What is the difference between Angular and Backbone.js?

Following are the various notable differences between Angular and Backbone.js:

Comparison ParameterAngularBackbone.js
ArchitectureAngular works on the MVC architecture and makes use of two-way data binding for driving application activity.Backbone.js makes use of the MVP architecture and doesn’t provide any data binding process.
TypeAngular is an open-source JavaScript-based front-end web application framework that extends HTML with new attributes.Backbone.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that uses a RESTful JSON interface and MVP framework.
Data BindingAngular is a little bit complex because it uses a two-way data binding process.On the other hand, Backbone.js has a simple API because it doesn’t have any data binding process.
DOMAngular’s main focus is on valid HTML and dynamic elements that imitate the underlying data for rebuilding the DOM as per the specified rules and then work on the updated data records.Backbone.js follows the direct DOM manipulation approach for representing data and application architecture changes.
PerformanceBecause of its two-way data binding functionality, Angular provides powerful performance for both small and large projects.Backbone.js is quite a significant upper hand in performance over Angular in small data sets or small web pages. It is not recommended for larger web pages or large data sets due to the absence of any data binding process.
TemplatingAngular supports templating via dynamic HTML attributes. You can add them to the document to develop an easy to understand application at a functional level.Backbone.js uses Underscore.js templates that aren’t fully-featured as Angular templates.
Testing ApproachThe testing approach is lengthy for Angular because it is preferred for building large applications.
It uses unit testing.
The testing approach is completely different for Backbone.js because it is ideal for developing smaller webpages or applications.
Community SupportThe angular framework is developed and maintained by Google, so it receives great community support. Here, extensive documentation is available.Backbone.js also receives a good level of community support, but it only documents on Underscore.js templates, not much else.