Aquatic Toxicology Part-6

1.lead causes mainly

A. Water pollution             

B. Air pollution

C. Noise pollution               

D. All of these


2. Aquatic pollution commonly occur due to which metal

A. Batteries                         

B. Piping 

C. Components of paints

D. All of these


3. Fish plants and animals uptake cadmium from environment through 

A. Food      

B. Water      

C. Sediments        

D. Both a and b


4. Cadmium cause …… in aquatic organisms

A. High blood pressure      

B. Low blood pressure

C. High blood flow              

D. None of these


5. Nerve or brain damage cause in aquatic organisms by which metal

A. Lead       

B. Cadmium      

C. Mercury       

D. Zinc


6. ….. are zinc powerhouse  

A. Oysters     

B. Salmonids     

C. Cray fish      

D. Star fish


7. Amount of zinc in oysters are

A. 6.3 mg         

B. 3.3 mg            

C. 5.3 mg         

D. 9 mg


8. High concentration of zinc in aquatic environment cause …..

 In gills

A.lamellar thickening          

B. Lamellar thinning

C. Kidney damage                 

D. None of the above


9. ……. effects of zinc cause in aquatic organisms

A. Brain    

B. Gills       

C. Kidney     

D. Liver


10. Lamella hyperplasia is caused due to which metals

A. Zinc      

B. Copper    

C. Lead      

D. Mercury


11. At high PH , aluminium from mostly

A. Soluble hydroxide      

B. Al ions        

C. Insoluble hydroxide   

D. None


12. Intermediate PH is about

A. 5 to 6          

B. 5 to 7          

C. 4to 5        

D. 6 to 6


13. Low PH value is in the form of ……

A. Soluble hydroxide    

B. Al ions     

C. Insoluble hydroxide  

D. None


14. Symbol of lead  

A. Cu       

B. Pb        

C. Hg        

D. Au


15. Aluminium cause ……. at low PH

A. Respiratory toxicant       

B. Osmoregulation 

C. Both  

D. None of these