Aquatic Toxicology Part-7

1.First larger scale aquatic environmental issue occurred due to;

a.lead       b.arsenic           c. mercury           d.cadmium

2.Firstly,aquatic pollution occurred in large ———-pipes

a.Greek        b.Roman         c.WestIndian       c.American

3.Coal burning caused acidification in rivers and lakes in British isles ,by the end of;

a.90s      b.1800s       c.20th century         d.80s

4.Acid rain is mainly due to;

a.fossilization          b.commercialization         c.extraction of ores        d.industrialization

5.In, 20th century,heighted chimneys caused addition of oxides of ——– and ——— in air;

a.H2 and N2      b.C and S      c.S and N2      d. none

6.In Japan hundreds of people died of mercury intoxification in;

a.1960        b.1956         c.1900      d.1906

7.Paper effluent discharged by Sweden and Finland in;

a.1960s        b.1990s       c.1940s        d.2000

8.Fresh water volume on earth is;

a.1.5%      b.2.8%      c.1%      d.2.5%

9.Earth contains ———-of surface water;

a.75%          b.70%           c.73%       d.77%

10.Persistent organic pollutant, PCB stands for;

a.polycarbonatedbiphenyls                   b.polychemical bisulphate

c.polychlorinated biphenyl                    d.polychlorinated bisulphate

11.Earth contains———-of landwater;

a.35%        b.30%        c.25%      d.26.5%

12.Basic toxicological research started in many countries in;

a.1900s       b.1874      c.1800s      d.1923

13.Which radioactive compound is a major source of radioactivity in water;

a.radium       b.uranium       c.gallium      d.radon

14.Which of these are sources of aquatic toxicity;

a.water pollution        b.metals and metalloids      c.radiations     d.all of them

15.———–fish stock was effected mainly due to oxides of N and S;

a.Labeo rohita     b.Catla catla      c.Salmonid        d.   Sirrihinus mirigala