Sources of Water Pollution – Aquatic Toxicology

  1. Which of the following rivers is called world’s polluted river?
Ganga riverChenab riverCauvery riverYamuna riverAnswer; a-ganga river
  • Which of the following are the primary causes of water pollution?
a-plantsb- animalsc- human activitiesNone of theseanswer; c- human activities
  • Which of the following techniques is used for reducing the total dissolved solids in the water?
osmosision exchangedistilationboth b and cAnswer; d-both b and c
  • which of the following is mainaly responsible for the cause of water pollution?
afforestaionoil refineriespaper factoriesboth b and cAnswer; d- both b and c
a-perfumesb-refrigeratorsc-air conditionersall of the abovesAnswer; d- all of the aboves
  • chloroflorocarbons are nonflame chemicals mainly used in——-?
  • What is the health effects of excess fluoride in drinking water ?
Flourosistoothacheslung diseaseintestinal infectioAnswer; a- f;ourosis
  • which of the following are water bone disease?
a-typhoidb- cholerac-diarrhoeaall of the abovesAnswer; d- all of the aboves
  • The main sources of arsenic in water are————?
floodsfertilizersindustrial wasteboth b and cAnswer; d- both b and c
  • which of the following is not a waterborne disease?
measlestyphoidcholerad-hepatitisAnswer; a- measles
  1. which of the following is the leading cause of death and diseases worldwide?
Water pollutionRadioactive pollutionAir pollutionSoil pollutionAnswer; a- water pollution

11-which of the following is an indicator of organic water pollution?

a-BODb- PHc-salinityd-eutrophicationAnswer; a- BOD

12-types of water pollution are ?

SewageSediment pollutionInorganic nutrientsd-all of theseAnswer; d- all of these

13- clear water that support small population are caused ?

eutrophicoligotrophicsedimental pollutionsewage dlainsAnswer b- oligotrophic

14- sewage eutrophication caused?

Slow floating steamSewage runoffDue to fertilizersAll of theseAnswer; d- all of these

15- excessive amount of suspended soil particals——?

Water pollutionSediment pollutionAir pollutionNone of theseAnswer; b- sediment pollution

16- industries generates different pollutant like——

BODToxic componentsToxic metalsAll of theseAnwer; d- all of these

17- streams and rivers are mainly polluted by ————?

agricultureindustriespesticidesground waterAnswer; a- agriculture

18- how many types of metals —–?

4321Answer ; c- 2

19- heated water produced during industries processes is released into waterways?

Thermal pollutionWater pollutionSoil pollutionAir pollutionAnswer; a- thermal pollution

20- minarate incident in jappan caused by toxification of ?

leadcadmiammercuryzincAnswer; c- mercury