Seed Germination

1. During seed germination, seed coat ruptures due to

a) Differentiation of cotyledons

b) Massive glycolysis in endosperm and cotyledons

c) Sudden increase in cell division

d) Massive imbibitions of water

2. Seed develops from

a) ovary

b) Embryo

c) Ovule

d) Embryo sac

3. An albuminous seed showing hypogeal germination is

a) castor

b) Bean

c) Gram

d) Maize

4. Proteinaceous part of maize endosperm is

a) Apophysis

b) scutellum

c) Aleurone layer

d) Peripheral layer

5.Vivipary is

a) Seed germination with subterranean cotyledons

b) Seed germination with epiterranean cotyledons

c) Fruit development without pollination

d) seed germination inside the fruit the fruit while attached to the plant

6. A gas required for germination of pea seed is

a) Nitrogen

b) Oxygen

c) Hydrogen

d) Water vapours

7. Seed dormancy allows the plants to

a) Overcome unfavourable climate conditions

b) Develop healthy seeds

c) Reduce viability

d) Prevent deterioration of seeds

8. Among the following which compound can induce seed dormancy?

a) ABA

b) Potassium nitrate

c) Gibberelllins

d) Ethylene

9. Protective covering over radical during seed germination is

a) Suspensor

b) coleorhiza


c) Epithelium

d) Coleoptile

10. Germination is epigeal in

Epigeal seed germination

a) Rice

b) Wheat

c) Zea mays

d) Helianthus

1.     d) Massive imbibitions of water6.     b) Oxygen
2.     c) Ovule7.     a) Overcome unfavourable climate conditions
3.     d) Maize8.     a) ABA
4.     c) Aleurone layer9.     b) coleorhiza
5.     d) seed germination inside the fruit the fruit while attached to the plant10.  d) Helianthus