What are the key differences between Angular and Node.js?

Key differences between Angular and Node.js:

Angular is a structural front-end development framework for developing dynamic web apps.Node.js is a cross-platform, run-time, server-side environment for applications written in JavaScript language.
Angular is entirely written in TypeScript language.Node.js is written in C, C++, and JavaScript languages.
Angular is used for building single-page, client-side web applications.Node.js is used for building fast and scalable, client-side, and server-side networking applications.
Angular is easy to use. The developers need to add the Angular file to use it in their applications.Node.js is slightly complicated to use. Here, the developers need to install Node.js on their computer system.
Angular split a web application into MVC components. Here, the models and views are much simpler than what is found in other JavaScript client-side frameworks.Node.js generates database queries and uses the event-driven nature of JavaScript to support non-blocking operations, making the platform efficient.
Angular is based on the model-view-controller design pattern and follows that pattern completely.Node.js is single-threaded. It means the web requests and processing runs on the same thread.
Angular is a Web Framework.Node.js provides different Web Frameworks like Socket.io, Hapi.js, Meteor.js, Express.js, and Sails.js, etc.
Angular is ideal for creating highly active and interactive web apps.Node.js is the best for developing small-size projects.
Angular requires a deep understanding of prototyping, scope, and various other JavaScript aspects.Node.js facilitates developers to use JavaScript on the client as well as the server-side. So, they can focus on learning one language.