Paleontology Part-2

1: Fossil are formed in which type of rocks?

A: metamorphic rocks

B: Igneous rock

C: Sedimentary rocks

D: None of these

2: Most evident source of evolution come from

A: Analogy

B: Physiology

C: Entomology

D: Paleontology

3: Fossils which are used to tell the relative age

A: Prehistoric Fossil

B: Primary Fossil

C: Index Fossil

D: Secondary Fossil

4: Which is a character of good Fossil

A: Must be short lived

B: Wide geological range

C: Cannot easily decomposed

D: All of these

5: Impression of past found in rock called Fossil this definition given by

A: Charles lyell 2

B: Charles Darwin

C: Thomas malter

D: A.R wallace

6: Who is the founder of modern paleontology?

A: Birbal sohni

B: Leonardo devinni

C: George cuvier

D: Charles Lyell

7: If whole body of extinct organism are found frozen in ice

A: Unaltered fossils

B: Petrified fossils

C: Mould fossils

D:Cast fossils

8: Impression of external structure of body preserved in wet soil

A: Mould fossils

B:Cast fossils

C: print fossils


9:Stony piece of Fossil found in animal stomach

A: Corpolites


C: Gastroliths

D: Otoliths

10:Who is the founder of indian paleontology

A: Birbal sahni

B:Khoram 3

C: Vijay gupta


11:The earliest Fossil of foraminifera found in

A:Permian rock

B: Carboniferous Rock

C: Sillurian Rock

D: cambrian Rock

12:Most common type of Fossil

A: Unaltered fossils

B: Petrified fossils

C: Mould fossils

D:Cast fossils

13: Fossils consists of only hard parts that is Bone and teeth

A: Unaltered fossils

B: Petrified fossils

C: Mould fossils

D:Cast fossils

14:In human body first fossilization occur of

A: Teeth




15: Mammoth were present in_____period

A:Eocene period

B:meocene period

C: pleistocene period 4

D:none of above

16: Insect and other small animal usually preserved in

A: Petrified rocks

B: Track

C: Amber

D: Trails

17: Mould of thin organism like leaves are commonly known as

A: Corpolites


C: Track

D: Trails

18: Animals leave impression of. Certain body part on mud know as


B: Trails

C: Corpolites

D:both A and B

19: These are impression of body of animal during crawling on earth

A: Trails

B: Track

C: Gastroliths

D: Corpolites

20: These are small rounded smooth stone present in rib cage of dinosaur

A: Tracks

B: Trails

C: Gastroliths

D: Corpolites 5