1.Which of the following is used to read a HTML page and render it?

a. Web server

b. Web matrix

c. Web network

d. Web browser

Correct Answer: d

2.Which tag is used with JavaScript?

a. <canvas>

b. <table>

c. <article>

d. <footer>

Correct Answer: a

3.Which element contains major navigational block?

a. <header>

b. <nav>

c. <address>

d. <footer>

Correct Answer: b

4.Which one of the following contains information about the author?

a. <footer>

b. <header>

c. <body>

d. <title>

Correct Answer: a

5.Which feature was already introduced before HTML5?

a. Video

b. Geolocation

c. Frames

d. Canvas/SVG

Correct Answer: c

6.Which tag supports Non-English language?

a. <bdo>

b. <input>

c. <audio>

d. <embed>

Correct Answer: a

7.Which of the following is not a web server?

a. Tornado

b. BlueGriffon

c. Apache tomcat

d. Jetty

Correct Answer: b

8.For explaining, which new technology is used?

a. <dfn>

b. <cite>

c. <abbr>

d. <address>

Correct Answer: a

9.Which element represents self-contained composition in document?

a. <article>

b. <nav>

c. <footer>

d. <header>

Correct Answer: a

10.Which element indicates about something which is no longer accurate?

a. <address>

b. <s>

c. <ins>

d. <del>

Correct Answer: b

11.The open source software version of netscape is

a. Chrome

b. Internet Explorer

c. Erwise

d. Mozilla

Correct Answer: d

12.What is the correct syntax of doctype in HTML5?

a. <!doctype html>

b. <doctype html!>

c. <doctype html>

d. </doctype html>

Correct Answer: a

13.What is the default type of ‘type’ attribute of <input> element?

a. Password

b. Numerals

c. Special Characters

d. Text

Correct Answer: d

14.Which of the following is invoked when it is not fired on window object?

a. clear()

b. setItem()

c. getItem()

d. removeItem()

Correct Answer: c

15.Which element is used for creating links?

a. <a>

b. <p>

c. <li>

d. <ol>

Correct Answer: a

16.Which attribute is used for activation of JavaScript?

a. submit

b. button

c. checkbox

d. url

Correct Answer: b

17.What is the color of an unvisited link?

a. green

b. blue

c. red

d. purple

Correct Answer: b

18.Before HTML5 where data had to be stored?

a. only in Chrome

b. Internet Explorer

c. cookies

d. browser

Correct Answer: c

19.Which of the following is not a web storage interface?

a. storage

b. window

c. storageEvent

d. privacy

Correct Answer: d

20.Metadata does not define

a. links

b. scripts

c. color

d. character set

Correct Answer: c

21.Which element was not removed by HTML5?

a. <big>

b. <small>

c. <strike>

d. <center>

Correct Answer: b

22.Which of the following allows user to view a webpage?

a. Operating System

b. Website

c. Interpreter

d. Internet Browser

Correct Answer: d

23.In HTML5 which element defines thematic change in the content?

a. <hr>

b. <h1>

c. <head>

d. <p>

Correct Answer: a

24.What is the limit of character storage for chrome 23.0 in localStorage?

a. unlimited

b. 1021 k

c. 4.98 M

d. none

Correct Answer: d

25.In OSI model USB lies under the layer

a. data Link layer

b. network layer

c. transport layer

d. physical layer

Correct Answer: d

26.Which of the following allows the sandboxed iframe to run scripts from the same domain?

a. allow-pointer-lock

b. allow-scripts

c. allow-same-origin

d. allow-forms

Correct Answer: b

27.Which of the following defines a group of related options in a drop-down list?

a. <option>

b. <optgroup>

c. <form>

d. <output>

Correct Answer: b

28.Which attribute defines the file-select field?

a. button

b. text

c. file

d. checkbox

Correct Answer: c

29.Which of the following are automatically loaded and operates as a part of browser?

a. Add-ons

b. Utilities

c. Widgets

d. Plug-ins

Correct Answer: d

30.Which of the following is not a prepackaged server stack?





Correct Answer: d

31.Which of the following is not a HTML5 added form element?

a. <keygen>

b. <password>

c. <datalist>

d. <input>

Correct Answer: b

32.Which of the following is not supported in HTML5?

a. content

b. http-equiv

c. name

d. scheme

Correct Answer: d

33.What will happen if height and width of video are not set while video loads?

a. page does not load

b. page crash

c. page closes

d. page flickers

Correct Answer: d

34.Which element is design to wrap a single piece of information?

a. <header>

b. <time>

c. <nav>

d. <footer>

Correct Answer: b

35.Which of the following is not a function of robots meta tag?

a. noindex

b. nofollow

c. noarchive

d. norepeat

Correct Answer: d

36.Which protocol is supported by Android browsers?


b. FTP

c. HLS


Correct Answer: c

37.Which of the following attribute is used to display date/time content?

a. date

b. year

c. datetime

d. time

Correct Answer: c

38.Which of the following is not a request-header field?

a. Host

b. If-None-Match

c. Delete

d. Expect

Correct Answer: c

39.Which tag is used to encapsulate navigation and then style the elements appropriately as menu items?

a. nav

b. both ul and li

c. ul

d. li

Correct Answer: b

40.Which element may be used within content to represent material that is tangential?

a. class

b. aside

c. cite

d. article

Correct Answer: b

41.Which of the following defines the title of a work?

a. <cite>

b. <a>

c. <hr>

d. <address>

Correct Answer: a

42.In which part of the HTML metadata is contained?

a. html tag

b. title tag

c. head tag

d. body tag

Correct Answer: c

43.Which element is used to get highlighted text in HTML5?

a. <mark>

b. <highlight>

c. <b>

d. <u>

Correct Answer: a

44.What does <main> include?

a. Article

b. Header

c. Sidebar

d. Footer

Correct Answer: a

45.Which header field defines meta information?

a. Response-header

b. General-header

c. Entity-header

d. Request-header

Correct Answer: c

46.Which of the following attribute adds audio controls, like play, pause, and volume?

a. source

b. src

c. controls

d. audio

Correct Answer: c

47.Which symbol is used when HTTP request does not apply to the particular source?

a. ‘*’

b. @’

c. #’

d. &’

Correct Answer: a

48.Which of the following is not a type of attribute for input tag?

a. month

b. time

c. day

d. week

Correct Answer: c

49.How many times can HTML5 events be fired?

a. One

b. only two

c. zero

d. Multiple

Correct Answer: d

50.Which one is not the feature of HTTP protocol?

a. media independent

b. connectionless

c. stateless

d. responsive

Correct Answer: d