of _______ .

A. Pak Army B. Air Force C. Navy D. None of them

Defence day is observed on ___________ ?

A. 6th September B. 11th September C. 7th September D. None of them

The headquarters of Air Force is located in _________ ?

A. Islamabad B. Rawalpindi C. Peshawar D. Karachi

The highest official rank of Air Force is ___________ ?

A. Air Marshal B. Supreme Marshal C. Air Chief Marshal D. Chief of Air Force

The highest non-operational Military Award is _________ ?

A. Tamgha-e-Basalat B. Tamgha-e-Imtiaz

C. Tamgha-e-Khidmat D. Sitara-e-Basalat

Pakistan tested its nuclear device on __________ ?

A. 28th May 1998 B. 26th May 1997 C. 28th June 1999 D. 27th July 1997

Baktar Shikan missile system is __________ ?

A. Air to surface B. Anti aircraft C. Anti tank guided D. Anti tank

The range of Hatf-1 is _________ ?

A. 90km B. 100km C. 65km D. 105km

The range if Hatf-2 is ________ ?

A. 180km B. 275km C. 230km D. 300km

The range if Hatf-3 is ________ ?

A. 400km B. 290km C. 600km D. 750km 7 PAK STUDY

The range if Hatf-4 is _______ ?

A. 400km B. 390km C. 600km D. 750km

The latest version of Hatf-5 is ________ ?

A. Ghauri B. Hataf C. Abdali D. Shaheen-1

The Range of Ghari-1 is ________ ?

A. 1200-1500km B. 1200-1300km C. 1500-2000km D. 1500-1800km

The highest official rank of Pakistan Army is _________ ?

A. Lieutenant B. Major General C. General D. None of them

Who was the first Muslim C-in-C of Pakistan Army?

A. Admiral Muhammad Siddiq B. Field Marshal Muhammad Ayoub

C. General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq D. General Tikka Khan

Who was the first Muslim C-in-C of Air Force?

A. Air Marshal Asgher Khan B. Air Marshal Zafar Chahdhry

C. Air Marshal Anwar Khan D. None of them

Who was the first Muslim C-in-C of Pakistan Navy?

A. Admiral Mohammad Siddieque B. Admiral Shahid Kareem

C. Admiral Karamat Rahman D. Admiral Tariq

The Largest cantonment of Pakistan army is located in ?

A. Jhelum B. Kharian C. Karachi D. Multan

HIT stands for ?

A. Heavy Industries Taxila B. Heavy Industries Tools

C. Heavy Industries Tax D. None of them

At the time of 1965 War the C-in-C of Pakistan Army was _______ ?

A. General Muhammad Musa Khan B. General Muhammad Ayoub Khan

C. General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq D. None of them

At the time of 1971 War the C-in-C of Pak Army was ________ ?

A. General Ayyub Khan B. Lt. General Gul Hassan

C. General Tikka Khan D. General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan

At the time of Kargil in 1999 the Chief of Army Staff was _________ ?

A. General Jahangir Karamat B. General Aslam Baig

C. General Parvez Musharaf D. General Waheed Kakar

Tell the name of Chief of Staff of Pak Army who died in uniform ?

A. General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq B. General Asif Nawaz

C. A & B D.None of them

The name of first Pakistan made sub Marine is _________ ?

A. Augusta 90B B. Saad 90B C. A&B D. None of them

The name of first Pakistani Aircraft is _________ ?

A. JF7 Thunder B. JF8 Thunder C. JF9 Thunder D. JF11 Thunder

In which of the following city the headquarters of Punjab Rangers is located ?

A. Karachi B. Lahore C. Multan D. Rawalpindi

Captain Muhammad Sarwar was martyred in the war of ________ ?

A. 1948 B. 1971 C. 1965 D. None of them

On which of the following date Captain Karnal Sher Khan was martyred at Kargil?

A. 5th June 1999 B. 5th July 1999 C. 5th August 1999 D. 5th October 1999

In which of the following city the Pakistan Navel Academy is located ?

A. Karachi B. Lahore C. Multan D. Rawalpindi

In which of the following city the Pakistan Navel Staff College is located?

A. Karachi B. Lahore C. Multan D. Rawalpindi

In which of the following city the Pakistan Navel War College is located?

A. Karachi B. Lahore C. Islamabad D. Multan

In which of the following city Pakistan Command & Staff College is located ?

A. Karachi B. Quetta C. Islamabad D. Multan 8 PAK STUDY

In which of the following city National Defence University is located ?

A. Rawalpindi B. Quetta C. Islamabad D. Multan

In which of the following city Army Medical College is located ?

A. Rawalpindi B. Quetta C. Islamabad D. Multan

In which of the following city Military College of Engineering is located?

A. Risalpur B. Islamabad C. Gujranwala D. Sargodha

In which of the following city Military College Jhelum is located?

A. Risalpur B. Islamabad C. Sarai Alam Gir D. Sargodha

Who was the 6th Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee ?

A. General Muhammad Sawar Khan B. Air Marshal Farooq Feroz Khan

C. General Shamim Alam Khan D. None of them

The capital of KPK is ________ ?

A. Peshawar B. Abbotabad C. D.I.Khan D. None of them

Who was the first Chief Minister of KPK?

A. Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan B. Sahibzada Zafar Ali Khan

C. Abdul Ghafoor Hoti D. None of them

The area of KPK is ?

A. 74,421 B. 75,521 C. 73,521 D. 74,521

How many Police ranges are in KPK?

A. 7 B. 4 C. 8 D. 3

World’s largest tribal society is ________ ?

A. Pashtun B. Baloch C. Noro D. Afridi

Lords of the Khyber is written by _________ ?

A. Andre Joseph B. Kipling C. Yousuf Khan D. Andre Singer

The Pakhtunwali is __________ ?

A. A city B. Flower C. Ethical Code D. Dialect of language

Masjid Mahabat Khan is located in _______ ?

A. Mardan B. Kohat C. Hangu D. Peshawar

Pakistan Academy for Rural Development is situated in ________ ?

A. Chitral B. Peshawar C. Bannu D. Mardan

How many districts are there in KPK?

A. 26 B. 29 C. 32 D. 34

Pakistan Forest Institution is located in ________ ?

A. Karachi B. Rawalpindi C. Lahore D. Peshawar

Jamrud Fort is located near ________ ?

A. Peshawar B. Abbottabad C. Charsadda D. Attock

Which area is called gun factory of the tribal areas ?

A. Darra Isa Khel B. Darra Khyber C. Darra Adam Khel D. Kohat

Who was first Muslim Governor of KPK after Independence of Pakistan?

A. Sahibzada Muhammad Khursheed B. Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan

C. Arbab Sikandar Khan Khalil D. None of them

The Chowk Yadgar is located in __________ ?

A. Peshawar B. D I Khan C. Dir D. Chitral

Peshawar means ________ ?

A. City of flowers B. City of tombs C. City of gardens D. None of them

Chowk Yadgar Peshawar commemorates the heroes of the _________ ?

A. Kashmir War B. 1965 Indo-Pakistan War

C. 1971 War D. None of them

Bala Hisar Fort is located in __________ ?

A. Peshawar B. Swat C. Mardan D. Dir

Kalam and Behrin are important tourist points of ___________ ?

A. Chitral valley B. Hunza Valley C. Kalam Valley D. Swat Valley 9 PAK STUDY

Which mountain range separates Pakistan and Afghanistan ?

A. Karakoram range B. Pamirs Range C. The Hindu Kush D. Kirthar Range

Kaghan valley is called _____________ ?

A. Diamond of the Himalaya B. Pearl of the Himalaya

C. Heart of the Himalaya D. None of them

The local languages of KPK are ?

A. Pushto B. Hindko C. Chitrali D. All of them

The highest mountain of KPK is __________ ?

A. K-2 B. Tirch Mir C. Nanga Parbat D. All of them

The largest city of KPK is ___________ ?

A. D.I. Khan B. Abbottabad C. Kohat D. Peshawar

Tarbela dam is situated in _________ ?

A. Kashmir B. KPK C. FATA D. Gilgit Baltistan

The area of Sindh is _________ ?

A. 140, B. 130, C. 140, D. 120,

How many divisions are there in Sindh ?

A. 9 B. 4 C. 6 D. 3 Read More Details about this Mcq

Kirthar Hills are located in _________ ?

A. Sindh B. Gilgit Baltistan C. Panjab D. FATA

The Indus River falls into the __________ ?

A. Arabian Sea B. Cape Monze C. Makran Coast D. None of them

Archaeologists have identified some 400 Indus civilization towns, scattered from _________ ?

A. Kabul to Delhi B. Kabul to Lahore

C. Peshawar to Delhi D. Kandhar to Delhi

Mohenjodaro is most famous town of the Indus civilization, located on the _________ ?

A. Right Bank of Indus River B. Left Bank of Indus River

C. West of Indus River D. None of them

Sindhi language is based on ___________ ?

A. Persian B. Arabic C. Dravidian D. Sansikrit

Lari language is spoken in __________ ?

A. Upper Sindh B. Lower Sindh C. Central Sindh D. Sindh & punjab

Where is the National Museum of Pakistan located ?

A. Jamshoro B. Karachi C. Hyderabad D. Larkana

How many districts are in Sindh ?

A. 22 B. 23 C. 21 D. 29

Read More aboutt this Mcq

Gaddani is famous for ___________ ?

A. Ship Breaking B. Ship making C. Fishing D. None of them

The Largest Cotton Exchange Building of Pakistan is situated in _________ ?

A. Karachi B. Lahore C. Faisalabad D. Multan

Clifton Beach is located in _________ ?

A. Hyderabad B. Karachi C. Jamshoro D. Kotri

Kaleji Lake, Kadeiro Lake and keenjhar Lake are located in _________ ?

A. Sindh B. Balochistan C. Sindh & Balochistan D. None of them

Shah Jahan Mosque is located in __________ ?

A. Thatta B. Jacobabad C. Sibi D. Larkana

Manchar Lake is situated near ___________ ?

A. Larkana B. Dadu C. Thatta D. None of them

University of Karachi is located in _________ ?

A. Jamshoro B. Hyderabad C. Larkana D. Karachi 10 PAK STUDY

The___________Moterway connects the cities of Hyderabad and Karachi in the Sindh province of Pakistan?

A. M-1 Moterway B. M-4 Moterway C. M-5 Moterway D. M-9 Moterway

Ghulam Muhammad Barrage is also called ___________ ?

A. Indus Barrage B. Kandyaro Barrage C. Kotri Barrage D. None of them

The Sindh Provincial Museum is located in __________ ?

A. Jamshoro B. Karachi C. Larkana D. Hyderabad

Who was King Umar ?

A. First King of the Sumarh Dynas B. Second King of the Sumarh Dynasty

C. Third King of the Sumarh Dynasty D. Fourth King of the Sumarh Dynasty

Marvi is a folk story of ____________ ?

A. Sindh B. Thar C. Seraiki D. Thal

How many Barragas are there in Sindh ?

A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 7 Read More Details about this Mcq

The Thar desert is called ___________ ?

A. Friendly Desert B. Hot Desert C. Cool Desert D. None of them

The Shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalander is situated in ___________?

A. Shahbaz Nagar B. Uch Sharif C. Sehwan Sharif D. Karachi

Lal Shahbaz Qalandar wrote several books in Persian and _________ ?

A. Persian B. Arabic C. Sindhi D. Punjabi

The largest Natural fresh Water Lake in the subcontinent is ___________?

A. Keenjar Lake B. Manchar Lake C. Hali Lake D. None of them

Moenjodaro means ____________ ?

A. Civilised City B. Beautiful Gardens C. Mound of the Dead D. Civilization

Moenjodaro is a 4,000-year-old city of the ____________ ?

A. Taxila Civilisation B. Indus Civilization C. Both of them D. None of them

Moenjodaro is located at the west bank of the Indus in the __________ ?

A. Upper Sindh B. Lower Sindh C. Central Sindh D. Southern Sindh

The hottest place in Pakistan is ___________ ?

A. Bahawalpur B. Multan C. Jacobabad D. None of them

The shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is located in _________ ?

A. Sibbi B. Bhit Shah C. Jacobabad D. Hala

Largest city of Pakistan is __________ ?

A. Karachi B. Sukkar C. Hyderabad D. Lahore

Shah Abdul Latif is the author of _____________ ?

A. Sassi Pannu B. Heer Ranjha C. Shah jo Risalo D. Shahnama

Risalo is the best known collection of romantic poetry in the ________ Language.

A. Urdu B. Sindhi C. Arabic D. Persian

Which city of the Sindh is popular for woodwork industry ?

A. Thattha B. Kotri C. Hala D. Larkana

Which city is on the border of Sindh and Punjab Provinces ?

A. Rajanpur B. Mithan Kot C. Kashmore D. None of them

Malakhra is a traditional game of __________ ?

A. Sindh B. Punjab C. KPK D. None of them

The shrine of Abdullan Shah Ghazi is located in ___________ ?

A. Nawab Shah B. Karachi C. Hala D. Thatta

First Capital of Pakistan was ____________ ?

A. Hyderabad B. Karachi C. Lahore D. Rawalpindi

The Largest Coal Reservoir are found in ____________ ?

A. Thar B. Karachi C. Thal D. Thatta

Pakistan day is observed on ? 11 PAK STUDY

A. 5th February B. 8th March C. 21st March D. 23rd March

Pakistan Air Force Day is celebrated on ___________ ?

A. 21st February B. 8th March C. 21st March D. 7th September

Quaid-e-Azam Day is observed on ___________ ?

A. 1st May B. 15th May C. 21st May D. 25th Dec

International Children’s Day is observed on ____________ ?

A. 20 February B. 1st June C. 1st March D. 20 November

On which date is Death Anniversary of Quaid e Azam observed ?

A. 9th November B. 11th September C. 21st March D. 11th October

World Tuberculosis Day is observed on ____________?

A. 21st March B. 24th March C. 26th March D. 25th March

World Inventor’s Day is celebrated on _____________?

A. 9th November B. 8th April C. 31st April D. 23rd April

Oldest mountains of the world are present in india and youngest mountain of the world are present in ?

A. Pakistan B. China C. India D. Burma

Which is the Highest peak of Pakistan ?

A. Broad Peak B. Sia kingri Peak C. K-2 D. Kilik Peak

K-2 peak is the _________ Highest peak of the World ?

A. First B. Second C. Third D. Fourth

K-2 is Also Known As _______________ ?

A. Godwin Austin B. Broad Peak C. Roshan Peak D. Sia Kingri

Which is the youngest mountain range on the earth ?

A. Hindu kush B. Korakoram C. Himalayas D. Alps

K-2 is present in which mountains range ?

A. Pamir B. Hindu kush C. Karakoram D. Himalayas

Nanga Parbat is the part of ?

A. Hindu Kush B. Karakoram C. Pamir D. Himalayas

Which Range is called Roof of the World ?

A. Karakoram B. Hindu kush Range C. Pamir Plataau D. Himalayas Range

Name of range which separates China from Pakistan ?

A. Hindu Kush B. Pamir C. Himalayas D. Karakoram

Name the range which separates Pakistan from Afghanistan?

A. Hindu Kush B. Himalayas C. Pmir D. Karakoram

Nanga Parbat is ranked as the __________ highest mountain peak of the world ?

A. 10th B. 8th C. 5th D. 9th

The height of Nanga Parbat is ____________ ?

A. 8,126m B. 7,521m C. 6,125m D. 9,500m

How many peaks above 8,000 meters are found in Pakistan ?

A. 7 B. 5 C. 9 D. 3

The length of Siachen Glacier is ___________ ?

A. 60km B. 76km C. 50km D. 80km

The length of Baltur Glacier is ____________ ?

A. 58km B. 62km C. 65km D. 70km

Baltura Glacier is located in _____________ ?

A. Punjab B. Gilgit Baltistan C. Sindh D. KPK

What is the height of Siachin Glacier ?

A. 20,000 feet B. 23,000 feet C. 25,000 feet D. 27,000 feet

Identify the second highest Glacier of the world ?

A. Baltora Glacier B. Batura Glacier C. Siachin Glacier D. None of them

What is the Height of Tirichmir peak ?

A. 7708 meters B. 7350 meters C. 7870 meters D. 7140 meters

The Salt range is situated between rivers soan and _____________?

A. Chenab B. Jhelum C. Kabul D. Huro

The height of Himalaya range increases as it moves from ?

A. South to North B. East to West C. North to South D. West to East

Which of the following mountain peaks is called Killer Mountain ?

A. Nanga Parbat B. Godwin Austin C. Broad Peak D. Raka Poshi

What is the Total Height of K-2 Peak ?

A. 8210 meter B. 8410 meter C. 8611 meter D. 8511 meter

“The place where heaven and earth meet” these words are said about which place ?

A. Chitral B. Kalash C. Punial D. Swat

Which is the highest peak of the koh-e-Sufaid Range ?

A. Sakasar B. Skaram C. Broad Peak D. Nanga Parbat

The Hindu kush range starts at the ?

A. China Border B. Pamir Platean C. Afghan border D. Karakoram

The direction of Hindukush is from ?

A. North-West B. South-West C. North-East D. North-South

What is the average height of Koh-e Sufaid?

A. 3200 meters B. 3500 meters C. 3000 meters D. 5560 metes

What is the maximum height of Kirthar Range ?

A. 2150 meters B. 2500 meters C. 2375 meters D. 2275 meters

What is the average height of Takhat-e-Sulaiman peak ?

A. 3200 meters B. 3500 meters C. 3300 meters D. 3310 meters

What is the height of Sakasar peak ?

A. 1600 meters B. 1500 meters C. 1680 meters D. 1700 meters

What is the average height of salt range ?

A. 675 meters B. 700 meters C. 640 meters D. 590 meters

The height of Potwar Plateau is ?

A. 300-600 meters B. 200-500 meters C. 320-550 meters D. 380-650 meters

What is the average height of Chaghi range ?

A. 3500 meters B. 2500 meters C. 4000 meters D. 3000 meters

Which of the following areas from potwar Plateau ?

A. Rawalpindi B. Jhelum C. Mianwali D. All of above

Which is the Highest peak of Himalayas range in Pakistan ?

A. Nanga Parbat B. K-2 C. Tirichmir D. Sakasar

Which is the highest peak of Karakoram range ?

A. Kilik peak B. K-2 peak C. Nanga Parbat D. Tirichmir

Which is the highest peak of Salt range?

A. Tirichmir B. K-2 C. Nanga parbat D. Sakasar

Which is the highest peak of Koh-e-Sulaiman range ?

A. Tirichmir B. K-2 C. Takhat-e-Sulaiman D. Sakar

What is the average height of Karakoram range ?

A. 7000 meters B. 7500 meters C. 7100 meters D. 7300 meters

Which range separate Baluchistan Plateau from Afghanistan?

A. Chaghi B. Makran C. Turbat D. Kirthar range

Which range lies along the border of Sindh and Baluchistan Province?

A. Chaghi B. Makran range C. Kirthar range D. Koh-e-Sufaid

What is the Meaning of Nanga Parbat ?

A. Killer Mountain B. Naked Mountain C. Dead Place D. Seven Mountains

Who was the first Pakistani to clumb the K-2?

A. Mohsan Razvi B. Ashraf Aman C. Nasir Hussain D. Zahid ALi

How many peaks in the Pakistan are Higher than 8000 meters?

A. 4 B. 3 C. 5 D. 8  

What is the Height of Broad Peak?

A. 8126 meters B. 8092 meters C. 8075 meters D. 8051 meters

Who was the first person the climb the Nanga parbat?

A. Hermann Buhl B. Martin Conway C. R.d Banerjee D. Ashraf Aman

In which year the Broad Peak was first climbed?

A. 1953 B. 1955 C. 1954 D. 1957

How many Peaks in Pakistan are higher than 7000 meters

A. 117 B. 121 C. 125 D. 191

Gasherbrum I is also known as _____________?

A. Hidden Peak B. Killer Peak C. White Peak D. Black Peak

The Proposed Margalla hills tunnel project connect Islamabad with which city?

A. Sawabi B. Abbotabad C. Haripur D. Dhodail

Total area of ICT is ___________?

A. 806 B. 906 C. 1006 D. 1106

Ayoub National park is situated in ?

A. Rawalpindi B. Nurree C. ICT D. None of them

The largest mosque of Pakistan located in Islamabad is called _________ ?

A. Shah Faisal Mosque B. Badshahi Mosque

C. Garrison Mosque D. None of them

Famous Shakar Parrian Park is located in _________ ?

A. Rawalpindi B. Nmurree C. Islamabad D. None of them

The Naval Headquarters is located in _________ ?

A. Rawalpindi B. Islamabad C. Lahore D. None of them

Quaid-e-Azam University is located in ________ ?

A. RawalPindi B. Abbottabad C. Multan D. Islamabad

The largest source of drinking water for Islamabad is ___________?

A. Khanpur Dam B. Rawal Dam C. Ghazi Dam D. Haru Dam

Golra Sharif is famous for the shrine of ______________?

A. Pir Mehar Ali Shah B. Bari Imam C. Pir of Zakori D. Punj Pir

Daman-e-Koh is located in ____________?

A. Rawalpindi B. Abbottabad C. Multan D. Islamabad

Height of Islamabad from sea level is _________?

A. 1600 ft B. 1700 ft C. 1500 ft D. 1400 ft

The meaning of FATA is ?

A. Federally Administrated Tribal Areas

B. Federally Administrated Territory Areas

C. A & B D. None of them

The total area of FATA is ____________?

A. 29,220sq, km B. 28,220sq, km C. 27,220sq, km D. 30,220sq, km

Major languages of FATA are __________?

A. Pushto B. Urdu C. Afghani D. All of them

FATA comprises of ___________?

A. 5 Agencies B. 7 Agencies C. 8 Agencies D. 6 Agencies

In FATA the tribal laws and judiciary function is looked by the _________?

A. Jirgha B. Federal Govt C. Tribes Council D. All of them

The area of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is ___________?

A. 12,297sq km B. 13,297sq km C. 14,297sq km D. 11,297sq km

Who was the first President of Azad Kashmir?

A. Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan B. Sardar Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Khan

C. Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan D. Moulana Muhammad Yousaf

Who was the first Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir?

A. Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan B. Khan Abdul Hameed Khan

C. Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan D. Moulana Muhammad Yousaf

National Language of AJ&K is __________?

A. Urdu B. Kashmiri C. Punjabi D. None of them

Regional Languages of Kashmir are __________?

A. Kashmiri B. Punjabi C. Hindko D. All of them

How many districts are in Kashmir ?

A. 6 B. 10 C. 8 D. 12

The capital of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is ___________?

A. Muzzafar Abad B. Bhimber C. Mirpur D. Bagh

River Neelum is situated in _________?

A. AJ&K B. KPK C. FATA D. Panjab

Mangla dam is located in ____________?

A. Punjab B. KPK C. AJ&K D. FATA

Kotli is famous city of __________ ?


Who is called Mujahid-e-Awal of the Kashmir Freedom Movement?

A. Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan B. Sardar Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Khan

C. Sardar Sikandar Hayat Khan D. Moulana Muhammad Yousaf

Second Highest mountain of the world K-2 is located in __________?

A. Gilgit Baltistan B. KPK C. FATA D. Kashmir

Who was the first Governor of Gilgit Balitistan?

A. Begum Shama Kaira B. Qamar-u-Zaman Kaira C. Wazir Baig D. Pir Karam Shah

Who was the first Women Governor of Gilgit Balitistan?

A. Begum Shama Khalid B. Qamar-u-Zaman Kaira C. Wazir Baig D. Pir Karam Shah

Who is the first Chief Minister of Gilgit Balitistan?

A. Syed Mehdi Shah B. Qamar-u-Zaman Kaira C. Wazir Baig D. Pir Karam Shah

Which valley is known as “Roof of the world”?

A. Chitral B. Chilas C. Skardu D. Baltistan

Baltistan is called _________ ?

A. Little Tibet B. Paradise C. Beauty of Earth D. Land of Fairies

Which Pakistani area is sandwiched between China and Indian-held Kashmir?

A. Astor B. Baltistan C. Chitral D. Kalash

The capital of Gilgit Baltistan is __________ ?

A. Pamir B. Baltistan C. Hunza D. Gilgit

Polo game originated from __________ ?

A. Gilgit Baltistan B. Iran C. USA D. Subcontinent

In summer season polo tournaments are held in ________ ?

A. Gilgit Baltistan B. Sindh C. Punjab D. None of them

Sheena is a local language of __________ ?

A. Gilgit Baltistan B. Sindh C. Punjab D. None of them

The severity of 2005 earthquake in Pakistan on Richter scale was ?

A. 6.9 B. 7.6 C. 7.1 D. none

The common value among the people of Pakistan is?

A. Dress B. Language C. Habits D. Islam

Who was the first governor general of Pakistan?

A. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah B. Iskander Mirza

C. Khawaja Nazimuddin D. Ghulam Muhammad

Which country is situated in the east of Pakistan?

A. China B. India C. Afghanistan D. Iran

When was the first Pakistani Postal Stamp issued?

A. August 1948 B. December 1947 C. February 1948 D. July 1948

Who was the first President of Pakistan?

A. Malik Ghulam Muhammad B. Iskander Mirza

C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah D. Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin

Who was the first Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Army?

A. G.M. Ayub Khan B. Gen. George Murphy

C. Gen. Sadique Chaudhry D. Gen. Frank Meservy

The Indian Councils Act (Minto-Morley Reforms) was enacted into law in __________?

A. 1909 B. 1910 C. 1911 D. 1912

Rowlatt Act came into operation in __________?

A. 1917 B. 1918 C. 1919 D. 1920

The Nehru Report was published in ___________?

A. April 1927 B. August 1927 C. April 1928 D. August 1928

India has constructed Baglihar Dam on the __________ river?

A. Chenab B. Indus C. Sutlej D. Jhelum

The National Anthem of Pakistan is written by?

A. Quaid-e-Azam B. Allama Iqbal C. Hafiz Jalandhri D. Chaudry Rehmat Ali

Who chose the name of Pakistan?

A. Quaid-e-Azam B. Allama Iqbal C. Hafiz Jalandhri D. Chaudry Rehmat Ali

A total of __________ amendments to the constitution of 1973 have been passed by the Parliament?

A. 21 B. 22 C. 24 D. 25

22nd Amendment in 1973 Constitution of Pakistan is related to____________?

A. Pak Army Trail Courts B. Powers of Election Commission Members

C. Related to NRO D. Not made yet

Jinnah the only film on the life of Quaid-e-Azam was produced by?

A. Jamil Dehlavi B. Akbar S. Ahmed C. Pervaiz iqbal cheema D. Shabab dhlvl

Name the cricket Stadium which is located in Khyber Agency and inaugurated by Gen Raheel Sharif in November 2016?

A. Younas Khan cricket stadium B. Shahid Afridi cricket stadium

C. Gaddafi Stadium D. Arbab Niaz Stadium

Who is the Current Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Pakistan?

A. Gen Raheel Sharif B. Gen Ashfaq Parvaz kayani

C. Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa D. Gen Zubair Hayat

Who is the Current Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC), Pakistan?

A. General Rashad Mahmood B. General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani

C. General Zubair Hayat D. General Raheel Sharif

Newly selected Army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa belongs to Regiment___________?

A. 6th FF B. 16th Baloch Ragiment C. 5th Punjab D. 13th Lancers

Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa is___________ Chief of Amy Staff of Pakistan?

A. 13th B. 15th C. 16th D. None of these

General Zubair Hayat is the ___________ Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) of Pakistan?

A. 13th B. 15th C. 16th D. 17th

General Qamar Javed Bajwa took oath as Army Chief on __________?

A. 23 November 2016 B. 25 November 2016

C. 27 November 2016 D. 29 November 2016

Till now, How many Chief of Army Staff (COAS), of Pakistan are selected from Baloch Regiment?

A. Two B. Three C. Four D. None of these Read More details about this Mcq

Till now, how many Pakistanis won the Nobel Prize for Physics?

A. 1 (Dr Abdus Salam in 1979) B. 2 C. 3 D. None

Name the special task force, which is established in December 2016 by Pakistan Navy to safeguard and protect the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as well as Gwadar port?

A. Task Force 21 B. Task Force 44 C. Task Force 88 D. Task Force 2

Who is newly Appointed DG ISPR of Pakistan Army?

A. Lt General Asim Saleem Bajwa B. Major General Asif Ghafoor

C. Major General Athar Abbas D. Major General Waheed Arshad

Pakistan test fired its first submarine launched cruise missile Babur-III on 9 January 2017, has the range of___________ kilometres?

A. 450 kilometres B. 550 kilometres C. 650 kilometres D. 700 kilometres

The Shortest-Serving Governor in Sindh’s History is?

A. Murad Ali Shah B. Dr. Ishratul Ebad

C. Justice(R) Saeed U zaman Saddiqi D. Khursheed Shah

Name the Pakistan’s surface-to-surface ballistic missile, which is capable of delivering multiple warheads using Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology ?

A. Shaheen-II B. Ababeel C. Nasr D. Ghauri

kashmir day is observed in Pakistan on _____________?

A. 5th February B. 1st May C. 21st March D. 6th june

Pakistan Army on launched ‘Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad’ across the country on ______________?

A. 13th Jan 2017 B. 2nd Feb 2017 C. 15th Feb 2017 D. 22nd Feb 2017

Labour Day is observed on ____________ ?

A. 21st February B. 9th May C. 1st May D. 22nd March

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa was awarded a______________for promotion of Defence ties between Pakistan and Turkey on 20th June 2017.

A. Legion of Merit B. Golden Turkey award

C. Medal of Honor D. Legion of Honour

Longest serving prime minister of Pakistan?

A. Yousuf Raza Gillani B. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

C. Liaquat Ali Khan D. Muhammad Ali Bogra

The Friendship Gate is built on the border between Pakistan and ___________?

A. Afghanistan B. Iran C. India D. China

Which reforms introduced separate electorate for Hindus and Muslims?

A. Minto-Morley Reforms B. Montague Reforms C. Both D. None of these

Where is the Hasni tribe located in Pakistan ?

A. KPK B. Punjab C. Sindh D. Balochistan

What is the total length of Indus River?

A. 2900 km B. 2514 km C. 3180 km D. 7854 km

What does the CPEC stands for ?

A. China Pakistan Electrical Coal B. China Pakistan Electronics Corporation

C. China Pakistan Economic Corridor D. China Portagal Economical Corporation

Shahid Khaqan Abbssi was the_________Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. 18th B. 19th C. 20th D. 21st

Swat valley became a part of Pakistan in____________?

A. 1971 B. 1969 C. 1946 D. 1978

When did Quaid e Azam join All India Muslim league ?

A. 1911 B. 1912 C. 1913 D. 1914

Nandipur Power Plant is located in_____________?

A. Lahore B. Sahiwal C. Gujranwala D. Bahawalpur

“My brother ” book was written by_____________?

A. Allama Iqbal B. Hajra masroor C. Fatima Jinnah D. Mirza Ghalib

What Is The National Tree of Pakistan?

A. Neem B. Peepul C. Sheesham D. Deodar

Who played role of Quaid-e-Azam in film “Jinnah” which was released 7 November 1998?

A. Micky arther B. Christopher Lee C. Shashi Kapoor D. Jamil Dehalvi

Which is the national Animal of Pakistan?

A. Markhor B. Goat C. Camel D. Snow leopard

_____________has been promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant General and Appointed as Surgeon General?

A. Major Gen Zahid Hamid B. Major General Amir Azeem Bajwa

C. Major General Tariq Ghafoor D. Major General Iftikhar Ahmad Wyne

What is the name of the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan?

A. Line Of Control B. Durand Line C. Oder–Neisse line D. The Radcliffe Line

Boundary line between Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir is called____________?

A. Line Of Control B. Durand Line C. Oder–Neisse line D. The Radcliffe Line

In which year did East India Company (EIC) occupied Punjab ?

A. 1846 B. 1850 C. 1847 D. 1849

Who Built the Lahore?

A. Shajahan B. Akbar C. Humayun D. Jahangir

In Pakistan _______% of the population lives below the national poverty line (2017)?

A. 52.3% B. 29.5% C. 34.5% D. 41.5%

The Length of Pakistan and Afghanistan border is __________?

A. 2052 Km B. 2152 Km C. 2252 Km D. 2430 Km

When did Lord Mountbatten arrive in Delhi as new Viceroy of India?

A. Feb 22, 1947 B. Mar 22, 1947 C. Apr 22, 1947 D. May 22, 1947

Gateway of invaders is?

A. Khyber Pass B. Karachi C. Lahore D. None

Who Ordered to Excavating Mohenjo-daro in 1922?

A. Sir John Marshal B. Sir Robert Peary C. Robert Clive D. Lord Lyton

Tipu Sultan wrote a letter to which government to help him against British Army rule in India?

A. Germany B. France C. Turkey D. iran

Which slave king is buried in Lahore?

A. Ibrahim Lodi B. Ghiyas al-Din Balban C. Iltutmish D. Qutb uddin Aibak

Nation celebrates ___________ birth anniversary of Liaquat Ali Khan on 1st Oct 2017?

A. 119 B. 120 C. 121 D. 122

What does the word Pakistan means?

A. Holy Land B. Deserts C. Meadows D. Natural Beauty

Who was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah B. Liyaqat Ali Khan C. Ayoub Khan D. Yahya Khan Jonijho

When the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, was promulgated. who was the opposition leader in national assembly on that time?

A. Khan Abdul Wali Khan B. Nurul Amin C. Mufty mehmmod D. Fakhar Imam

When Muhammad Ali jinnah was given the title of Quaid-e-Azam?

A. 1935 B. 1932 C. 1938 D. 1939

Who is the Current Chief of the Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy?

A. Vice Admiral Syed Arifullah Hussaini B. Vice Admiral Waseem Akram

C. Vice Admiral Shah Sohail Masood D. Vice Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi

Women seats in Senate?

A. 4 B. 13 C. 17 D. 21

Which Bank has given First loan in Millions to Pakistan government at the time independence?

A. UBL Bank B. HBL Bank C. National Bank D. MCB Bank

Name the largest desert of Pakistan?

A. Thal B. Thar C. Cholistan D. None

Oldest Language of Pakistan is?

A. Sindhi B. Punjabi C. Pashto D. Barohi

The SAARC movement was launched for?

A. Political alliances B. Regional cooperation C. Cultural exchanges D. Military strategy

First Constitution in Pakistan was imposed in?

A. 23rd march 1956 B. 25th march 1956 C. 24th march 1956 D. 26th march 1956

The Total Area of Quetta City in sq km is______________?

A. 2,656 km² B. 3,702 km² C. 5,723 km² D. 7,523 km²

Balochistan Became Province in______________?

A. 1st july 1970 B. 14th Aug 1947 C. 14th Aug 1973 D. 23rd march 1956

Graveyard of Empires is____________?

A. USA B. UAE C. Afghanistan D. Pakistan

How many founding members OIC has at the time of its establishment?

A.20 B.25 C.30 D.35

Nawab Akbar Bugti was Assassinated on?

A. 26 Aug 2006 B. 27 Dec 2007 C. 28 Oct 2008 D. 1st aug 2009

who was the hero of 1857 war?

A. Tipu Sultan B. Bakhth Khan C. Sher Khan D. Azam Khan

Largest dam of Pakistan is____________?

A. Tarbela Dam B. Mangla dam C. Warsak dam D. None of these

Navy Captain is equal in rank to army ____________?

A. Captain B. Major C. Colonel D. Brigadier

Lyallpur is the old name of ?

A. Faisalabad B. Mardan C. Punjab D. Lahore

Who was the first democratic President to complete his 5 years tenure?

A. Nawaz Sharif B. Asif Ali Zardari C. Pervaiz Musharraf D. Liaquat Ali Khan

Name the Chief Election Commissioner who conducted two Presidential Elections?

A. Qazi Muhammad Farooq B. F.M Khan

C. Akhter Husain D. Justice N.A Nusrat

Dina Wadia visited Pakistan upon the death of the Quaid, and then only once again in _____________during the Musharraf era

A. 2002 B. 2003 C. 2004 D. 2005

Dina Wadia was born in London on ______________.?

A. August 15, 1919 B. July 15, 1919 C. June 16, 1919 D. June 17, 1919

What is the city of lights ?

A. Multan B. Lahore C. Quetta D. Karachi

Watersports at Khanpur Dam was?

A. Beat The Waves B. Game of Thrones C. Battle of War D. Swimming

Dasu dam is in?

A. Sindh B. Punjab C. Baluchistan D. K.P.K

The Picture on the back of 10 Rupee Pakistani Note

A. Bolan Pass B. Attock Pass C. Khyber Pass D. Khunjerab Pass

The Picture on the back of 100 Rupee Pakistani Note?

A. Faisal Mosque B. Quaid-e-Azam Residency

C. K-2 D. Islamia College, Peshawar

The Picture on the back of 500 Rupee Pakistani Note?

A. Badshahi Mosque B. Faisal Mosque C. Jatoi Mosque D. Masjid Wazir Khan

The Picture on the back of 1000 Rupee Pakistani Note?

A. UET Lahore B. Islamia College Peshawar


The Picture on the back of 5000 Rupee Pakistani Note?

A. Jatoi Mosque B. Bashahi Mosque C. Faisal Mosque D. Masjid Wazir Khan

Which Mughal Emperor had built the “Bibi ka Maqbara”?

A. Akbar B. Jahangir C. Aurangzeb D. Babar

famous place Shakarparian is located in___________?

A. Multan B. Sindh C. Lahore D. Islamabad

In which of the following district the shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Located in?

A. Hyderabad B. Matiari C. Dadu D. Thatta

Geographically Pakistan is situated in___________?

A. Central Asia B. South Asia C. North Asia D. East Asia

Tirich Mir (peak) is located in which mountain range?

A. Hindukash B. Karakuram C. Suleman D. Koh-e-Sufaid

Wakhan Corridor separates Pakistan from__________?

A. Tajikistan B. Afghanistan C. India D. China

Who was the First CM Of Balochistan?

A. Ataullah Mengal B. Akber bugti C. Neroz Khan D. Khair bux Mirri

Islamia College Peshawar was founded in_____________?

A. 1901 B. 1905 C. 1909 D. 1913

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto served as the_________Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1973 to 1977?

A. 7th B. 8th C. 9th D. 10th

Highest Ever Temperature Recorded in Pakistan on 28th May 2017 was in which city?

A. Jacobabad B. Larkana C. Multan D. Turbat

What was the Real Name of Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk?

A. Nawab Hizar Hayat B. Muhammad ilahi

C. Syed Mehdi Ali D. Nawab Mushtaq Hussain

The old name of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa was______________?

A. NWFP B. Pukhtonabad C. Pukhtunistan D. Khyber

The name of NWFP was changed to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in______________?

A. 2007 B. 2009 C. 2010 D. 2012

Which one of these architect designed the Quaid-e-Azam tomb?

A. Yahya Merchant B. Ahmed Saeed

C. Abdur Rab Nishtar D. Ahmad Hasan Dani

Benazir Bhutto served as the Prime Minister of Pakistan ____________times.

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

Benazir Bhutto was born in Which City of Pakistan?

A. Karachi B. Lahore C. Larkana D. Islamabad

Benazir Bhutto was the __________ ever female Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. First B. Fourth C. Third D. Second

Benazir Bhutto was born on_______________?

A. 21 June 1953 B. 27 December 1960 C. 22 June 1958 D. 21 July 1952

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on_______________?

A. 15 June 2008 B. 21 October 2007

C. 19 January 2008 D. 27 December 2007

Where did Benazir Bhutto die?

A. Karachi B. Lahore C. Rawalpindi D. London

Benazir Bhutto first sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan on______________?

A. 19 November 1989 B. 27 December 1988

C. 2 December 1988 D. 2 December 1989

Benazir Bhutto was married to______?

A. Imran Khan B. Nawaz Sharif

C. Asif Ali Zardri D. Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Who dismissed Benazir Bhutto’s Government for the second time?

A. Rafiq Tarar B. Farooq Ahmed Khan Leghari

C. Shaukat Aziz D. Yahya Khan

Benazir Bhutto was the chairman of which political party?


Which Nursery School did Benazir Bhutto attend?

A. Bulbul Nursery School B. St. John’s Nursery School

C. Holy Family Nursery & KG School D. Lady Jennings Nursery School

Which college did Benazir Bhutto attend?

A. St. Albert’s College B. Hasnat College for Women

C. Radcliffe College D. St. Agnes College

Which University did Benazir Bhutto attend?

A. Oxford University B. Karachi University

C. Cambridge University D. Teheran University

National Animal of Pakistan is____________?

A. Rabbit B. Deer C. Tiger D. Markhor

Where is Minar-e-Pakistan situated?

A. Peshawar B. Karachi C. Islamabad D. Lahore

Which Cricket World Cup Pakistan have won?

A. 1990 B. 1992 C. 1993 D. 1994

Air Headquarters (AHQ) is the Headquarters of Pakistan Air Force, located at__________?

A. Islamabad B. Lahore C. Peshawar D. Okara

Rohtas Fort near Dina (Jehlum) built by_____________?

A. Akbar B. Sher Shah Suri C. Shah Jahan D. Baber

The archaeological site Takht-i-bhai is situated in_____________?

A. Jhelum B. Mardan C. Multan D. D.I. Khan

Former President Iskander Mirza was buried in_________?

A. Pakistan B. Iran C. Saudi Arabia D. Afghanistan

What was the Real name of Viqar-ul-Mulk?

A. Mushtaq Hussain Zuberi B. Munir Nawaz Jang

C. Nisar Ali D. None of these

Which one of the following is Largest Division of Pakistan?

A. Bahawalpur Division B. Malakand Division

C. Lahore Division D. Kalat Division

The first currency note issued by the State Bank of Pakistan was in the denomination of:

A. Rs.1 B. Rs.2 C. Rs.5 D. Rs.10

The first currency note of SBP was issued on___________?

A. January 1, 1949 B. March 1, 1949 C. June 10, 1949 D. July 1, 1949

During the period of One unit who was the first governor of West Pakistan?

A. Ameer Muhammad khan B. Muhammad sharif khan

C. Akhtar Hussain D. Mushtaq Ahmad Gormani

Who was Prime Minister of Pakistan for the shortest time period?

A. I.I.Chundrigar B. Nurul Amin

C. M.Feroz Khan Noon D. M.Ali Bogra

The first coin of Pakistan was designed by___________?

A. A.R chughtai B. Abdul majeed C. Brandley D. Douglas Gray

The Tashkent declaration between Pakistan and India was signed on?

A. 1 January 1966 B. 10 January 1966

C. 20 January 1966 D. 1 February 1966

The Shimla Agreement between Pakistan and India was signed on:

A. 2 June 1972 B. 12 June 1972 C. 2 July 1972 D. 12 July 1972

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was founded on___________?

A. 25 April 1996 B. 25 April 1997 C. 25 April 1998 D. 25 April 1999

Which of the following women participated in all three Round table Conferences?

A. Begum Jahan Ara Shahnawaz B. Begum Salma Tasaduq Hussain

C. Begum Shaista Ikramullah D. Begum qazi Esa

Who is the author of the book”Struggle for Pakistan” ?

A. I.H. Qureshi B. K.k AZIZ C. Aysha Jalal D. Shahid Rafique

Altit Fort is situated in___________?

A. Hunza B. Peshawar C. D.I.Khan D. Thatha

Who is the Founder of Pakistan?

A. Allama Iqbal B. Iskander Mirza C. Rahmat Ali D. Quaid-e-Azam

Which city of Pakistan is called the Switzerland of Pakistan?

A. Islamabad B. Swat C. Chagai D. Gilgit

Which city of Pakistan is called city of lights?

A. Peshawar B. Multan C. Karachi D. Lahore

Fairy Meadow is located in which district of Gilgit baltistan

A. Gilgit B. Hunza C. Diamer D. Nagar

When Pakistan leave the Commonwealth for the first time before rejoining it in 1989 ?

A. 1969 B. 1970 C. 1971 D. 1972

Who was the headmaster of M.A.O school?

A. Theodore Beck B. Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan

C. Henry Siddons D. Sir Agha Khan

Which country opposed Pakistan’s membership in United Nations?

A. Iran B. Egypt C. Afghanistan D. Malaysia

Which movement of East Pakistan also supported india in war of 1971?

A. Bangla Movement B. Bangali Movement

C. Mukti Bahini D. Azadi Movement

The Mazar-e-Quaid was completed in_______?

A. 1973 B. 1977 C. 1980 D. 1970

According to Area the Largest District of Khyber PakhtunKhwa is _____________ ?

A. Peshawar B. Swat C. Chitral D. Mardan

Chitral is the largest district in the KPK province of Pakistan, covering an area of _________?

A. 12,958 km² B. 8,890 km² C. 10,351 km² D. 14,850 km²

The first passport issued by the Ayub regime in__________?

A. 1973 B. 1960 C. 1963 D. 1970

The highest Building of Pakistan is__________?

A. Headquarter of MCB B. Pakistan stock exchange

C. Icon Tower D. Marriott Hotel

World Highest Polo Ground Shandur (3,734 meters) is in Pakistan, It is in ___________ District?

A. Lahore B. Swat C. Chitral D. Gilgit

Who was the Third Prime Minister of Pakistan ?

A. Liaqut Ali Khan B. Khawaja Nazim Ud Din

C. Muhammad Ali Bgora D. None Of Above

Quaid-e-Azam mother name was___________?

A. Emibai jinnah B. Rattanbai jinnah C. Mithibai jinnah D. Dinna Wadia

The capacity of Neelum–Jhelum Hydropower Plant is___________?

A. 960 MW B. 950 MW C. 990 MW D. 969 MW

First President of Pakistan after constitution of 1956?

A. Quaid-e-Azam B. Ayub Khan C. Iskander Mirza D. Zulfikar ali bhutto

Iskander Mirza took charge of office on ___________?

A. 23 March 1956 B. 23 March 1948

C. 23 August 1956 D. 23 Jan 1990

Muhammad Rafiq Tarar was ________ president before Pervaiz Musharaf ?

A. 14th B. 12th C. 4th D. 9th

The river Indus flows from which city?

A. Gilgit B. Tibat C. peshawer D. kabul

Which City of Pakistan is famous for sports goods?

A. Peshawar B. Lahore C. Sialkot D. Islamabad

who is known as the founder of Tahrik-e-Raishmi Romal (The Silk Letter Movement)?

A. Maulana Qasim Nanotvi B. Maulana Mahmood ul Hassan

C. Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madani D. Maulana Shabir Ahmad Usmani

Who was the first Governor of state bank Pakistan?

A. Qasim parekh B. V.A Jaffery C. Abdul Qadir D. Zahid Hussain

Pakistan officially joined the United Nations (UN) on ___________?

A. 30 October 1947 B. 30 September 1947 C. 30 August 1947 D. 30 March 1948

The State Bank of Pakistan was established on____________?

A. 30 june 1948 B. 29 june 1948 C. 28 june 1948 D. 1st july 1948

Which city of Pakistan once known as “City of Maple Trees”?

A. Lahore B. Abbottabad C. Hyderabad D. Multan

Which tribes inhabited in North Waziristan Agency?

A. Wazir and Dawar B. Mehsud ans Wazir

C. Barki and Dawar D. None of these

Which one is the largest barrage of Pakistan?

A. Jhelum B. Qadrabad C. Sukkur D. Rasul

The biggest District of Pakistan by area is ___________?

A. Mastung B. Chaghi C. Kalat D. Noski

Largest District of Pakistan by population is ____________?

A. Chaghi B. Lahore C. Karachi Central D. Peshawar

B. What is the old name of Faisalabad?

A. Faizabad B. Debal C. Lailpur D. Lahore

With which does the power to extend or restrict the jurisdiction of the High Court?

A. The Governor B. The President C. The Parliament D. The Concerned State Legislature

When did Quaid-e-Azam start his legal practice in Bombay (Mumbai) ?

A. 1796 B. 1996 C. 1896 D. 1895

The Top Five most Populous Cities of Pakistan are _______ ?

A. Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi

B. Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala

C. Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi

D. Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Gujranwala, Dera Ghazi Khan

National Fish of Pakistan is ____________?

A. Blue Marlin B. Hogfish C. Flounder D. Mahseer

When All India Muslim League (AIML) celebrated Victory day?

A. January 1945 B. January 1946 C. January 1937 D. Never celebrated Victory day

Who was the acting President of Gilgit Baltistan before joining Pakistan?

A. Hasan khan B. Mirza Ali C. Malik Muhammad Miskeen D. Shah Raees khan

Who took the oath of The Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as the first Governor-General of Pakistan?

A. Mian Abdur Rashid B. Liaquat Ali Khan C. Muhammad Munir D. Muhammad Shahabuddin

Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan?

A. Alvin R. Cornelius B. Muhammad Munir

C. Mian Abdur Rashid D. Muhammad Shahabuddin

Who was the longest-serving Chief Justice of Pakistan?

A. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry B. Muhammad Shahabuddin

C. Mian Abdur Rashid D. Mohammad Haleem Read More Details about this Mcq

Who was the shortest-serving Chief Justice of Pakistan?

A. Mohammad Haleem B. Muhammad Shahabuddin

C. Mian Abdur Rashid D. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry

Number of Districts in Gilgit Baltistan is _________?

A. 5 B. 7 C. 10 D. 12

World largest dam made of mud is__________?

A. Mangla B. Warsak C. Tarbela D. Barotha

Number of divisions in Gilgit Baltistan is ______?

A. 2 B. 3 C. 7 D. 4

When was the Gas discovered from sui?

A. 1950 B. 1954 C. 1953 D. 1952

The First Urdu Newspaper was_____________?

A. Jam-e-Jahan Numa B. Nawai-e-waqt C. Imroz D. Indian Gazette

“Dehli proposal” was published in which year ?

A. 1927 B. 1928 C. 1929 D. 1930

Which city is Called the Heart Of Pakistan?

A. Islamabad B. Lahore C. Karachi D. Faisalabad

Indo-Pak war of 1965 lasted for_________?

A. 17 days B. 27 days C. 37 days D. 47 days

Kharan desert is situated in_____________?

A. Punjab B. Balochistan

C. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D. Sindh

When Pakistan NH&MP Motorway Police was established?

A. 1987 B. 1990 C. 1997 D. 2000

Pakistan NH&MP Motorway Police deal with following law:

A. Business law B. Traffic Law C. NHSO D. None of These

Rama Lack is located in which district of Gilgit Baltistan?

A. Hunza B. Astore C. Sikrdu D. Gilgit

Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah, The Agha Khan headed the historic Simla deputation Which successfully presented Muslims demands on 01 Oct 1906 before:

A. Lord Curzon B. Lord Irwin C. Lord Minto D. None of these

Who built Badshahi Masjid ?

A. Zaheer Uddin Babar B. Naseer Uddin Humayun

C. Aurangzeb Alamgir D. Shehnshah Akbar

Where is the Pakistan largest Mosque (Masjid) and the world 3rd largest in Pakistan

A. Lahore B. Karachi C. Islamabad D. Rawalpindi

The National Assembly has?

A. 268 general seats, 62 women seats and 12 non-Muslim seats

B. 270 general seats, 60 women seats and 12 non-Muslim seats

C. 270 general seats, 62 women seats and 10 non-Muslim seats

D. 272 general seats, 60 women seats and 10 non-Muslim seats

The first Emperor of Tughluq Dynasty?

A. Ameer gulzar tughluq B. Alaudin khilji C. Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq D. Ziauddin Tughluq

Punjab University, Lahore was established in ________?

A. 1947 B. 1905 C. 1882 D. 1884

Dr Abdus Slam was born in which city of Pakistan?

A. Lahore B. Multan C. Jhang D. Khushab

The first session of the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was held on_____________?

A. 10th August 1947 B. 11th August 1947

C. 12th August 1947 D. 13th August 1947

When did Chouhdry Rehmat Ali introduced the term Pakistan in his pamphlet?

A. 1930 B. 1928 C. 1926 D. 1933

Area of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is______________ Square kilo meter?

A. 18925 km² B. 22123 km² C. 24532 km² D. 27220 km²

The first merger in the mobile telecommunications sector in Pakistan?

A. Mobilink & Ufone B. Mobilink & Warid

C. Mobilink & Zong D. Warid & Telenor

Flying Officer Marium Mukhtiar TBt, PAF was a Pakistani fighter pilot. She died after a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) FT-7PG aircraft crashed near_________?

A. Sargodha B. DG Khan C. Kundian D. DI Khan

Pakistan’s Ambassador Dr. Syed Tauqir Shah, Permanent Representative to the _______?


Pakistan second-worst on Global Gender Gap index_____ out of 144 countries?

A. 140 B. 143 C. 142 D. 137

Which province of Pakistan is called “Land of Brave People”?

A. Balochistan B. Punjab C. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan D. Sindh

The Saraiki language is more dominantly spoken in ________ ?

A. North Punjab B. West Punjab C. South Punjab D. East Punjab

When was state of swat included in Pakistan?

A. 1969 B. 1970 C. 1971 D. 1972

Act of 1935 contained how many parts?

A. 11 B. 12 C. 13 D. 14

Act of 1935 contained how many schedules?

A. 8 B. 9 C. 11 D. 10

The deliberation of Act 1935 preparation was printed over how many pages?

A. 323 B. 324 C. 325 D. 326

Act of 1935 consisted of how many sections?

A. 320 B. 321 C. 322 D. 323

When was Quaid-e-Azam M.A. Jinnah’s name was read in khutba at the Pakistan colony mosque by the Sindh education minister Pir Illahi Bukhsh?

A. 11 August 1947 B. 15 August 1947

C. 12 July 1947 D. 22 August 1947

The most urbanized province of Pakistan is__________?

A. Kpk B. Punjab C. Baluchistan D. Sindh

Harrappa near Sahiwal was centre of___________?

A. Greek civilization B. Persian civilization

C. Muslim civilization D. Indus valley civilization

In terms of area,which is the largest district of Punjab?

A. Bahawalpur B. Lahore C. Multan D. Rahimyar khan

Lake Manchar is situated in which district of Pakistan?

A. Jamshoro B. Dadu C. Sukkur D. Ghotki

Minar-e-Pakistan was designed by_____________?

A. Nasreddin Murat-Khan B. Vedat Dalokay

C. Arif Masoud D. Yahya Merchant

Bhambhore city is located in?

A. Thatta B. Larkana C. Sukkur D. Sahiwal

Who is the first and only COAS to give a briefing to upper house of Pakistan?

A. Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa B. Pervaiz Musharraf

C. Ayub khan D. Gen Raheel Sharif

Who is the Current Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Air Force (PAF)?

A. Sohail Aman B. Tahir Rafique Butt

C. Mujahid Anwar Khan D. Rao Qamar Suleman

Who was the first and the last Chief Executive in the history of Pakistan?

A. General Takka khan B. General Parvaiz Musharraf

C. General Raheel Shareef D. General Ayoob Khan

Pakistan Television started in the reign of_____________?

A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto B. Yahya Khan C. Zia Ul Haq D. Ayub Khan

When the banks were nationalized in Pakistan?

A. 1974 B. 1973 C. 1972 D. 1971

First elected president of Pakistan?

A. Ayub Khan B. Iskandar Mirza C. Z.A Bhutto D. Benazir Bhutto

First martial law in Pakistan was imposed in?

A. 1960 B. 1956 C. 1958 D. 1965

First Women Bank Limited commenced its business on____________?

A. 02 Nov 1989 B. 02 Dec 1989 C. 02 Dec 1988 D. 01 Nov 1990

Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah had which of the following Occupation ?

A. Skin specialist B. Political leader C. Dentist D. Lecturer

The First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was dissolved By Governor General Malik Ghulam Muhammad on______________?

A. October 24, 1955 B. October 24, 1954

C. November 24, 1954 D. October 22, 1954

The Indus Waters Treaty water-distribution treaty between India and Pakistan, brokered by the:

A. International Monetary Fund

B. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

C. World Bank D. NATO

Who founded Muhammadan Literary Society in 1863?

A. Shah Waliullah Dehlawi B. Syed Ameer Ali

C. Nawab Abdul Latif D. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Nawab Abdul Latif found the Muhammadan Literary Society in April 1863 at___________?

A. Dhaka B. Faridpur C. Calcutta D. Selhat

First Museum of Pakistan established in Karachi on?

A. 17 April 1951 B. 17 April 1950 C. 17 May 1950 D. 25 April 1950

First Chairman Joint chiefs of Staff Committee was________________?

A. General Muhammad Shariff B. General Rahimuddin Khan

C. Admiral Mohammad Sharif D. General Iqbal Khan

First Television station was setup at Lahore on?

A. December 26, 1964 B. September 27, 1964

C. October 14, 1964 D. November 26, 1964

First agriculture reforms in Pakistan?

A. June 24, 1959 B. Jan 24, 1956 C. Jan 30, 1959 D. Jan 24, 1959

Agro Museum is in___________?

A. Faisalabad B. Multan C. Hyderabad D. Peshawar

Who was the second Governor-General of Pakistan?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan B. Abdul Rab Nishter

C. Raja Ghazanfar D. Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din

The total Track’s length of Railways in Pakistan is:

A. 5740 kilometres (3566 mi) B. 12929 kilometres (8033 mi)

C. 7300 kilometres (4536 mi) D. 11,881 kilometres (7,383 mi)

Which of the following Sufi saints belong to “Chistia order”?

A. Baha-ud-Din Zakariya B. Shah Rukn-i-Alam

C. Farid-ud-Din Ganj Shakar D. Mansur al-Hallaj

What is Chandragup?

a. Famous Personality b. Food Item c. Tree d. Mud Volcano e. Star Name

The extinct Volcanic Peak of Koh-i-Sultan is in _______?

A. Turkmanistan B. Turkey C. Iran D. Pakistan

What is the old name of Bin Qasim (Sea port)?

A. Neroon B. Pepri C. Debal D. Dahir Kot

The area of Islamabad before declaration as the capital of Pakistan was known by the name of____________?

A. Suri Nagar B. Raj Shahi C. Gandhara D. None of These

What is the old name of Gujranwala?

A. Shal Kot B. Khan Garh C. Gujjar Kot D. Khan Pur

“Siachen Glacier” is situated in_______?

A. Hindu Kush B. Sulaiman C. Pamir D. Karakorum

The most precious gemstone “Emerald” are found in______?

A. Gilgit B. Hunza C. Swat D. Dir

The archaeological site “Kot Diji” is located near the city of______________?

A. Larkana B. Thatta C. Khairpur D. Badin

The Soan and the Haro are the two rivers of _______________?

A. Baluchistan Plateau B. Azad Kashmir

C. Northern areas D. Potohar Plateau

“Khyber Pass” is located in______________?

A. Karakorum range B. Himalyas range

C. Hindukush range D. Sulaiman range

ARY News is a Pakistani news channel launched on__________?

A. 2002 B. 2004 C. 2007 D. 1999

Narendra Modi is the_________________ prime minister of India (excluding Acting PMs).

A. 13th B. 14th C. 15th D. 16th

Zakir Hussain was the______________ president of India.

A. 2nd B. Third C. fourth D. fifth

The foundation stone of the Sikhism’s holiest place “Golden Temple” at Amritsar was laid by_________?

A. Guru Nanak B. Bal dev Singh

C. Hari dev Singh D. Hazrat Mian Mir

The Quit India Movement was launched in in the month of___________?

A. March B. June C. August D. October

In violation of the Salt Laws, Gandhiji started a movement called______________?

A. Non-Cooperation movement B. Civil disobedience movement

C. Swadeshi Movement D. none of them

The Bhoodan Movement was launched by_______________?

A. Mahatma Gandhi B. Rammanohar Lohia

C. Vinoba Bhave D. Rammanohar Lohia

Who was the leader of the Young Bengal Movement?

A. Raja Ram Mohan Roy B. Henry Vivian Derozio

C. David Hare D. Debendranath Tagore

The Kuka movement started in mid-Nineteenth century in______________?

A. Maharashtra B. Western Punjab C. Madhya Bharat D. Bengal

Which one of the following observations is not true about the Quit India Movement of 1942 ?

A. It was led by Mahatma Gandhi B. It was a non-violent movement

C. It was a spontaneous movement D. It did not attract the labour class in general

At which place in Bengal was the East India Company given permission to trade and build a factory by the Mughals in 1651______?

A. Qasim Bazar B. Calcutta C. Burdwan D. Singur

The first Indian Hindi Scholar of the Mughal period was______________?

A. Chand Bardai B. Malik Muhammed Jayasi

C. Abdur Rahim D. Mulla Wajhi

Which among the following ports was called Babul Makka (Gate of Makkah) during the Mughal Period ______?

A. Surat B. Calicut C. Cambay D. Broach

Mughal painting reached its zenith under__________________?

A. Jahangir B. Shahjahan C. Humayun D. Akbar

When Pakistan introduced National Identity cards (NIC)____________?

A. 1948 B. 1957 C. 1963 D.1974

The first battle of Tarain took place between __________?

A. Alauddin khilji and Prithviraj Chauhan

B. Mohammad Shah and Prithviraj Chauhan

C. Mahmud Ghazni and Prithviraj Chauhan

D. Mohammad Ghori and Prithviraj Chauhan

Which battle did open the Delhi area to Muhammad Ghori ____________?

A. Second Battle of Tarain B. First Battle of Panipat

C. Battle of Khanwa D. First Battle of Tarain

In which of the following years, the Battle of Buxar was fought ____________?

A. 1757 B. 1767 C. 1764 D. 1762

The battle of Dharmat was fought between___________________?

A. Babur and Afghans B. Muhammad Ghori and Jai Chand

C. Ahmad Shah Durrani and the Marathas D. Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh

Which one of the following was the first fort constructed by the British in India _____?

A. Fort St. David B. Fort William C. Fort St.Angelo D. Fort St.George

The ruler of which one of the following States was removed from power by the British on the pretext of misgovernance?

A. Jhansi B. Awadh C. Satara D. Nagpur

The last major extension of British Indian territory took place during the time of ___?

A. Dalhousie B. Lytton C. Dufferin D. Curzon

The Punjab Government directed adminsitraion to remove plaques bearing names of Ministers, MNA’s, MPA’s and local leaders on development schemes installed since _________?

A. 01 Jan 2018 B. 28 Feb 2018 C. 01 March 2018 D. 01 March 2017

Pakistan People Party was launched on November 30, 1967 in__________________.

A. Lahore B. Karachi C. Hyderabad C. Rawalpindi

Which one is the country to use China based system made by BeiDou, GPS can help with urban planning, surveying and mapping environmental supervision, disaster relief efforts, traffic monitoring and other fields?

A. Uruguay B. Italy C. Brazil D. Pakistan

Who is “Nijat-e-Dahenida?

A. Quaid-e-Azam B. Illama-Iqbal C. Sir Syed Ahmed khan D. none

Boundary commission was headed by__________?

A. Adorn Radcliffe B. Cecil Radcliffe

C. Cyril Radcliffe D. Thomas Radcliffe

Who was the governor of Sindh after Muhammad Bin Qasim___________?

A. Zaid Bin Marwan B. Yazid Bin Muhallab

C. Yazid bin Muhallab D. Habib bin Muhallab

When the MAO College at Aligarh was started____________?

A. 1875 B. 1876 C. 1877 D. 1878

Ahmad Shah Abdali launched his early invasions against_________?

A. Mughals B. Sikhs C. Marhattas D. British

The first session of Mohammadan Educational Conference was held in Bengal_______?

A. 1886 B. 1887 C. 1889 D. None of them

The London branch of Muslim League was started by__________?

A. Syed Amir Ali B. Sir Wazir Hassan

C. Hasan Bilgrami D. Moulana Shaukat Ali

Majlis-i-Ahrar was formed in_____________?

A. 1929 B. 1931 C. 1933 D. 1935

First census in India was made in the period of___________?

A. Lord Curzon B. Lord Canning C. Lord Mayo D. None

The politician who served as both Governor General and Prime Minister of Pakistan was________?

A. Khawja Nazimuddin B. Gulam Mohammad

C. Iskandar Mirza D. None

The British Parliament announced the Independence Act on___________?

A. 14 July 1947 B. 16 July 1947 C. 18 July 1947 D. 19 July 1947

Kashmir sold to Gulab Singh in_____________?

A. 1842 B. 1844 C. 1846 D. 1848

Number of Prime Ministers till 1958______________?

A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan retired as a Judge in_______________?

A. 1874 B. 1875 C. 1876 D. 1877

When Shah Wali Ullah died_____________?

A. 1761 B. 1762 C. 1763 D. 1764

Who was appointed the first principal of Darul ulum Deoband_______?

A. Maulana Mamluk Ali B. Haji Muhammad Abid

C. Maulana Muhammad Qasim D. None

Who floated the idea of establishment of Anjuman-e-Hamiat-e-Islam___________?

A. Maulana Shibli B. Kh. Hamid ud din

C. Munshi Charag ud Din D. None of these

When Sir Stafford Cripps announced his formula to seek the co-operation between the National Congress and Muslim League_________?

A. March 30,1940 B. March 30,1942

C. March 30,1944 D. None of these

When the Simla conference under the presidentship of Lord Wavell was ended_______?

A. June 14, 1945 B. July 14, 1945 C. August 14, 1945 D. None of these

Faraizi Movemnents was primarily a religious movement. Dudhu Mian transferred it to_________Movement?

A. Political B. Educational C. Guerrilla D. Cultural

By how many member(s) the Executive Council of the Governor General was enlarged under the Indian Council Act of 1861 ________?

A. Three B. Four C. Five D. six

Where, during the War of Independence, was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan working/ posted__________?

A. Delhi B. Bijnaur C. Aligarh D. None of these

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan established a Translation Society (later, renamed as ‘Scientific society’) in 1864. In which town was it founded__________?

A. Bijnaur B. Aligarh C. Ghazipur D. None of these

In 1867, some prominent Hindus of Banares Launched a movement for the replacement of Urdu written in Nasta’leeq by Hindi written in Deva Nagiri script as the Court language. In which province(s) was this movement started________?

A. Bengal Province B. Central Provinces

C. North-western Provinces D. None of these

Which organization is considered the first Muslim political body continued to represent the Muslims of the subcontinent as a whole_______?

A. Anjuman-e-Mussalmanan-e-Hind

B. Central National Mohammadan Association

C. Urdu Defence Association D. None of these

Which Muslim leader left the politics after the cancellation of the partition of Bengal______?

A. Nawab Salimullah Khan B. Nawab Waqar-ul-Mulk

C. Nawab Hamidullah Khan D. None of these

The All-Indian Muslim League observed ‘Day of Deliverance’ after the resignation of the All-India Congress Minsters. On what date was it observed__________?

A. 22 October 1938 B. 22 December 1938

C. 22 October 1939 D. 22 December 1939

Who was the first leader of opposition in the first National Assembly constituted under the 1962 constitution of Pakistan____________?

A. Sardar Bahadur Khan B. Khan. A sabur C. Mumtaz Daultana D. None of these

In 1928 Agha Khan III advocated independence of each province at the meeting of All parties convention in__________?

A. Delhi B. Hyderabad C. Calcutta D. None of these

Who was first appointed Nazim of Nadva-ul-ulema in 1883_____________?

A. Maulana Shibli B. Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor

C. Maulana Syed Muhammad Ali D. None of these

Clive in one of his Gazettes made it mandatory that no Muslim shall be given an employment higher than that of chaprasy or a junior clerk has recorded by______________?

A. Majumdar B. Hasan Isphani

C. Karamat Ali D. None of these

The first issue of Maualana Abul Kalam Azads ‘Al Hilal’ came out on 13 July_________?

A. 1912 B. 1913 C. 1914 D. None of these

At the annual session of Anjuman Hamayat Islam in 1911 Iqbal’s poem was recited, poetically called_________?

A. Sham-o-Shahr B. Shikwa C. Jawab-i-Shikwa D. None of these

Quaid-i-Azam said in an interview on any hope of India and Pakistan coming to a peaceful settlement ‘provided the Indian government shed the superiority complex and deal with Pakistan on an equal footing given to special correspondent from_______?

A. Germany B. France C. Switzerland D. None of these

Which are the aligned years in Pakistan’s foreign policy______________?

A. 1963-1972 B. 1954-1962 C. 1947-53 D. Non of these

The Hasni tribe is settled in__________?

A. Southern Punjab B. Western Baluchistan

C. Central Sindh D. None of these

Kalabagh iron deposits are largest in Pakistan with an estimated reserve of__________?

A. 309 m tons B. 509 m tons C. 709 m tons D. None of these

“The Millat and Menace of Indianism” is written by_______________?

A. Muhammad Ali B. Ch. Rehmat Ali C. Shaukat Ali D. None of these

In 1917 Kheiri Brothers suggested a plan of partition of India in conference of the Socialist International held in__________?

A. Sweden B. Netherlands C. England D. None

Founder of Pakistan M.A. Jinnah declared unequivocally that “it is impossible to work a democratic parliamentary government in India” in press interview given to_______________?

A. The Hindustan Times B. Manchester Guardian

C. The Financial Times D. None of these

Tethys’s deposits finally turned to be___________?

A. Western Ghats B. Himalayas C. Karakoram D. None of these

The Pakistan Forest Institute, a national organization was established in__________?

A. 1953 B. 1947 C. 1957 D. None of these

Relics of stone tools found in caves and terraces that date back to Pleistocene period have been discovered in_____________?

A. Sindh B. Punjab• C. Balochistan D. None of these

Recent earthquake of October, 2005 was result of_____________?

A. Volcanic activity B. Tectonic dislocation

C. Severe flooding D. None of these

Ch. Rahmat Ali, the architect of the name of Pakistan, died on_______________?

A. 1950 B. 1951 C. 1953 D. 1954

The Legal Frame Work Order, which amended a constitution of Pakistan unilaterally was issued by_______________?

A. Yahya Khan B. Ayub Khan C. Zia-ul-Haq” D. None of these

Anjuman-e-Islamia Punjab was founded for the renaissance of Islam in the year______?

A. 1849 B. 1859 C. 1869 D. None of these

The Simon Commission arrived in India on______________?

A. 3rd February, 1927 B. 3rd February, 1928

C. 3rd February, 1929 D. None of these

The British Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald announced the Communal Award in 1932 at the end of___________?

A. First Round Table Conference B. Second Round Table Conference

C. Third Round Table Conference D. None of these

All India Muslim League observed the “Direct Action Day” on__________?

A. August 6, 1944 B. August 6, 1945 C. August 6, 1946 D. August 16, 1946

With regard the division of power between Federation and Provinces the Constitution of Pakistan (1962) was provided with_________________?

A. Single list of subjects B. Two lists of subjects C. Three lists of subjects D. None of these

The Government of Pakistan established the Indus River System Authority in the year_____________?

A. 1960 B. 1972 C. 1983 D. 1992

Under the Indus Water Treaty of 1960 Pakistan has the right to use exclusively the water of_____________?

A. Ravi, Sutleg and Chenab B. Sutleg, Chenab and Jhelum

C. Chenab, Jhelum and Indus D. None of these

At present Pakistan has vast natural resources and items of mineral as many as________________?

A. 34 B. 46 C. 52 D. 64

Who rejected the verdicts of jurists that idol worshippers are liable to be murdered____________?

A. Mahmood Ghaznawi B. Shamd-ud-Din Iltumish

C. Jalal-ud-Din Deroz D. None of these

Who constructed five canals to remove scarcity of water___________?

A. Alauddin Khaliji B. Ghyas-ud-Din Tughlaq

C. Feroz Shah Tughlaq D. Akbar

Who is the author of “Hunter par Hunter”_______________?

A. Depuy Nazir Ahmed B. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

C. Maulana Zafar Ali khan D. None of these

Who drafted “Wardha Scheme” under the guidance of Ghandi_____________?

A. Abul Kalam Azad B. Nahru C. Dr. Zakir hussain D. None of these

How many Muslim seats were secured by All India Moslim League in 1945-46 Election of Provincial assemblies__________?

A. 396 B. 425 C. 441 D. None of these

Which provincial Chief Minister was dismissed on the issue of One Unit__________?

A. Chief Minister NWFP B. Chief Minister Sindh

C. Chief Minister Punjab D. Chief Minister Baluchistan

Which Radio Station already existed at the time of creation of Pakistan________?

A. Peshawar B. Karachi C. Quetta D. None of these

What percentage of total polled votes in East Pakistan was secured by Awami League in 1970 elections_____?

A. 70 B. 75 C. 80 D. 82

When was the state of Swat included in Pakistan_________________?

A. 4th April 1969 B. 28th July 1969 C. 29th June 1970 D. None of these

Who called the”spiritual guide”as shopkeepers____________?

A. Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi B. Shah Waliullah

C. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan D. None of these

Who initiated the cult of Shivaji against the Muslims of India________?

A. Bal Ganga dher tilak B. Bennerji

C. Pandit madan mohan D. None of these

Who negotiated with cabinet mission (1946) on behalf of All India National Congress________?

A. Ghandi B. Nehru C. A.K.Azad D. None of these

when Abu ala Maududi was awarded death punishment by military court on” Qadiani issue”_____?

A. March 1953 B. April 1953 C. May 1953 D. None of these

When was the 17th amendment bill ratified by the President, after getting passed by both houses of Majlis-e-Shura_____________?

A. Dec29,2003 B. Dec30,2003 C. Dec31,2003 D. None of these

When was the local government system under the devolution of power plan, 2001, inaugurated_________?

A. Aug 4, 2001 B. Aug 14, 2001 C. Aug 24, 2001 D. None of these

What is the meaning of Zarb-e-Azb?

A. Long Strike & Swift B. Swift & Sharp Strike

C. Fast Strike & Sharp D. Sharp & Cutting Strike

Which country became the first associate CERN member from Asia on 19th December 2014 _________?

A. Pakistan B. China C. Japan D. India

The name of the fourth Kalimah is____________?

A. Kalimah Shahadat B. Kalimah Istighfar

C. Kalimah Tauheed D. Kalimah Tayyabah

Karakoram highway is also called _______?

A. N-655 B. N-35 C. N-25 D. N-135

In ____________ A.D , Subuktigin , a Turkish slave became the master of Ghazni.

A. 965 B. 873 C. 977 D. 882

“The future form of Government would be federal to be joined by provinces and Indian states.” This principle was settled in__________?

A. Nehru Report B. 1st Round Table Conference

C. Simon Report D. Minto – Morley Reforms, 1909

The elections should be held on the basis of general adult franchise. This demand was made in____________?

A. Minto – Morley Reforms, 1909 B. Lucknow pact

C. Cripps Mission D. Gandhi – Irwin Pact

About the end of 2nd century B.C some unusual upheavals in the Central Asia let loose series of human floods that brought about after-wave of invasions into Indo-Pak Sub-continent, First invasion was made by_______?

A. The kushanas b. The Sakas c. The Bacirians D. The Parthians

Arya Samaj was founded in_______________?

A. 1875 B. 1877 C. 1878 D. 1879

Why Syed Amir Ali resigned from the Muslim league in 1913 __________?

A. The Muslim league did not do sufficient work for its members B. It criticized the Government C. It started supporting the Hindu cause D. The party had no clear cut policy

PRODA (Public Representative Office Disqualification Act) was passed in ________?

A. January 1949 B. January 1959 C. January 1950 D. January 1960

Article_______________ of 1973 Constitution was amended through “The 24th Constitutional Amendment”.

A. 50 B. 51 C. 52 D. 53

Tomb of Babur is in which city?

A. Delhi B. Kabul C. Lahore D. Baku

What is the name of solar power park set up in Bahawalpur at the cost of Rs. 15 billion with Chinese assistance, the solar park is built upon 500 acre land is aimed to raise the national grid capacity by 1,000MW ________?

A. Roshni Solar Power Park B. Pak-China Solar Power Park

C. Bhutto Solar Power Park D. Quaid-i-Azam Solar Power Park

How many medals were won by Pakistan in the Islamic Solidarity Games 2017 held in Lahore?

A. 10 B. 8 C. 9 D. 12

What was the real name Shah Wali Ullah________________?

A. Qutubddin Ahmed Faruqi B. Qutubddin Ahmed Siddiqui

C. Qutubddin Ahmed D. None of these

“Few individuals significantly alter the source of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be created with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three”. Who made these remarks about Quaid-e-Azam______?

A. Stanley Wolpert B. Ian Stephens C. Lawrence Ziring D. None of these

The Lahore Resolution was amended and Pakistan was made an integral part of League’s objective. The amendment was made in the Annual session (1941) of All India Muslim League, which was held at__________?

A. Karachi B. Lahore C. Madras D. None of these

Which is the most widely used irrigation method in Pakistan______?

A. Tube wells B. Perennial Canals C. Karez D. Dams

Quaid-e-Azam sent 600 hundred soldiers to a Muslim country to fight for her freedom. Many of those Soldiers laid thier lives while fighting. That country preserved the tales of the bravery of those soldiers in a book titled “The Six Hundred Brave Pakistani Soldiers”. They fought for__________?

A. Palestine B. Indonesia C. Egypt D. Morocco

The institution of Mohtasib was established by_____________?

A. Constitution of 1973 B. Presidential Order 1983

C. Article 276 of the !962 Constitution D. All of the above

At the NAM Summit in Durban (1998), which issue was discussed concerning Pakistan ________?

A. Palestine problem B. Environment Pollution

C. Kashmir Problem D. Repayment of Loans

The interim Government was formed in 1946. Who was the Prime Minister__________?

A. Pandit Nehru B. F.M. Lord Wavel

C. Liaquat Ali Khan D. None of the above

“Qissa Sohni Mahinwal” was written by____________?

A. Hafiz Barkhurdar B. Hashim Shah C. Fazal Shah D. Waris Shah

An agreement for cooperation was sighned during Turkish President Kennan Everno`s visit to Pakistan in Feb 1980 in the field of______?

A. Defence production B. Tourism

C. Research and Development D. Shipping

The concept of acting in aid of civil power by the armed forces has been laid down in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 __________?

A. Article 245 B. Article 270 C. Article 243 D. Article 200

India recognized the provisional Government of Bangladesh on__________?

A. 16 Dec 1971 B. 17 Dec 1971 C. 18 Dec 1971 D. 19 Dec 1971

Who had the shortest tenure as Governor – General of Pakistan __________?

A. Iskendar Mirza B. Ghulam Muhammad

C. Muhammad Ali Jinnah d. Kh. Nazimmuddin

What was the main difficulty which delayed the constitution making in Pakistan _________?

A. Exact nature of the State

B. Lack of intererst among members of the Constituent Assembly

C. The distribution of powers between Federal and Provincial Governments

D. Corrupt administration

Under which Article of Contitution of 1973 is Governor Rule imposed in case of failure of constitutional machinery in the province ________?

A. 234 B. 236 C. 238 D. 240

” If there were one hundred Ghandhis and two hundred Abdul Kalam Azads with the Muslim League but only one Muhammad Ali Jinnah with the Congress so that India would have never been divided” Who said this _____?

A. Bolitho B. Sirojni Nido C. Lakhshmee Pandit D. Hudson

The first railway line in Pakistan was laid between _________________?

A. Multan-Lahore B. Karachi-Kotri C. Sibi-Quetta D. Rawalpindi-Peshawar

The federal government established Thar coal authority in which year_________?

A. 2005 B. 2007 C. 2008 D. 2009

The book “Indian Musalmans” published in 1871 was written by _____________?

A. Joseph Rudyard Kipling B. Syed Ameer Ali

C. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan D. William Wilson Hunter

Swadeshi movement was launched to reverse the _____________?

A. Partition of India B. Partition of Bengal

C. Separation of Sindh from Bombay D. Annexation of Kashmir

First paper to use the title “Quaid-e-Azam” was ______________?

A. Dawn weekly B. Pioneer C. Al Aman D. Comrade E. Dawn daily

The Nimoo Bazgo Power Project is a run-of-the-river power project on the _______________River situated at Alchi village, 75 kilometres (47 mi) from Leh in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

A. Neelum B. Jhelum C. Chenab D. Indus

Which Person remained Chairman Wapda, chairman Sindh, Governor, SBP, and President of Pakistan?

A. Waseem Sajjad B. Ghulam Ishaq Khan

C. Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry D. Rafiq Tarar

Which Chief Justice of Pakistan died in office, 9 days after taking oath?

A. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry B. Sir Abdul Rashid

C. Muhammad Shahabuddin D. Mohammad Haleem

_______ was the first wife of Quaid-e-Azam?

A. Sakshi bai B. Ratan bai C. Emibai D. None

Quaid-e-Azam first wife died in ________?

A. 1893 B. 1894 C. 1895 D. 1896

Mother tongue of Quaid-e-Azam was ____________?

A. Sindhi B. Baluchi C. Punjabi D. Gujrati E. Urdu

When Baluchistan state became a part of the West Pakistan?

A. 14 Oct 1955 B. 14 Nov 1955 C. 14 Dec 1956 D. 14 jan 1957

Mother of Dina Wadia was _________?

A. Emibai B. Ratan bai C. Sakshi bai D. None

Swat Valley is situated in the mountain range of___________?

A. Hindukush B. Karakorum C. Himalayas D. None of the above

Who supported Pan-islamism is the sub continent?

A. Syed Ameer Ali B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

C. Liaqat Ali Khan D. None of them

According to the latest WHO 2015 Report, What is the average age of Pakistan?

A. 45.2 B. 50.4 C. 55.3 D. 66.4

Who was the CM of Balochistan having shortest time in Office?

A. Sardar Attaullah Mengal. B. Aslam Raisani

C. Abdul Qadoos Bazenjo D. Zulfiqar Magsi

Name the Powerful Country which offered help to the Pakistan Army before surrendering in Dhaka during 1971 war?

A. United kingdom B. United States C. France D. Russia

the faiz mehal is located in__________?

A. sahiwal B. Multan C. khairpur D. sukker

The Sindh assembly was the first British Indian legislature to pass the resolution in favour of Pakistan , who moved the resolution

A. G.M Syed B. Ubaid-Ullah sindhi

C. Ghulam Hussain Hadyatullah D. Quaid e Azam Himself

The Sindh Hari Committee was Founded in 1930 by__________?

A. Hyder Bux jatoi B. G.M Syed

C. Allama iqbal during Allahbad D. Comrade Nazeer Abbasi

The Noor Mahal is located in___________?

A. Bahawalpur B. Multan C. Khairpur D. Sukker

which of following places is the rainiest of Pakistan?

A. Murree B. Quetta C. karachi D. zairat

Sindhu Muhinje Saah Mein” Famous book of Sindhi literature , written by__________?

A. G.M Syed B. Amar Jaleel C. Sheikh Ayaz D. Ustaad Bukhari

Sindhi Ciction Writer and a Columnist Qazi Abdul Jaleel , Popularly known as Amar Jaleel was born in ?

A. Rohri Sindh B. Dadu Sindh

C. Sheikharpur Sindh D. he Came from Rajistan India

Sindh was conquered by Mohd bin Qasim during the _____ period

A. Umayyads B. Abbasids C. Tulun D. Idrisids

Urdu translation of Shah latif Jo Risalo , was made by?

A. Shaikh ayaz B. Makhdoom Bilal

C. DR Nabi Bux Baloch D. No one did in Urdu .

Dr. Ruth Pfau, also known as the mother Teresa of Pakistan died on___________?

A. 8 August, 2017 B. 9 August, 2017 C. 10 August, 2017 D. 11 August, 2017

Ayub land reforms how many acre of irrigated land can have?

A. 300 acre B. 500 acre C. 700 acre D. 1000 acre

Setting a new precedent, Pakistan for the first time in its 70 years history appointed a female diplomat in ______?

A. Iran B. India C. China D. Saudi Arabia

Setting a new precedent, Pakistan for the first time in its 70 years history appointed a female diplomat Named______?

A. Razia sultan B. Mahira razzaq C. Sherry rehman D. Fozia Fayyaz Ahmed

The highest civil award is__________?

A. Nishan-e-Imtiaz B. Nishan-e-Sadarat

C. Nishan-e-Hyder. D. Nishan-e-Pakistan

What is the full form of NADRA ?

A. National Digital and Registration Authority

B. National Database and Registration Authority

C. National Dues and Regulation Authority D. None of the above

What is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and second-longest in the world’s non-polar areas?

A. Hispar Glacier B. Siachen Glacier C. Passu Glacier D. Sokha Glacier

When Humayun came to Sindh in 1541-42, Sindh was under the regime of_________?

A. Mirza Shah Baig – Arghun Ruler B. Mirza Shah Hassan – Arghun Ruler

C. Mirza Nadir Shah – Arghun Ruler D. Mirza Nizam Shah – Arghun Ruler

Ibn-Batuta visited Sindh in ________?

A. 1434 B. 1435 C. 1430 D. 1433

For how many years SOOMRO dynasty ruled in Sindh ?

A. 402 years (1035 A.D – 1439 A.D) B. 393 years (1039 A.D – 1432 A.D)

C. 386 years (1049 A.D – 1435 A.D) D. 410 years (1035 A.D – 1445 A.D)

When did British conquered Sindh?

A. 1830 B. 1843 C. 1835 D. 1836

________led the military conquest of Sindh and conquered whole Sindh in 1843?

A. Sir Richard Keith Pringle B. Sir Henry Hardinge

C. Sir Charles James Napier D. None of these

Which is second most beautiful Capital in the World?

A. Paris B. London C. Bankok D. Islamabad

Which province of Pakistan has no Desert?

A. Sindh B. Punjab C. Balochistan D. KPK

Where the Cunningham clocktower is situated?

A. Kohistan B. Peshawar C. Hangu D. Mansehra

Ahmadis declared non-Muslims in__________?

A. 1974 B. 1975 C. 1977 D. 1987

Ibrahim lodi was defeated by ________in the First Battle of Panipat in 1526?

A. Akbar B. Babar C. Jhangir D. Iltumish

“APP” news agency belongs to:_________?

A. India B. Pakistan C. France D. China

when did first census held in the Subcontinent?

A. 1881 B. 1884 C. 1888 D. 1890

Which one is the Largest Canal in Pakistan?

A. Rohri Canal B. Nara Canal C. Kirthar Canal D. Dadu Canal

The range of enhanced version of Babur cruise missile is__________?

A. 800 B. 450 C. 1500 D. 700

Who build “Char Minar” ?

A. Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutab Shah B. Sultan Muhammad Ibraham Qutb Shah

C. Sultan Muhammad Ali Adil Shah D. None of these

Who was the first viceroy of India?

A. Lord ripon B. Lord canning C. Lord curzon D. Lord mayo

Who was the first PM of Pakistan hanged to death?

A. Liaquat Ali Khan B. Choudary Muhammad Ali

C. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto D. None of these

Working boundary is the border between Pakistan and____________?

A. India B. Afghanistan C. Iran

D. Indian-occupied Kashmir

Which City is called “Valley of flowers”?

A. Peshawar B. Quetta C. Lahore D. Karachi

Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan?

A. FM Khan B. Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan

C. Sharif Ullah D. Pir Maqbool Ahmad

Salwan kot is the old name of__________?

A. Quetta B. Multan C. Lahore D. Sialkot

Dr. Begum Ashraf Abbasi, 1st Lady Deputy Speaker of Pakistan belongs to?

A. Hyderabad B. Islamabad C. Larkana D. Karachi

The longest-serving chairman of the Senate of Pakistan, to date, is______________?

A. Wasim Sajjad B. Farooq Naek

C. Habibullah Khan D. Ghulam Ishaq Khan

National fruit of Pakistan in summer is __________.

A. Mango B. Banana C. Cherry D. Apple

National fruit of Pakistan in winter is ___________.

A. Orange B. Banana C. Guava D. Strawberry

Al-Hilal weekly was started by____________?

A. Abul Kalam Azad B. Jawaharlal Nehru

C. M.K Gandhi D. Iqbal

National Flag of Pakistan was designed by______.

A. Amir udin Kidwai B. Hafeez Jalandhri

C. Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chaghla D. None of the Above

The Dark green field in the flag of Pakistan represents ______________.

A. Minority B. Muslim Majority

C. Both Muslims and Minorities D. None of the Above

The white strip in the flag of Pakistan represents ______________.

A. Minorities B. Muslim Majority C. Both A&B D. None of the Above

The crescent in the Pakistani Flag represents ___________.

A. happiness B. development C. progress D. None of the above

The star in the Pakistani flag represents ____________.

A. promoting education B. light and knowledge

C. Both A&B D. None of the above

National Anthem of Pakistan was officially adopted in ______.

A. 1947 B. 1948 C. 1954 D. None of the Above

M.A.O college was to provide education to ______?

A. Muslims B. Non-Muslims

C. Muslims & Non-Muslims D. Christians

“Congress is mainly a hindu body which can never be sincere to the Muslims”. Who said these lines?

A. Muhammad Ali Jinnah B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

C. Fatima Jinnah D. Rahmat Ali

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan set himself to the task of protecting which language?

A. Arabic B. Urdu C. Farsi D. Hindi

Who introduced “Two nations theory” in the subcontinent?

A. Muhammad Ali Jinnah B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

C. Allama Muhammad Iqbal D. Zafar Ali khan

Who was appointed first secretary of the Board of Trustees of Aligarh College?

A. Syed Muhammad B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

C. Hakeem Ajmal khan D. Nawab Viqar-ul-malik

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan received his early education from his _________?

A. Father B. Maternal Grand Father

C. Mother D. Maternal Grand Mother

Which Muslim leader received the title of “Knighthood” in 1888?

A. Rahmat Ali B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

C. Maulana M.Ali Jauhar D. Maulana Shaukat Ali

Who wrote “The Loyal Muhammadans of India”?

A. Sir M.Zafarullah khan B. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

C. Fazlul-Haq D. Rahmat Ali

In which year Sir Syed Ahmad Khan set up a school at Muradabad?

A. 1829 B. 1839 C. 1859 D. 1849

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan set up a scientific society, which translated the modern work from English to which language?

A. Arabic B. Urdu C. Farsi D. Bengali

Which is the hottest place in Pakistan with highest record temperature 126 F ?

A. Chaghi B. Jacobabad C. Rohri D. Sibbi

Who was the author of the book “Jinnah; India Partition ” ?

A. Imtiaz Gul B. Jaswant Singh C. Tariq Ali D. G.W Chaudhry

__________ was the first ruler of soomra dynasty (1011-1026)?

A- Hameer B- Dodo C- Chanesar D- Al-khafif

At the time of independence, there were 9 railway systems operating in India. How many were in Pakistan out of 9?

A. 5 B. 4 C. 2 D. 3

Which of the following air company was the first to operate in Pakistan?

A. Pakistan airways B. Orient airways

C. Crescent airways D. PIA

Which of the following airline’s license was canceled due to an air crash in 1949?

A. Orient airways B. Pakistan airway

C. Crescent airways D. Star Air aviation

In which year PIA was established?

A. 1957 B. 1956 C. 1955 D. 1964

When Pakistan issued it’s first postal stamp?

A. 5th July 1948 B. 6th July 1948

C. 7th July 1948 D. 9th July 1948

From 1947-1974, Pakistan railway was known as _______?

A. Pakistan eastern Railways B. Pakistan western Railways

C. Pakistan northern Railways D. Pakistan southern Railways

Who was the Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018?

A. Justice (retd) Nasirul Mulk B. Maleeha lodhi

C. former chief justice Tassaduq Hussain Jilani D. None of them

Who was the 1st Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. Balakh Sher Mazari B. Moeenuddin Ahmad Qureshi

C. Mir Hazar Khan Khoso D. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi

Pakistan Celebrates Youm-e-Takbeer on____________?

A. May 15 B. May 24 C. May 28 D. June 01

National Reptile of Pakistan is_________?

A. Rho fish B. Indus dolphin C. Mugger Crocodile D. All of these

National Vegetable of Pakistan is_________?

A. Carrot B. Tomato C. Lady Finger D. All of these

National Predator of Pakistan is__________?

A. Lion B. Snow bear C. Snow Leopard D. All of these

National monument of Pakistan is located in ___________?

A. Rawalpindi B. Faisalabad C. Islamabad D. Lahore

National insignia of Pakistan is__________?

A. Deodar B. Indus dolphin

C. Crescent and star D. None of above

State Bird of Pakistan is_________?

A. Pregarine falcon/shaheen B. Markhor C. Chakor D. None of above

Liaqat Ali Khan Joined Muslim League in which year?

A. 1913 B. 1916 C. 1920 D. 1924

National Dress of Pakistan is?

A. Nicker Shirt B. Pent Shirt

C. Shalwar kameez D. Dhoti Kurta

The Nation’s Motto of Pakistan is?

A. Faith, Struggle, Unity B. Unity, Power, Discipline

C. Unity, Discipline, Sacrifice D. Faith, Unity, Discipline

National mosque of Pakistan is _______?

A. Shah Jahan Mosque B. Badshahi Mosque C. Faisal Mosque D. Mosque Tooba

Pakistan came into being 27 Ramadan_________A.H?

A. 1361 A.H B. 1362 A.H C. 1365 A.H D. 1366 A.H

What is the length of Ranikot fort?

A. 32 kilometer,20 (mi) B. 33 kilometer,21 (mi)

C. 31 kilometer,19 (mi) D. 30 kilometer,18 (mi)

Basic Democracy system came in___________?

A. April 1956 B. May 1959 C. Jan 1958 D. July 1960

In March 1942, Who came to sub-continent with some proposals to solve constitutional problems?

A. Lord Ripon B. Lord Minto C. Stafford Crips D. Linlithgow

Who Presented Lahore Resolution (Pakistan Resolution) on 23rd March,1940?

A. Allama Iqbal B. Liaquat Ali Khan

C. Quaid e Azam Muhammad ALi Jinnah D. A.K Fazlul-Haq

National animal of Pakistan is __________?

A. Goat B. Markhor C. Cow D. Buffalo

Rann of Kutch boundary line is known as__________?

A. 24th parallel line B. 19th parallel line

C. 17th parallel line D. 39th parallel line

The Punjab Tianjin University of Technical Education is in__________?

A. Rawalpindi B. Faisalabad C. Lahore D. Multan

NA stands for ________?

A. National Army B. National Academy

C. National Assembly D. National Assets

Member of National Assembly is called ________?


MNA stands for ________?

A. Medical Nurse Association B. Multi-National Architecture

C. Media Networking Area D. Member of National Assembly

Member of Provincial assembly is called________?


MPA stands for _________?

A. Member of Provincial Assembly B. Motion Picture Artist

C. Member of Pakistan Assembly D. Master in Public Accounts

The constituency of Punjab Assembly is called ________?


PP stands for _______?

A. Pakistans Party B. Pay policy

C. Primary Position D. Province of Punjab

The constituency of Sindh Assembly is called ________?


PS stands for _______?

A. Pastel Support B. Pay Service

C. Province of Sindh D. Parliament Staff

The constituency of Balochistan Assembly is called ________?


PB stands for _______?

A. Province of Balochistan B. Public Bank

C. Bank of Pakistan D. Posting Box

The constituency of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly is called ________?


PK stands for _______?

A. Pakistan knowledge B. Park for kids

C. Personal knowledge D. Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Member of Azad Kashmir Assembly is called ________?

A. MNA B. MPA C. LA D. MLA E. None

MLA stands for _______?

A. Member of Law Advisory B. Main Legislative Advisory

C. Member of Legislative Assembly D. Member of Law Association

The constituency of Azad Kashmir Assembly is called ________?


LA stands for _______?

A. Law Advisory B. Legislative Assistant

C. Legislative Assembly D. Law Association

The constituency of Gilgit Baltistan Assembly is called ________?


Member of Gilgit Baltistan Assembly is called________?

A. LA B. MPA C. MLA D. Both A & B E. Both B & C

How many prime ministers of Pakistan have completed a full five-year tenure after winning the general elections?

A. One B. Two C. Three D. None

Which party got majority of votes in the 2013 general elections?


The second party which got majority of votes in the 2013 general elections was ?


When did the first general elections in pakistan take place?

A. 1967 B. 1968 C. 1969 D. 1970

Which general elections saw the lowest voter turnout in Pakistan’s history?

A. 1997 B. 2008 C. 2013 D. 1993

The voter turnout was _______ percent in the 1997 general elections?

A. 30 B. 35 C. 40 D. 45 E. 50

The first general elections in Pakistan were held on ______________?

A. Dec 5, 1970 B. Dec 6, 1970 C. Dec 7, 1970 D. Dec 8, 1970

The 2008 elections were boycotted by ________?


Benazir Bhutto was born on _________?

A. June 21, 1953 B. June 22, 1953 C. June 23, 1953 D. June 24, 1953

Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on __________?

A. December 26, 2007 B. December 27, 2007 C. December 28, 2007 D. December 29, 2007

Benazir Bhutto became the first female prime minister of Pakistan in ________?

A. 1988 B. 1990 C. 1997 D. None of these

The voter turnout was _______ percent in the 2013 general elections?

A. 40 B. 45 C. 50 D. 55 E. 60

The first general elections in pakistan were held under President ___________?

A. Iskander Mirza B. Yahya Khan C. Ayub khan D. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

The voter turnout was _______ percent in the 1988 general elections?

A. 41 B. 42 C. 43 D. 44 E. 45

The voter turnout was _______ percent in the 1990 general elections?

A. 40 B. 45 C. 50 D. 55 E. 60

The voter turnout was _______ percent in the 1993 general elections?

A. 40 B. 45 C. 50 D. 55 E. 60

The voter turnout was _______ percent in the 2008 general elections?

A. 40 B. 42 C. 44 D. 46 E. 48

Over ______ million people exercised their right to vote in the 2013 general elections?

A. 45.2 B. 46.2 C. 47.2 D. 48.2 E. 49.2

The PML-N got _______ votes in the 2013 general elections?

A. 12.8 million B. 13.8 million C. 14.8 million D. 15.8 million E. 16.8 million

The PTI got _______ votes in the 2013 general elections?

A. 4.5 million B. 5.5million C. 6.5 million D. 7.5 million E. 8.5 million

The PPP got _______ votes in the 2013 general elections?

A. 5.8 million B. 6.8 million C. 7.8 million D. 8.8 million E. 9.8 million

Independent candidates got ________ votes in the 2013 general elections?

A. 4.8 million B. 5.8 million C. 6.8 million D. 7.8 million E. 8.8 million

Adiala jail is located in ___________?

A. Multan B. Rawalpindi C. Gujranawala D. Lahore

Where is Al-khair University?

A. Sindh B. AJK C. KPK D. Punjab

Which city of Pakistan is referred to as “Shaheeno ka city”?

A. Swat B. Sargodha C. Lahore D. Faisalabad

Former president Pervaiz Musharraf resigned in _______?

A. Aug 2007 B. Sep 2007 C. Sep 2008 D. Aug 2008

When petroleum exploration in Pakistan started?

A. 1908 B. 1948 C. 1996 D. 1866

Which is the smallest division of Pakistan?

A. Quetta B. Rawalpindi C. Karachi D. Larkana

Who led the funeral prayer of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah ?

A. Mufti Taqi Usmani B. Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani

C. Mufti Rafi Usmani D. None of these

Designation of Governor-General abolished and changed to President on___________?

A. 15 August 1947 B. 16 October 1951 C. 05 July 1955 D. 23rd March 1956

How many sources of rainfall are in Pakistan?

A. 1 B. 3 C. 2 D. 4

Pakistan receives monsoon rainfall in which months?

A. June to August B. July to September

C. June to September D. July to August

Pakistan receives “Western Depression” rainfall in which months?

A. September to March B. December to March

C. June to September D. July to August

Which city of Pakistan receives highest mean annual rainfall?

A. Rawalpindi B. Murree C. Sialkot D. Parachinar

Shandur Pass connects _______?

A. Upper swat with lower swat B. Chitral with Gilgit

C. Bannu with Afghanistan D. Gilgit with Kashgar

Shangla Pass connects _______?

A. Peshawar with chitral B. Upper swat with lower swat

C. Bannu with Afghanistan D. Gilgit with Kashgar

Muztagh pass connects ________?

A. Hunza with Gilgit B. Baltistan with Yarkand

C. Bannu with Afghanistan D. Gilgit with Kashgar

Malakand pass connects _______?

A. Dir with chitral B. Peshawar with chitral C. Bannu with Afghanistan

D. Gilgit with Kashgar

Lawari pass connects ________?

A. Hunza with Gilgit B. Dir with chitral

C. Qila Abdullah with chaman D. Chitral with Nooristan

Khyber pass connects ________?

A. Swat with kabul B. Peshawar with Kabul

C. Qila Abdullah with chaman D. Chitral with Nooristan

Khunjrab pass connects ________?

A. Pakistan with India B. Pakistan with China

C. Pakistan with Turkey D. Pakistan with Iran

Khojack pass connects ________?

A. Chitral with Wakhan B. Qila Abdullah with chaman

C. Chitral with Nooristan D. Mardan with Malakand

Karakoram pass is b/w _______?

A. Kashmir and India B. Kashmir and China

C. Qila Abdullah and chaman D. Chitral and Nooristan

Dargai pass connects _________?

A. Quetta with chaman B. Mardan with Malakand

C. Qila Abdullah with chaman D. Chitral with Nooristan

K2 is in which mountain range?

A. Himalayas B. Karakoram C. Hindukush D. Sulaiman

Nanga Parbat is in which mountain range?

A. Karakoram B. Himalayas C. Hindukush D. Koh-i-safad

Trich Mir mountain is in which mountain range?

A. Karakoram B. Hindukush C. Himalayas D. Sulaiman

Gorakh hill is in which range?

A. Karakoram B. Kirthar hills C. Sulaiman D. Himalayas

Sindh sagar Doab lies b/w which two rivers?

A. Chenab & Jehlum B. Sindh & Jehlum C. Sindh & Chenab D. Sindh & Ravi

Chaj Doab lies b/w which two rivers?

A. Bias & Ravi B. Chenab & Jehlum C. Sindh & Chenab D. Sindh & Ravi

Rechina Doab lies b/w which two rivers?

A. Chenab & Jehlum B. Ravi & Chenab C. Sindh & Chenab D. Sindh & Ravi

Bari Doab lies b/w which two rivers?

A. Ravi & Chenab B. Bias & Ravi C. Sindh & Chenab D. Sindh & Ravi

How many articles are there in 1973 constitution of Pakistan?

A. 290 B. 245 C. 280 D. 272

How many schedules are there in 1973 constitution of Pakistan?

A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

In 1966 Mujib-ur-Rehman(leader of Awami league) made public his controversial ______point formula?

A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7

President has all the executives, legislative, judicial and emergency powers in Pakistan.But he exercise them with the advice of _________?

A. PM B. Cabinet C. Speaker NA D. A & B

All bills passed by the parliament of Pakistan are not approved until signed by _________?

A. PM B. President C. CJP D. Chairman Senate

Who has the power to grant pardons or commute sentences passed by any court or Tribunal in Pakistan?

A. PM B. President C. CJP D. Chief of armed force

Who is responsible to appoint all the highest officials of the government, such as CJP and other judges, chief of armed forces, attorney General, members of various institutions.

A. PM B. President C. Cabinet D. All of the above

Who leads the sessions of national assembly of Pakistan under the president ship of the speaker?

A. President B. PM C. Opposition leader D. Deputy speaker

In what condition the opposition may declare a vote of no confidence against PM in national assembly of Pakistan?

A. If PM is Mentally sick B. If PM is physically unwell

C. If PM is violating the Constitution D. If PM conspires against country with another state

E. All of the above

Who works as acting president of Pakistan in abscense of president?

A. Speaker national assembly B. Senate chairman

C. CJP D. Deputy president

Who works as acting PM of Pakistan in the absence of PM?

A. Senate chairman B. Speaker national assembly

C. CJP D. President

If PM of Pakistan wants a bill to be passed.It is necessary to get bill approved from ______?

A. National Assembly of Pakistan B. Senate of Pakistan

C. President of Pakistan D. All of the above

Most spoken language of Pakistan is _________?

A. Sindhi B. Punjabi C. English D. Urdu

Almost how many languages are spoken in Pakistan?

A. 10 B. 20 C. 30 D. 50

How many percentage of Pakistani can speak or understand urdu?

A. More than 50% B. More than 70%

C. More than 95% D. More than 80%

First recorded poetry in urdu was by ________?

A. Amir-u-din kidwai B. Amir khusro

C. Sir Fazal-ur-Rehman D. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

The first published urdu book is _______?

A. Pir-e-Kamil B. Dan Majlis C. Aab-e-hayat D. None of these

Urdu is a _________ word?

A. Persian B. Turkish C. Arabic D. Hindi

Pushto letters of alphabet were prepared by _________?

A. Afzal Hussain B. Saifullah C. Ahmad shahzad D. Abdullah khan

The oldest language in Pakistan is _________?

A. Urdu B. Sindhi C. Pashto D. Balochi

Sindhi letters of alphabet were prepared by __________?

A. Muhammad Quli Qutab Shah B. Aben-al-Hassan

C. Abdullah Sultan D. Shahid Nazeer

The local ascents of Sindhi are ________?

A. Lari & Thari B. Kachi C. Waehali D. Kathiwari E. All

Badshahi mosque is in Lahore built by ________ in 1675

A. Akbar B. Aurangzeb C. Mahabat khan D. Shah Jehan

Which Turkish designer designed the biggest mosque of Pakistan?

A. Bora Aksu B. Vedat Dalokay C. Mustafa Aslanturk D. Ivana sert

Shah Jehan mosque was built by shah Jehan. It is in which district of sindh?

A. Badin B. Thatta C. Dadu D. Khairpur

Wazir khan mosque is in _________?

A. Abbotabad B. Lahore C. Rawalpindi D. Islamabad

Which of the following fort was built by Akbar?

A. Attock fort B. Lahore fort C. Kot Diji D. A & B E. All of the above

Darawar fort was built by Sadiq Muhammad khan. It is near _______?

A. Abbotabad B. Bahawalpur C. Thatta D. Lahore

Which of the following fort was formally known as Fort Ahmadabad?

A. Attock fort B. Kot Diji C. Lahore fort D. None of these

Kot Diji fort is in which district of sindh?

A. Thatta B. Khairpur C. Hyderabad D. Karachi

Taxila city is an important archaeological site. It is in which district of Punjab?

A. Lahore B. Rawalpindi C. Sheikhpura D. Multan

Banbhore or Bhambore, is an ancient city lies near _______?

A. Khairpur B. Karachi C. Larkana D. Nawabshah

Where is Chau Kundi graveyard?

A. Nawabshah B. Karachi C. Dadu D. Jamshoro

Kirthar national park is in which province of Pakistan?

A. KPK B. Sindh C. Punjab D. Balochistan

Wazir Mansion is the birth place of Quaid-e-azam.It is in which city?

A. Ziarat B. Karachi C. Lahore D. Peshawar

Ziarat is famous for ___________ residency?

A. Allama iqbal B. Quaid-e-azam C. Zia-ul-Haq D. Shah Jehan

Kan Mehtarzai is the highest railway station of Pakistan. It is near ________?

A. Turbat B. Zhob C. Chaman D. Sibi

Changa Manga is a man made forest of Pakistan. It is in which province of Pakistan?

A. KPK B. Punjab C. Sindh D. Balochistan

Bala hissar fort is in which city of KPK?

A. Swat B. Peshawar C. Abbotabad D. Mardan

Masjid Mahabat khan was built by Mahabat khan in 1643. It is in which district of KPK?

A. Swat B. Peshawar C. Abbotabad D. Mardan

Qissa khawani Bazar is in which district of Pakistan?

A. Lahore B. Peshawar C. Hyderabad D. Quetta

Takht Bhai is a famous archeological site in which province of Pakistan?

A. Sindh B. KPK C. Punjab D. Balochistan

Shakkarparian consists of a hill and a local park. It is in __________?

A. Lahore B. Islamabad C. Peshawar D. Abbotabad

What is meant by word Quetta?

A. Town B. Fort C. Hill D. Dead

The second name of Khojak Pass is _______ ?

A. Toba Chaman B. Toba Afghanistan C. Toba Kaker D. None of them

The Quaid-e-Azam stayed during his last illness in 1948 in ________ ?

A. Quetta B. Sibi C. Ziarat D. Makran

How Many Words in National Anthem of Pakistan?

A. 29 words B. 39 words C. 49 words D. 59 words

Asif Ali Zardari was the__________elected President of Pakistan to Complete his constitutional term?

A. First B. Second C. Third D. Fourth

How President of Pakistan is elected?

A. National Assembly B. Senate C. Provincial Assemblies

D. National Assembly, Senate and Provincial Assemblies

How many headsmen (Jalad) are in Pakistan’s jail?

A. 3 B. 5 C. 7 D. 9

The New Islamabad international airport’s ultimate capacity is about _________ passengers per annum.

A. 21 million B. 22 million C. 25 million D. 30 million

Who is known as Father of Pakistan Air Force?

A. Air Chief Marshal Mosa Khan B. Air Chief Marshal M. Asghar Khan

C. Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman D. None of these

When did Simla Conference held?

A.1944 B.1945 C.1956 D.1942

Sindh University Jamshoro was established in which year?

A. 1944 B. 1945 C. 1946 D. 1947

University of Karachi was established in which year?

A. 1948 B. 1951 C. 1954 D. 1957

Islamabad is located at foothill of?

A. Karakoram hills B. Pamir hills C. Marghala hills D. khirthar range

The real name of Ustad Bukhari (Sindhi-language poet)?

A. Syed Muhammad Shah B. Syed Hashim Shah

C. Syed Ahmed Shah D. Syed Tariq Shah

Which Province of Pakistan is called Bab-ul-Islam?

A. Sindh B. Punjab C. Balochistan D. K.P.K

The Script Of Indus Valley Civilization Was_________?

A. Persian B. Dravidian C. Sanskrit D. None of these

Name the First-ever eye bank of Pakistan?

A. Eye Bank Foundation B. Lions Eye Institute

C. Eye Bank Society Hospital D. Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital

Which of the following is Higher Rank in Pakistan Air Force?

A. Squadron Leader B. Air commodore C. Wing Commando D. Group Caption

In which city of Sindh the famous Hathi Dar is located?

A. Sukkur B. Shikarpur C. Kotdiji D. Sehwan

Quaid-e-Azam started practice in which city of subcontinent?

A. Delhi B. Calcutta C. Bombay D. Dhaka

Who is the Civilian Commander-In-Chief of Pakistan Armed forces?

A. Cheif Justice of Pakistan B. President of Pakistan

C. Prime Minister of Pakistan D. Speaker of National Asembly

Prime Minister of Pakistan is entitled to hold his/her office for a term of_______ Years?

A. Six Years B. Four Years C. Five Years D. Three Years

Who was the Prime Minister of the Britain during Indo-Pak Partition?

A. Clement Attlee B. Lord Mount Batten

C. Winston Churchill D. Chamberlain

Shahi Qila located in which city of Pakistan?

A. Lahore B. Sukkur C. Quetta D. Peshawar

Who was First President of Pakistan Muslim League in 1949?

A. Ch Pervaiz Elahi B. Yaha Khan

C. Ch. Khaliquzzaman D.None of them

Who abolished One Unit?

A. Z.A Bhutto B. Yahya Khan C. Syed Attiullah Shah D. F.M. Ayub Khan

When Pakistan’s Capital shifted from Karachi to Islamabad ?

A. 1960 B. 1965 C. 1967 D. 1970

Who was the architect and town planner of Islamabad?

A. Vedat Dalokay B. Dr. Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis

C. Yahya Merchant D. Abdur Rab Nishtar

When did the partition of Bengal took place?

A. 1904 B. 1906 C. 1905 D. 1907

The annulment of partition of Bengal took place ?

A. 1906 B. 1908 C. 1909 D. 1911

Pakistan’s citizenship act of ________ guarantees citizenship to anyone born in the country?

A. 1948 B. 1949 C. 1951 D. 1955

In 2016, about _______ Afghans were sent back by Pakistan?

A. 2 lac B. 4 lac C. 6 lac D. 8 lac

Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of Quit India Movement?

A. Lord Wavell B. Lord Walington

C. Lord Linlithgow D. None of these

What is the other name of Lahore Resolution?

A. Pakistan Resolution B. Muslim league Resolution

C. Indo Pak Resolution D. None of these

What is the Name of the highest Lake of Pakistan, which is recently Discovered by Omar Ahsan, head of the Karachi-based mountaineers Survival International?

A. Rush Lake B. Barah Lake C. Attabad Lake D. Paristan Lake

Madar-i-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah died in Karachi on _______ ?

A. July 6, 1967 B. July 7, 1967 C. July 8, 1967 D. July 9, 1967

Pakistan became a member of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in_________?

A. 1949 B. 1953 C. 1957 D. 1963

Qatar has offered __________ jobs for skilled and semi skilled workers from Pakistan?

A. 25K B. 50K C. 1 lac D. 2 lac

When was Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation founded headquartered in Islamabad?

A. Dec 20, 1970 B. Dec 20, 1972 C. Dec 20, 1974 D. Dec 20, 1976

When was Pakistan Bureau of Statistics Founded?

A. 14 July, 1950 B. 14 July, 1954 C. 14 July, 1956 D. 14 July, 1958

When The National Finance Commission Award or NFC was enacted?

A. 1949 B. 1951 C. 1953 D. 1955

National Finance Commission Award (NFC) was Constituted under which Article of the Constitution?

A. 160 B. 170 C. 180 D. 190

When was The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan founded?

A. January 1, 1997 B. January 1, 1999 C. January 1, 2001 D. January 1, 2002

The Land lying between the River Indus and River Jhelum is called:

A. Bari Doab B. Chaj Doab C. Rachna Doab D. Sindh sagar Doab

The land lying between the river Ravi and river Chenab is called________?

A. Bari Doab B. Chaj Doab C. Rachna Doab D. Sindh sagar Doab

Siachen Glacier is located in which district?

A. Gilgit B. Skardu C. Ghanche D. Astore

Pakistan won the ICC World Cup (One Day) in 1992. It was___________in a row of ICC World Cup.

A. 5th B. 6th C. 7th D. 8TH

When PCB Pakistan Cricket Board affiliated to ICC?

A. 28 July 1948 B. 28 July 1950 C. 28 July 1952 D. 28 July 1954

In which district of Pakistan Kalabagh Dam is located?


Who Presented Poor Men’s budget in 1946?

A. Raja Ahmed B. Liaquat Ali C. Ch. Muhammad Ali. D. Non of above

Which Political Party was in Power in North West Frontier Province (Now KPK) at the time of Independence?

A. Muslim Leage B. Congress C. Justice Party D. Tehreek e Khaksaar

The Ishkoman Valley is in___________?

A. Punjab B. Gilgit Baltistan C. Balochistan D. KPK

Kori Creek is in which District?

A. Badin B. Thatta C. Karachi D. Gwaddar

Before the partition of India in 1947 how many Princely states existed?

A. 480 B. 360 C. 562 D. 670

Under which scheme did Muslim league surrender the demand of separate electorate for the Muslims?

A. Delhi Proposal 1927 B. Patna Scheme 1938

C. Poona Pact D. Never Surrender

When did Pervez Musharraf resigned from the post of President ?

A. 18 August 2008 B. 12 October 2008 C. 10 September 2008 D. 5 July 2005

Who was the First Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A. Ghulam Haider B. Chaudary Rehmat Ali

C. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi D. None of these

When National Voter’s Day is celebrated by ECP?

A. 7 December B. 8 December C. 8 January D. 7 November

Who is the first Women Car mechanic in Pakistan?

A. Sadaf Nawaz B. Uzma Nawaz C. Mehwish Nawaz D. Nazia Nawaz

The book “Political Parties in Pakistan” (1947-1958) is written by_____________?

A. K. K. Aziz B. M. Rafique Afzal C. M.Waseem D. None

The demarcation line between Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is known as_________?

A. Durand Line B. Radcliffe line C. Line of control D. None

in which district of Sindh province Lakhi dar is situated?

A. Shikarpur B. Larkana C. Khairpur D. Mirpur Khas

Karez is the irrigation system of which province of Pakistan?

A. punjab B. sindh C. KPK D. Balochistan

D.F Mulla was a famous personality of Indo-Pak he relates to which?

A. Sociology B. Literature C. Law D. History

When the name of Lyallpur was changed to Faisalabad?

A. September 1,1977 B. August 1, 1978 C. January 1,1979 D. March 1,1980

Tomb of Makhdoom Bilawal is at___________?

A. Ranipur B. Thatta C. Dadu D. Sehwan

Which is the Oldest University of Pakistan?

A. University of the Punjab, Lahore B. King Edward Medical University, Lahore

C. University of Agriculture, Faisalabad D. Sindh Madressatul Islam University, Karachi

When King Edward Medical University (oldest university of Pakistan) was established?

A. 1852 B. 1856 C. 1860 D. 1884

Mohmand dam is proposed to be constructed on__________ River?

A. Indus River B. Ravi River C. Swat River D. none

Who issued Comrade English newspaper from Culcata?

A. Mualana Shibli Nomani B. Mualana Muhammad Ali Johar

C. Quaid-e-Azam D. None of these

US Ambassador who died with President Zia ul Haque in plane crash was?

A. Robert B. Oakley B. Arnold Lewis Raphel

C. Deane Roseh Hinton D. None of these

Who among the following Sultan’s of Delhi assumed the title sikandar-i-sani?

A. Balban B. Alauddin khilji

C. Mahmmud bin tughlaq D. Sikandar lodhi

Who was the first Federal Tax Ombudsman of Pakistan?

A. Justice (R) Saleem Kazmi B. Justice (R) Saleem Akhtar

C. Justice (R) Allah Nawaz D. Justice (R) Ijaz Nisar

Who was the First President of Indian National Congress?

A. Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee B. Dadabhai Naroji

C. George Yule D. Baddrudin Tayyabji

Who was the First Muslim Governor of Lahore?

A. Malik Ayyaz B. Meer Fayyaz C. Allah Dino Boland D. Agha Kuttab

Who was the First Muslim Commander in Cheif of Pakisran Navy?

A. Admiral Muhammad Siddique B. Admiral Shahid Kareem

C. Admiral Karamat Rehman D. Admiral Tariq Mehmood

Government of India Act 1935 divided the country into how many provinces?

A. 7 B. 9 C. 11 D. 13

Which of the following Governor General of Pakistan died in exile?

A. Ghulam Muhammad B. Iskander Mirza

C. Khawaja Nazimudin D. Muhammad Ali Boghra

In September 23, 1958 the Deputy Speaker Shahid Ali Patwari was killed in the provincial assembly of ?

A. Bengal B. Punjab C. Balochistan D. Sindh E. KPK

The First Indigenous Constitution was given to Pakistan by____________?

A. Muhammad Ali Jinnah B. Liaquat Ali Khan

C. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto D. Chaudhry Muhammad Ali

Darul Uloom Deoband was founded in________?

A. 31 May 1866 B. 31 June 1867 C. 31 July 1868 D. 31 August 1869

Hazrat Mahal who fought during the War of Independence 1857 against the British was?

A. Queen of Jhansi B. Ruler of Jodhpur C. Begum of Nizam of Hyderabad D. Begum of Awadh E. None of these.

In the year 1719 how many Mughal Kings sat on throne?

A. 4 B. 3 C. 2 D. 1

When was the 18th Amendment Bill passed by National Assembly of Pakistan?

A. February 8, 2010 B. March 8, 2010 C. April, 08, 2010 D. May 12, 2010

Harappa City is situated on the bank of____________ ?

A. Ravi River B. Chenab river C. Sutlej river D. Jhelum river

When The National Olympic Committee for Pakistan was created in _______?

A. 1948 B. 1950 C. 1952 D. 1954

Who was the first Inspector General (IG) of Punjab Police ?

A. Mian Anwar Ali B. A.B. Awan C. S.N Alam D. Qurban Ali Khan

Which Article of the Pakistani constitution 1973 states “The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law?

A. 25-A B. 35-A C. 45-A D. 20-A

When the Province of NWFP was set up?

A. 1901 B. 1897 C. 1898 D. 1905

In which Constitution of Pakistan, the Ministers were neither members of the parliament nor answerable to Parliament?

A. 1956 B. 1962 C. 1973 D. None of these

Under Yahya’s LFO (Legal Framework Order), what option National Assembly had if it couldn’t frame the constitution within 120 days?

A. Dissolved automatically B. President will dissolve it

C. Extension in time frame D. None of these

Which Article of Pakistan constitution 1973 provides freedom of the Press and freedom of the expression?

A. 20 B. 19 C. 18 D. 17

When the People of Gilgit Baltistan had won liberation from Dogra rule in with help of Gilgit Scouts?

A. 1946 B. 1947 C. 1948 D. 1949

A Committee consisting of how many members was set up to draft the constitution of the Muslim League?

A. 50 B. 30 C. 70 D. 60

Shah Abdul Latif’s Risalo was 1st published by Dr.Earnest Trump from?

A. Paris B. Leipzig C. Bombay D. London

Hassan Ali Effendi established “Sindh Muhammaden Association” on the Advice of_________?

A. Quid-e-Azam B. G.M.Bhurgiri

C. Justice Syed Ameer Ali D. Molana Ubaidullah Sindhi

Who were the founders of Khilafat movement?

A. Quaid e Azam & Allama Iqbal B. Liaqat Ali & Agha khan

C. Ch Rahmat Ali & Mohammad Hassan D. Ali brothers

where is Kalash valley?

A. KPK B. Sindh C. Balochistan D. Punjab

When NADRA was established?

A. March 10, 2000 B. August 10, 2001

C. October 20, 2002 D. December 20, 2002

Where is headquarter of PTCL?

A. Karachi B. Lahore C. Islamabad D. Rawalpindi

When was the Water and Power Development Authority established?

A. February 12, 1958 B. February 12, 1959

C. February 12, 1960 D. February 12, 1961

The main HQ of tableeghi jamaat referred to as the Markaz is in ________?

A. Raiwind B. Delhi C. Dhaka D. None of these

When was Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, commonly known as PTCL founded in______?

A. 1947 B. 1949 C. 1951 D. 1953

When was Oil and Gas Development Company Limited commonly known as OGDCL founded in _________?

A. June 20, 1961 B. August 20, 1961

C. September 20, 1961 D. October 20, 2961

NEPRA was created when the Parliament of Pakistan passed the NEPRA Act______?

A. 1995 B. 1997 C. 1999 D. 2000

The foundation stone of Quaid’s Mosulem was laid by___________?

A. Iskandar Mirza B. Yahya Khan

C. Ayub Khan D. Liaqat Ali Khan

Name the Architecture of Mazar e iqbal ?

A. Nawab Zainunddin B. Nawab Faizuddin

C. Nawab Zain yar jang Bahadur D. Nawab Faiz yar jang Bahadur

Sassui Pannuh is Sindhi Story, Sassui is Known as_________?

A. Girl of Sorrows B. Queen of Beauty

C. Princess of Hope D. None of these

Kartatpur Border Located In Which District Of Punjab Pakistan?

A. Narowal B. Lahore C. Sialkot D. Bahwalpur

The first nuclear power plant in Pakistan was established at___________?

A. Mianwali B. Islamabad C. Peshawar D. Karachi

Seven Queens of Sindh are mentioned in___________?

A. Mashriq Ki Betiyan B. Shah Jo Risalo

C. Sindh Ja Surma D. Pirs of Sindh

Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi (Mujaddid Alif Sani) was born on__________?

A. 971 AH B. 973 AH C. 974 AH D. 975 AH

Maktoobat e Imam Rabbani is one of the writtings of ______________?

A. Shah Waliullah B. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

C. Allama Iqbal D. Mujaddid Alif Sani

How many times Pakistan won the ” Blind Cricket World Cup”?

A. 0 B. 1 C. 2 D. 3

When did Pakistan recognize Bangladesh?

A. Dec 1973 B. Jan 1974 C. Feb 1974 D. Mar 1974

First meeting of Indian National Congress was held in?

A. Calcutta B. Bombay C. Delhi D. Aligarh

The village Agricultural and Industrial Development (Village-Aid) program was initiated in_________?

A. 1949 B. 1954 C. 1953 D. 1957

The institution of Basic Democracies was introduced in________, in order to remove deficiencies that had characterized the Village-Aid Programme and to utilize the concealed unemployment in the rural sector.

A. 1959 B. 1956 C. 1961 D. 1958

Who has been appointed as Corps Commander Lahore?

A. Lt Gen Amir Riaz B. Lt Gen Asim bajwa

C. Lt Gen Majid Ehsan D. Lt Gen Arif alam

When was Lahore High Court established?

A. 1913 B. 1916 C. 1919 D. 1925

Simly Dam Lake is located near________?

A. Mirpur B. Attok C. Islamabad D. Hassan Abdal

When Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) Pakistan company was established ?

A. 1962 B. 1963 C. 1964 D. 1965

When Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) converted into a public limited company?

A. june 1961 B. july 1962 C. jan 1963 D. jan 1964

Who was the Viceroy of India?

A. Lord Mountbatten B. Lord William

C. Charles metcalfe D. Lord hardings

Campbellpur is the old name of__________?

A. Khanewal B. Attock C. Abbotabad D. Sargodha

What is the length of common border between India and Pakistan?

A. 900 miles B. 1000 miles C. 1100 miles D. None of these