Phytohormones – Polyamines, Morphactins, Brassinosteroids, Florigen

1. Polyamines are compounds containing

a) one amine group

b) two or more amine group

c) one amide group

d) two or more amide group

2. Precursors of polyamines are

a) arginine and asparagine

b) arginine and glutamine

c) arginine and lysine

d) arginine and serine

3. All the following are polyamines except

a) spermidine

b) spermine

c) putrescine

d) lysergine

4. Brassinosteroids are lipids synthesized from

a) cholesterol

b) stigmasterol

c) campesterol

d) ergosterol

5. Brassinisteroids are involved in enhancing

a) senescence

b) dormancy

c) cell division

d) ripening

6. Which of the following is a synthetic growth inhibitor

a) ethylene

b) ABA

c) morphactin

d) IBA

7. Which of the following is a flowering hormone

a) ethylene

b) ABA

c) morphactin

d) florigen

8. The hormone that is produced during chilling treatment

a) IAA

b) ethylene

c) gibberrelin

d) vernalin

9. Traumatic acid is a

Traumatic acid

a) stress hormone

b) flowering hormone

c) wound hormone

d) growth hormone

10. Which of the following is a hormone derived from phenols

a) morphactins

b) phosphon D

c) polyamines

d) coumarin

11. Which of the following are flowering hormones

a) vernalin and florigen

b) florigen and ethylene

c) ethylene only

d) both a and b

12. Caulines are hormones

a) specific to particular region of a plant

b) of meristamatic region

c) of abscission layers

d) none of these