What is the main difference between front-end and back-end development?

The following table specifies the key differences between a front-end and back-end development:

Front-end DevelopmentBack-end Development
The front-end development in an application refers to the client-side of an application.The back-end development in an application refers to the server-side of an application.
As the name specifies, the front-end development is the part of a web application where users can see and interact.As the name specifies, the back-end development consists of everything that happens behind the scenes and users cannot see and interact with.
The front-end development includes everything that attributes to the visual aspects of a web application.The back-end development generally includes a web server that communicates with the database to serve the users’ requests.
HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, AngularJS, and React.js are essential front-end development technologies.Java, PHP, Python, C++, Node.js, etc., are the technologies required for back-end development.
Examples of some front-end frameworks are AngularJS, React.js, jQuery, Sass, etc.Examples of some back-end frameworks are Express, Django, Rails, Laravel, Spring, etc.