Introduction to Sociology Mcqs

Introduction to Sociology Mcqs

1. ____ is the scientific study of social behavior.

a. Linguistics

b. Workplace

c. Sociology

d. Conflict

Correct Option: c

2. “Main is a social animal” are the famous word of

a. Cristo

b. Spencer

c. Plato

d. Aristotel

Correct Option: d

3. ____ provides a framework for understanding our social world and makes connection between people.

a. Paradigm

b. Structural

c. Sociological imagination

d. Social issues

Correct Option: c

4. ____ theories relate to large scale issues or large group of people.

a. Function

b. Structural

c. Macro theory

d. Micro theory

Correct Option: c

5. _____ can also be considered guiding principles or belief system.

a. Class

b. Paradigms

c. Theory

d. Function

Correct Option: b

6. A characteristics feature of a rural community is.

a. Companionship

b. Formal relationship

c. Rational will

d. Community sentiments

Correct Option: b

7. A social position a person takes on voluntarily that reflects personal ability and effect

a. Achieved status

b. Ascribed status

c. Social status

d. None

Correct Option: a

8. A society that moves from having high birth and death rates to having low birth and death rates has experience ________ transition.

a. Demographic

b. Economic

c. Population

d. Agriculture

Correct Option: a

9. All the statuses a person holds at given time

a. Status set

b. Status

c. Status conflict

d. None

Correct Option: a

10. An error of treating an abstract concept as though it has a real, material existence is known as?

a. Positivism

b. Sociology

c. Reification

d. Sociological imagination

Correct Option: c

11. Antropology means ?

a. Study of present and future culture

b. Study of future and future culture

c. Study of past and present culture

d. Study of past and future culture

Correct Option: c

12. Attempt to explain large-scale relationships between individuals or small.

a. Grand theories

b. Paradigms

c. Social institution

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

13. French Revolution took place in the year

a. 1879

b. 1801

c. 1789

d. 1778

Correct Option: c

14. Functional theory of stratification propounded

a. Davis and person

b. Goode and hatt

c. Persons and ross

d. Davis and moore

Correct Option: d

15. How sociological perspective help us?

a. Understand the people behavior is influenced by social factors?

b. Teach the people behavior is influenced by social factors?

c. Understand the people behavior is influenced by private Factor?

d. All of these

Correct Option: a

16. In contemporary societies, social institutions are:

a. no longer relevant to sociology

b. highly specialized, interrelated sets of social practices

c. disorganized social relations in a postmodern world

d. virtual communities in cyberspace

Correct Option: b

17. In which people relate to one another and how they influence each other decision?

a. Social mainly interested in social interaction.

b. Socialist Republic

c. Non of these

d. All of these

Correct Option: a

18. In which year the term sociology was coined?

a. 1815

b. 1798

c. 1839

d. 1857

Correct Option: c

19. Independent variables are……

a. Experimental groups

b. Study of social investigation

c. Study of social life

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

20. Indicate which of the following a group?

a. Some members of Bar Association discussing matters concerning their Association.

b. Some surgeons discussing an important subject of surgery.

c. (d) A horse-man, a cyclist, and a pedestrian going along the road.

d. An executive body of a trade union

Correct Option: c

21. Is it study sociology is called sociological perspective?

a. Yes

b. No

c. All of these

d. Non of these

Correct Option: a

22. It deal with the study of behavior and thinking of organisms is called

a. Anthropology

b. Psychology

c. Biology

d. Sociology

Correct Option: b

23. It is social science that study human society and behavior is called……?

a. Zoology

b. Biology

c. Psychology

d. Sociology

Correct Option: d

24. Karl marx gave the sociological concept of.

a. Class conflict

b. Social parwinism

c. Positivism

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

25. Karl Marx proposed that society would be better if all classes would rise up and fight until there was only one class of people. This is____ theory

a. Internationalist

b. Conflict

c. Functionalist

d. Structuralist

Correct Option: b

26. Marriage is a/an

a. Helpful in claiming down anger of two conflicting groups

b. Important and universal social institution of society

c. Important basis for group formation

d. Helpful in strengthening the caste system

Correct Option: b

27. Positivism is scientific study of

a. Classification of sciences

b. Religious views

c. Social ideas

d. Social patterns

Correct Option: d

28. Psychology deals ?

a. Study of behavior and thinking of plants

b. Study of behavior and thinking of insects

c. Study of behavior and thinking of organisms

d. Study of behavior and thinking of animals

Correct Option: c

29. Refers to the groups shared practice, values and beliefs

a. Culture

b. Society

c. Relationships

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

30. Scientific study of social patterns is called?

a. Culture

b. Assimilation

c. Social interaction

d. Positivism

Correct Option: d

31. Social sciences are related to?

a. Discipline

b. Sense

c. Physical

d. Non of these

Correct Option: a

32. Society is?

a. Functional

b. Deliberate

c. Natural

d. Practical

Correct Option: b

33. Society symbolizes the network of..

a. Inter connections

b. Social relationships

c. Human relationships

d. Orientations

Correct Option: b

34. Sociology defers from common sense in that?

a. It is subjective and biased

b. It knowledge is accumulated from many different research contexts.

c. It focuses on the research own experience

d. It make distinction between the way the world is and the way it ought to be

Correct Option: b

35. Sociology emerged in

a. Europe

b. Asia

c. America

d. Africa

Correct Option: a

36. Sociology is a.?

a. Social science

b. Natural science

c. Behaviour science

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

37. Sociology is the study of …

a. Socio-political institution

b. the state

c. Social behaviour

d. Political system

Correct Option: c

38. The basis of slave system is always?

a. Political

b. Custom

c. Social need

d. Economic

Correct Option: d

39. The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line.

a. Harriet Martineau

b. W.E.B Dubois

c. Karl Marx

d. Herbert Spencer

Correct Option: b

40. The response of individuals to one another is…

a. Social interaction

b. Ethons

c. Culture

d. None

Correct Option: a

41. The study of past and present culture …

a. Social science

b. Sociology

c. Political science

d. Anthropology

Correct Option: d

42. The study of the choices people make in an effort to satisfy their needs and wants.

a. Psychology

b. History

c. Social science

d. Economics

Correct Option: d

43. The term sociology was coined by:

a. Herbert Spencer

b. Auguste comte

c. Saint Simon

d. Durkheim

Correct Option: b

44. The word “Sociology” is derived from________

a. Latin & Greek word

b. Greek word

c. Latin word

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

45. The word sociology is made up of two words.These are

a. Societia and logistia

b. Societies and logy

c. Socious and logos

d. Socia and logos

Correct Option: c

46. The writer who addressed a wide range of social sciences issues

a. Max Weber

b. Harriet Martineau

c. Karl Marx

d. Auguste Comte

Correct Option: b

47. What does Berger (1963) describe as a metaphor for social reality ?

a. a ciruse

b. a fairground ride

c. a puppet theater

d. a ballet

Correct Option: c

48. What is conflict theory?

a. Looks at society as a competition for limited resources

b. The consequence of a social process that are sought or anticipated.

c. The proletariat ‘ inability to see their position in the class system

d. All of these

Correct Option: a

49. What is name of the early leaders of sociology in United States?

a. Auguste Comte & Jane Addams

b. W.E.B Dubois & Jane Addams

c. Jane Addams & Max Weber

d. Karl Marx & W.E.B Dubois

Correct Option: b

50. What is psychology?

a. Study of past

b. The examination of the organisation

c. Satisfy their needs they wants.

d. Deal with the behaviour

Correct Option: d

51. What is Sociology?

a. Public science that human society

b. Social science that animal society

c. Social science that plants society

d. Social science that human society and behavior

Correct Option: d

52. What is study sociology?

a. It help us to view the world through the eyes 👀 of family.

b. It help us view the world through the eyes of other.

c. It help us to view the world through the eyes of himself.

d. It help us to view the world through the eyes 👀 of nobody.

Correct Option: b

53. What is the name of the process by which we acquire a sense of identity and become members of society?

a. Colonization

b. Socialization

c. Rotionalization

d. McDonaldization

Correct Option: b

54. What is the political science?

a. In which examination of organization and operation of government.

b. In which we study of past.

c. Deals with the behavior.

d. An effort to satisfy their needs and wants.

Correct Option: a

55. When and where sociology took roots?

a. 1600’s in England.

b. 1800’s in London.

c. 1800’s in the England, France, Germany.

d. 1800’s in south Africa

Correct Option: c

56. When sociologists study the structure of layers in society and people’s movement between them, they call this:

a. social conflict

b. social solidarity

c. social stratification

d. social control

Correct Option: c

57. Which of the following are included in primary goals of a social science?

a. Experimental

b. Generalisation

c. Prediction

d. All of these

Correct Option: d

58. Which of the following is not recognized as a level of society?

a. The global village

b. The nation state

c. The office

d. The house hold

Correct Option: c

59. which of the social philosophers called sociology “social physics.

a. Herbert spencer

b. August

c. Mac lver

d. wolfed pareto

Correct Option: b

60. Which thing sociology gives you?

a. Old prospective on your self

b. New prospective on ourselves

c. Old prospective on ourselves

d. New prospective on your self

Correct Option: d

61. Which things sociologists examine?

a. Observable fact

b. Non observable fact

c. Non of these

d. All of these

Correct Option: a

62. Who defined sociology as a science for scientific social development?

a. Montesquieu

b. Auguste comte

c. G.D Mitchell

d. J.B Mckee

Correct Option: b

63. Who is credited as founder of sociology.

a. Augustus comte

b. Herbert spencer

c. Max weber

d. None of these

Correct Option: a