1. Endocrine glands are also known as

a. None of above

b. Lymphoid gland

c. Internal secretion glands

d. Glands of Zeis

Correct Answer: b

2. Storage gland is

a. Adrenal

b. Pancrease

c. Testis

d. Thyroid

Correct Answer: b

3. Rceptors for protein hormones are located

a. On E.R

b. In cytoplasm

c. On surface cell

d. In nucleus

Correct Answer: b

4. Nervous system control the functioning of endocrine gland.It is stated by

a. claude bernard

b. Pott

c. Sanger

d. None

Correct Answer: c

5. Acromegaly is a disease caused by

a. Thyroid gland

b. Endocrine gland

c. Pituitary gland

d. All above

Correct Answer: c

6. Which hormone is secreted by Thyroid gland?

a. Serotonin

b. Thyroxine

c. LH

d. Adrenaline

Correct Answer: d

7. Adrenal cortex secretes salt retaining hormone

a. Androsterone

b. Progestrone

c. Testosterone

d. Aldosterone

Correct Answer: c

8. Complete failure of adenohypophysis of Pituitary gland

a. Cishing’s disease

b. Dwarfism

c. Simmond’s disease

d. Addison’s disease

Correct Answer: d

9. Acid secretion of gastric gland is stopped by

a. CCK

b. Gastrin

c. Enterogasterone

d. All

Correct Answer: a

10. At the time of puberty in boys which hormones triggers changes

a. Insuline

b. Testosterone

c. Thyroxin

d. Adrenaline

Correct Answer: d

11. Hormone present in greatest concentration during ovulation is

a. FSH

b. LH

c. Prolactin


Correct Answer: a

12. According to recent knowledge,the pineal body is considered as

a. An endocrine gland

b. A vestigial organ

c. An organ of involuntary action

d. An organ of intellegence

Correct Answer: d

13. The hormones were first recognised by the name

a. Insulin

b. Oxytocin

c. secretin

d. Vassopressin

Correct Answer: c

14. Adenyl cyclase enzyme catalyze ATP into

a. Cyclic AMP

b. ADP

c. Phosphocreatine

d. None

Correct Answer: a

15. Serotonin is synthesized from

a. Glutamate

b. Trypsin

c. Tryptophan

d. Glutamine

Correct Answer: a

16. In C.N.S clusters of cell bodies  are called

a. Axon

b. Nuclei

c. Ganglia

d. Dendrites

Correct Answer: a

17. The black and white vision of eye occurs In

a. Cones

b. Rhodopsin

c. Rods

d. Choroid

Correct Answer: c

18. Human central nervous system contains interneurons

a. 300 billion

b. 100 billion

c. 50 billion

d. 500 billion

Correct Answer: d

19. Corpus luteum is formed by

a. Empty follicle

b. Germinal epithelium of ovary

c. vitelline membrane

d. None

Correct Answer: a

20. Hormones,Melatonin and Serotonin are secreted by

a. Pineal gland

b. Thymus gland

c. Thyroid gland

d. Adrenal gland

Correct Answer: d

21. Function of CCK is

a. Contract gall bladder

b. Increase bile production

c. Increase digestion

d. Decrease bile production

Correct Answer: a

22. Tetany and Osteoporesis are caused due to deficiency of

a. Cortison

b. Estrogen

c. Insulin

d. Parathormone

Correct Answer: a

23. Absorption of UV light at a wavelength of 280nm by a protein is due to

a. Aromatic A.A and peptide bond

b. aromatic and aliphatic

c. Aliphatic amino acids

d. Aromatic amino acids

Correct Answer: d

24. Intracellular negative  potential and extracellular positive potential occurs in;

a. In liver cells

b. In all cells

c. In neurons

d. In kidney cells

Correct Answer: b

25. The nerve centers in the brain which control the body temperature and the urge for eating;

a. Cerebellum

b. Hypothalamus

c. Pones

d. Thalamus

Correct Answer: b

26. Which of the following  pairs  of structures distinguishes nerve cell from other cells;

a. flagellum and medullary sheath

b. Perikaryon

c. Nucleus and mitochondria

d. Vacuoles and fibers

Correct Answer: a

27. Mechanistic approach was poineered by

a. Tinbergen

b. Pavlov

c. Lorenz

d. Von Frisch

Correct Answer: b

28. One of the following is not an endocrine gland

a. Stomach

b. Intestine

c. Testis

d. Oesophagus

Correct Answer: b

29. The alternative name for growth hormone is;

a. LH

b. STH

c. FSH


Correct Answer: d

30. Mammalian thymus is mainly connected with

a. Regulation of body temperature

b. Immunological function

c. Regulation of body growth

d. Regulation of hormones

Correct Answer: c

31. Survival time can be minimized if we remove

a. Pituitary

b. Thymus

c. Thyroid

d. Adrenal

Correct Answer: d

32. Cretinism in children is caused by

a. Hypo-insuline-secretion

b. Hypothyroidism

c. Hypopituitarism

d. Hypoparathyroidism

Correct Answer: b

33. Secretion of pancreatic juice is stimulated by

a. Adrenaline

b. Insulin

c. secretin

d. Oxytocin

Correct Answer: c

34. Some behaviour patterns appear only after a specific developmental stage or time called;

a. Instinct

b. Imprinting

c. Maturation

d. Learning

Correct Answer: b

35. The inherited behaviour is called;

a. Maturation

b. Imprinting

c. Learning

d. Instinct

Correct Answer: b

36. The inner most membrane of human eye is;

a. Blind spot

b. Sclera

c. Choroid

d. Retina

Correct Answer: a

37. Ratio of number of rods to the number of cones is;

a. 1:2 ratio

b. 1:1 ratio

c. 1:5 ratio

d. 1:20 ratio

Correct Answer: d

38. The absence of receptors is in the retinal area is called

a. Fovea

b. Lens

c. Ciliary body

d. Blind spot

Correct Answer: b

39. The process of focusing light rays precisely on retina is called

a. Rhodopsin

b. nictitating Membrane

c. Fovea

d. accommodation

Correct Answer: d

40. What is the most important factor in resting membrane potential?

a. Active transport

b. K+ concentration gradient

c. Concentration of ions

d. Na+ permeability

Correct Answer: b

41. Which is false regarding Insulin?

a. Promote gluconeogenesis

b. Cause lipogenesis

c. Secreted by beta cells of pancrease

d. Promote glycogenesis

Correct Answer: c

42. The active form of Vitamin D is;

a. Calcium

b. 1,25DHCC

c. Parathyroid hormone

d. Chlolecalciferol

Correct Answer: a

43. The secretions from which of these glands differs between males and females?

a. Parathyroid

b. Gonadal

c. Pancrease

d. Adrenal

Correct Answer: d

44. The clusters of cells in pancreas that produce hormones are known as;

a. Pancreatic cortex

b. Nodules

c. Islets of Langerhans

d. Pancreatic medulla

Correct Answer: b

45. Thhe posterior pituitary stores and releases;

a. Growth hormone and prolactin

b. Prolactin and oxytocin

c. Oxytocin and ADH

d. ADH and growth hormone

Correct Answer: a

46. Which gland controls basal metabolic rate(BMR)?

a. Parathyroid

b. Testes

c. Thyroid

d. Pancreas

Correct Answer: c

47. The study of ecological effects of animal behaviour is called;

a. Behavioural ecology

b. Ethology

c. Comparative psychology

d. Socio-biology

Correct Answer: a

48. The pituitary gland is;

a. Exocrine gland

b. Endocrine gland

c. Sensory organ

d. Thermoreceptor

Correct Answer: c

49. Movement directed toward a light source is called;

a. Positive phototaxis

b. Positive kinesis

c. Positive chemotaxis

d. Negative kinesis

Correct Answer: c

50. Facilitation which takes place through the synthesis of new peotein is;

a. Synthetic facilitation

b. Long term facilitation

c. Short term facilitation

d. Novel facilitation

Correct Answer: b