What is the difference between JavaScript and Node.js?

Comparison featuresJavaScriptNode.js
TypeJavaScript is a programming language. More precisely, you can say that it is a scripting language used for writing scripts on the website.Node.js is an interpreter and run time environment for JavaScript.
UtilityJavaScript is used for any client-side activity for a web application.Node.js is used for accessing or performing any non-blocking operation of any operating system.
Running EngineThe running engine for JavaScript is Spider monkey (Firefox), JavaScript Core (Safari), V8 (Google Chrome), etc.The running engine for Node.js is V8 (Google Chrome).
Browser compatibilityJavaScript can only be run in browsers.The Node.js code can be run outside the browser.
Platform dependencyJavaScript is basically used on the client-side and is used in frontend development.Node.js is mostly used on the server-side and is used in server-side development.
HTML compatibilityJavaScript is capable enough to add HTML and play with the DOM.Node.js is not compatible enough to add HTML tags.
ExamplesSome examples of the JavaScript frameworks are RamdaJS, TypedJS, etc.Some examples of the Node.js modules are Lodash, express, etc. We have to import these modules from npm.
Written inJavaScript is the upgraded version of ECMA script that uses Chrome’s V8 engine and is written in C++.Node.js is written in C, C++, and Javascript.