Sociology MCQs

46. What is the name of the process by which we acquire a sense of identity and become members of society?

a. Socialization

b. Rationalization

c. McDonaldization

d. Colonization

47. Social structure means

a. A guide to everyday living

b. A guide to personal living

c. A guide to social living

d. A and b both

48. In which term we bring about changes in our behavior?

a. Customs

b. Communication

c. Culture

d. Society

49. What is meant by material culture?

a. In the culture we include non-material objects.

b. The culture which can be observed in our social life.

c. The culture which is presented as a pattern to people.

d. From the culture we understand material and physical objects.

50. What is manifest functions in sociology?

a. Are the consequences of a social process that are sought or anticipated

b. Are the not consequences of a social process….

c. Boht a and b

d. None of these

51. A_______is a broad viewpoint perspective or lens that permit social scientists to have a wide range of tools of describe society.

a. Paradigm

b. Community

c. Hypothesis

d. Both a and c

52. A social process-flow of information, flow of knowledge and ideas is called?

a. Culture

b. Role

c. Communication

d. Social defence

53. Convention and Folkways,mores is a example of?

a. Community

b. Costoms

c. Role

d. Society

54. Religion family relationship, music,and language are all examples of_.

a. Material culture

b. Counterculture

c. Subcultures

d. Non-material culture

55. what is an example of common form of social interaction?

a. Washing the car .

b. Say “hello” to everyone.

c. Washing colthes.

d. Listening to your parents.

56. Culture makes the society to function.

a. Smoothly

b. evenly

c. both of these

d. none of these

57. culture growth is

a. something is very insignificant

b. Not at all process

c. A continuing process

d. An occasional process

58. The study of human relationship and Human behaviour:

a. Customes

b. Socialogy

c. Community

d. Role

59. Who’s a group leader?

a. A person who influence the attitude and opinions of other.

b. A person who is selfish

c. A person who do not believe in team work

d. A person with zero skills

60. How many types of culture

a. 3

b. 2

c. 5

d. 4

61. sociology perspective means

a. understanding human behaviour in broader context of society

b. understanding human behaviour in narrower context of society

c. Both A And b

d. none of these

62. Conflict is

a. Impersonal

b. Personal

c. Social

d. Political

63. “Culture contact” is:

a. Socialization

b. Customs

c. Accultration

d. Culture

64. Who perspective use sociologist to understand the social world?

a. Imagination

b. Paradigm

c. Ground theory

d. Social institution

65. The ” protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism ” is the famous books of?

a. Max weber

b. Barnett

c. Karl Max

d. Auguste comte

66. A status that has special importance for a social identity is a ——————.

a. Ascribed status

b. Prescribed status

c. Master status

d. Achieved status

67. Define society?

a. Is group of study of human relationships and human behaviour.

b. Is a group of peoples settle down and organize.

c. Is a social group of determined by geographical boundaries and common interests.

d. Is a group concerned with depth of knowledge.

68. The culture which does not have physical shape is known as ..

a. Ideal Culture

b. Real Culture

c. Non-Material culture

d. Material Culture

69. _______is an error of treating an obstract contrast as though it has a real, material existence.

a. Reification

b. Social effect

c. Social conflict

d. An Encounter

70. How many types of social interaction??

a. 4

b. 5

c. 8

d. 2

71. Process by which an individual gradually acquires culture and becomes a member of a social group is called?

a. Acculturation

b. Social Pathology

c. Socialization

d. Socialism

72. Culture never remains static but keep changing. Which characteristics of culture it is?

a. Culture is shared

b. Culture is changing

c. Culture is transmitted

d. Culture is learned

73. How many paradigms in sociology?

a. 4

b. 5

c. 6

d. 3

74. That’s theory ralate to large scale issues and group of people is called

a. Macro theory

b. Micro theory

c. Paradigms

d. None of these

75. Thats theories look at very specific relationship between individuals or small groups?

a. Micro groups

b. Macro groups

c. Paradigm

d. None of these

76. How many main sociological theories?

a. 5

b. 6

c. 7

d. 4

77. A pattern of behaviour that constitutes is called

a. Evnvironmental problem

b. Social problem

c. Political problem

d. Economic problem

78. When c. Wright Mills was born?

a. 1619

b. 1917

c. 1912

d. 1916

79. Sociology took root in England, France and Germany in:

a. 1700’s

b. 1500’s

c. 1900’s

d. 1800’s

80. Is it true the personal problemsare not experienced only personal but are also influenced and effected by social norms, habits?

a. Yes

b. No

c. None of these

d. All of these

81. Study of past and previous culture is called:

a. Economics

b. Anthropology

c. Sociology

d. History

82. Examination of the organization and operations of government is known as:

a. History

b. Political sciences

c. Economics

d. Sociology

83. What is the real power of sociological imagination?

a. How we learn to distinguish between the personal and social levels in our own lives?

b. Learn about the foodie

c. Learn about environment

d. None of these

84. A structure with interrelated parts designed to meet the biological and social needs of individuals in society

a. Structural functional theory

b. Social security

c. A and B

d. None of these

85. Conflict changes by the new opportunities & societal changes

a. Social surveys

b. Social pathology

c. Social stress

d. Social problems

86. Social pathology means

a. Study of social institutions

b. Study of people problem

c. Study of emergence of social movements

d. Study of origin,nature & cause of social ills

87. The study of past and present culture are called_______??

a. History

b. Anthropology

c. political science

d. Economic

88. How can also be considered guiding principles or belief systems?

a. structure theory

b. Conflict theory

c. Symbolic theory

d. Paradigm

89. Which method sociologist used to understand the social world?

a. Structural theory

b. Conflict theory

c. Symbolic theory

d. Paradigms

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