Graph MCQ’s

1) A tour of G is a closed walk of graph G which includes every edge G at least once. A ….. tour of G is a tour which includes every edge of G exactly once ?

  1. Hamiltonian
  2. Planar
  3. Isomorphic
  4. Euler

2) Which of the following is not a type of graph ?

  1. Euler
  2. Hamiltonian
  3. Tree
  4. Path

3) Choose the most appropriate definition of plane graph ?

  1. A graph drawn in a plane in such a way that any pair of edges meet only at their end vertices
  2. A graph drawn in a plane in such a way that if the vertex set of graph can be partitioned into two non – empty disjoint subset X and Y in such a way that each edge of G has one end in X and one end in Y.
  3. A simple graph which is Isomorphic to Hamiltonian graph
  4. None of these

4) A continuous non – intersecting curve in the plane whose origin and terminus coincide ?

  1. Planer
  2. Jordan
  3. Hamiltonian
  4. All of these

5) Polyhedral is…. ?

  1. A simple connected graph
  2. A plane graph
  3. A graph in which the degree of every vertex and every face is atleast 3
  4. All of above

6) A path in graph G, which contains every vertex of G once and only once ?

  1. Eulartour
  2. Hamiltonian Path
  3. Eular trail
  4. Hamiltonian tour

7) A minimal spanning tree of a graph G is…. ?

  1. A spanning sub graph
  2. A tree
  3. Minimum weights
  4. All of above

8) A tree having a main node, which has no predecessor is…. ?

  1. Spanning tree
  2. Rooted tree
  3. Weighted tree
  4. None of these

9) Diameter of a graph is denoted by diam(G) is defined by…. ?

  1. max (e(v) : v belongs to V)
  2. max( d(u,v) )
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of these

10) A vertex of a graph is called even or odd depending upon ?

  1. Total number of edges in a graph is even or odd
  2. Total number of vertices in a graph is even or odd
  3. Its degree is even or odd

None of these