Regeneration MCQs

Repetitive regeneration can be seen in

A) Molluscs             B) Tadpole                    C) Hydra             D) None of these

The method of asexual reproduction that can be called as a mode of regeneration is

A) Fragmentation     B) Budding            C) Sporulation      D) Binary fission

Regeneration can be seen in which of the following

A) Plasmodium        B) Spongilla           C) Earthworm        D) Starfish

Which  of the following organ can be regenerated in Echinodermata

A) Eyes                     B) Pedicellariae     C) Arms and disc    D) Digestive system

The damaged leg is not regenerated in——

A) Frog                B) Crab                   C) Salamander            D)Frog’s tadpole

The repair by cell division in the damage tissue is called ——

A) Exponential  growth      B) Deaccelerating  growth    C)Epimorphosis regeneration                         d)  Morphallaxis regeneration

Ability to give rise to a new individual entity from body parts is

A) Reproduction      B) Fragmentation      C) Regeneration        D) Fission

Regeneration of limb or tail is an example of

A) Epimorphosis      B) Autotomy             C) Compensatory hypertrophy       D) Morphallaxis

Repetitive regeneration occur in

A) Invertebrates      B) Vertebrates          C) Both invertebrates and vertebrates     D) few vertebrate

Regeneration was first discovered in

A) Planaria        B) Hydra           C) Sponges                 D) Salamander

Regeneration was discovered by

A) Trenbley       B) Morgan       C) Huxley                D) Lamarck

Repetative regeneration involves

Replacement of lost part

Growth of whole organism from a fragment

Healing of injury

Both 1 and  2

Restorative regeneration of molluscs  includes the reconstitution of

Damaged eye and eye stalks

Part of head

C )Part of foot

D) All of these

Crustaceans ,spiders and insects are able to regenerate their

A) Abdomen     B) Thorax         C)Head           D) Limbs

Broken arms are regenerated in

A)Echinoderm     B)Molluscs        C) Human being    D) Fishes

Salamander  and Axolotic larva regenerate 

Limbc , eyes  structures and intestine

Jaws and external gills

Both 1 and 2


Regeneration  is possible in tadpoles for amputated

Tail and hind limbs

Jaws and eyes



What is true about regeneration

A) Beak in birds   B) Tails in lizards        C) Fish fin       D) All of these

Mammals can regenerate

A) Brain     B) Liver            C) Lung      D) Urinary bladder

Autotomy is recorded in

Legs in crabs

Tails in lizard

Viscera in holothurian echinoderm

All of these