1._______ is a technique that involves changing a text-matter so that it is similar to the main source.

a. Note – taking

b. Note – footing

c. Summarizing

d. Precis writer

2.Effective paraphrasing avoids the risk of ______

a. Plagrism

b. Changing

c. Nothing

d. Coping

3.____ Means linking words and phrases together so that the whole text is clear and readable.

a. conjuction

b. Juntion

c. Cohesion

d. joining

4.A scientist gets his special words from _________ language

a. latin

b. french

c. English

d. Latin

5.Familiar words must be used in technical writing





6.Which of these must be avoided in technical writing?

a. puctuation

b. Personel Feeling

c. Facts

d. Grammer

7.Technical writing demands ________ use of language

a. dramatic

b. facyual

c. Figurative

d. Poetic

8.Technical writing is same as general writing





9.Proper nouns always begin with ________letters

a. Running

b. small

c. Numerical

d. Capital

10.In the writing of an apology letter, concentrate on

a. problem

b. compensation

c. words

d. Reflection ofproblem

11.___________ is the vital part of the letter which to as good as wishing the person

a. Salutation

b. Enclosure

c. subject

d. reference

12.People cannot interact with each other without ____

a. transport

b. Voice

c. Loudspeaker

d. Communication

13.The language of the report should be _____

a. loose

b. formal

c. Formality

d. casual

14.A circular or notice may be issued by only _____ designated for the purpose

a. peon

b. clerk

c. typist

d. officer

15..____ Means linking words and phrases together so that the whole text is clear and readable

a. conjuction

b. junction

c. cohesion

d. joining

16.In the structure of the business letter what comes first

a. Reference

b. date

c. solution

d. Heading

17.Shorter report is considered to be as

a. three to four pages

b. four to five

c. two paragraph

d. one to five pages

18.In a technical report Which of these must be avoided

a. objective evalution

b. subjective evalution

c. facts

d. logical conclusion

19.We, us and our are examples of

a. pronoun usage

b. contraction

c. name usage

d. noun

20.A report may be used for

a. Reading

b. Hearing

c. None of these

d. Intensive reading

21.A list of illustrations, included; figures and tables, placed on

a. Table of contents

b. abstract vision

c. title page

d. Bottemline

22.Which of these is not a parameter in a report?

a. Ablity to acquire info

b. age of writer

c. Extent of information

d. Quality of information

23.Reports that provide data or findings, analyses, and conclusions are _______.

a. progress report

b. summeries

c. analytical Report

d. informational report

24._____ establishes the technical writing.

a. personal prejuice

b. Illogical conclusion

c. Misplaced Learning

d. logical Sequence

25.A factor, not achieved by collaboration among teams, known as _______.

a. All of the above

b. Decreased cycle time

c. Limits costs

d. Performance measures

26.Which of the following is not a parameter of a report?

a. Ability to arrive at a subjective evaluation

b. Ability to acquire additional information

c. Quality of additional information acquired

d. Ability to provide worthwhile recommendations

27.If the goal of writing is to direct action or activity, it is the resulting in communication is known as _______.

a. Communicating to instruct

b. Communicating to inform

c. Communicating to persuade

d. Communicating to develop interaction

28.To which of these people is the report not very crucial?

a. Business executives

b. Teachers

c. Engineers

d. Scientists

29.Which of these reports is raised annually?

a. Laboratory reports

b. Inspection reports

c. Confidential reports

d. Inventory reports

30.Which of these is not a part of a report?

a. Front cover

b. Title page

c. Gender

d. Front matter

31.Which of these reports are used in business?

a. Personal reports

b. Musical reports

c. Formal reports

d. Informal reports

32.______ report includes breakdown of machinery.

a. Progress

b. Trouble

c. Feasibility

d. Periodic

33.Which of these forms is not used to write a non-formal report?

a. Memorandum

b. App

c. Filling in a blank form

d. Form of a letter

34.In which of these forms is a non-formal letter not written?

a. Form of a memorandum

b. Formal of a notice

c. Filling in a blank form

d. Form of a letter

35.Non- formal report written in the form of a letter is similar to a _____.

a. Business letter

b. Complaint letter

c. Notice

d. Friendly letter

36.A memorandum is almost like a _____.

a. None of these

b. Simple letter

c. Formal letter

d. Informal letter

37._________ establishes the technical report.

a. prejudice

b. Baisedness

c. Logical conclusion

d. Illogical conclusion

38.Which is not basis for a technical report?

a. Logical conclusion

b. Progrees of thought

c. prejudice

d. Illogical conclusion

39.In a technical report, which of these must be avoided.

a. subjective evaluation

b. Objective evaluation



40.Once getting problem identified with its causes, next step involved in;

a. hosting team lead

b. identifying problem

c. All of the above

d. Identifying solution

41.We, us and our are examples of ______.

a. pronoun usage

b. contractions

c. Noun

d. name usage

42.Last step of writing an effective website, involved in _______.

a. Enhancing tone

b. testing the website

c. Error correction

d. Overviewing

43.What audience is the least information needed?

a. Lay audience

b. All of above

c. high-tech audience

d. Low tech audience

44.Which of these is a technical word for slanting ?

a. Sloping

b. Tilting

c. bent

d. Lateral

45.Trigonometry is a ____ word.

a. Indian

b. Greek

c. French

d. German

46.Electricity is derived from _____ language.

a. Indian

b. Greek

c. French

d. German

47.Which of these means bioscope?

a. Cinema

b. Binoculars

c. Science

d. Math

48.Technical writing must be _______.

a. Relevent

b. correct

c. funny

d. inspirational

49.What is the major focus of many technical writing courses?

a. letters

b. Technical writings

c. Essays

d. Monographies

50.The ______________ writing merely focuses on business, science and technology and not on emotion.

a. critical

b. creative

c. technical

d. literary

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