1. The elements with atomic number 9 , 17 , 35, 53 and 85


a. heavy metals


b. – halogens


c. noble  gases


d. light metals


Correct Option: b



2. The number of elements present in fifth period of periodic table


a. 8


b. 18


c. 32


d. 10


Correct Option: b



3. Which one of the following represent correct order of electronegativities


a. P > O > N


b. N > P > O


c. N> O> F


d. O > N> P


Correct Option: d



4. The outermost electronic configuration of most of the electronegative element is


a. ns2 , np6


b. ns2 , np5


c. ns2 , np3


d. ns2 , np4


Correct Option: b



5. The most acidic oxide is


a. Na2O


b. Al2O3


c. MgO


d. CaO


Correct Option: b



6. Which of the following is a favourable factor for cation formation


a. high electronegativity


b. small atomic size


c. low ionization potential


d. high electron affinity


Correct Option: c



7. Which of the followng is inert gas


a. O2


b. N2


c. H2-


d. argon


Correct Option: d



8. Which substance does not have  macromolecular structure


a. diamond


b. graphite


c. silicon dioxide


d. Nacl


Correct Option: d



9. Which of the following characteristics not associated to ionic substances


a. Fragility


b. three dimensional structure


c. deform when struck


d. high melting point


Correct Option: c



10. The structure of IF 5 is based on which configuration


a. squere antiprism


b. trigonal bipyramidal


c. octahedral


d. Tetrahedral


Correct Option: c



11. Which of the following molecule is a linear


a. ClO2-


b. NO2


c. NO2+


d. H2O


Correct Option: c



12. Which of the following substance does not contain covalent bomd


a. PH3


b. GeCl4


c. H2S


d. csF


Correct Option: d



13. Every atom contains electron, protons and neutrons except


a. Ordinary hydrogen atom


b. Helium atom


c. Boron atom


d. Carbon atom


Correct Option: a



14. The equilateral shape has


a. sp3d hybrid orbital


b. sp2 hybrid orbital


c. sp hybrid orbital


d. sp3 hybrid orbital


Correct Option: b



15. Shape of ammonia molecule


a. linear


b. trigonal  pyramidal


c. tetrahedral


d. V- shape


Correct Option: b



16. The shape of molecule ClF3


a. tetrahedral


b. linear


c. T- shape


d. triangular planar


Correct Option: c



17. Buffer solution


a. resist change in pH


b. strong acid


c. decrease pH of soluton


d. Increase pH of solution


Correct Option: a



18. Which of the follwing substance have highest boiling point


a. NH3


b. CH4


c. HF


d. H2O


Correct Option: d



19. During a redox reaction an oxidising agent


a. gains electron


b. hydrolysed


c. oxidised


d. lose electrn


Correct Option: a



20. Which of the following is hard acid


a. Pd+2


b. Hg+2


c. H+


d. Ag+


Correct Option: c



21. Which of the following is adsorption indicator


a. diphenyl benzidine


b. methyl orange


c. flourescence


d. diphenylamine


Correct Option: c



22. A base is a substance  which accepts


a. proton


b. an electron


c. a neutron


d. a positron


Correct Option: a



23. Conjugate acid of NH2- is


a. NH3


b. NH4+


c. NH2OH


d. N2H4


Correct Option: a



24. Lewis acid also called


a. electrophile


b. electrophile


c. nucleophile


d. substrate


Correct Option: b



25. Modern peroidic table is base on function


a. nuclear number


b. Atomic number


c. Atomic mass


d. mass number


Correct Option: b



26. E.N value of F


a. 4


b. 3


c. 3.5


d. 2


Correct Option: a


27. Actinides are present in period of periodic table


a. 7


b. 1


c. 5


d. 4


Correct Option: a



28. Charge that an atom carries in a molecule


a. Oxidation state


b. Valency


c. reduction state


d. electron affinity


Correct Option: a



29. Oxides of non metals are


a. super oxide


b. acidic


c. basic


d. amphoteric


Correct Option: b



30. Which of the following has smallest ionic radius


a. K+


b. Rb+


c. Li+


d. Na+


Correct Option: c



31. Which electronic sub shell lanthanides have incompletely filled


a. 6f


b. 5 g


c. 4f


d. 5f


Correct Option: c



32. Hybridization is a process of mixing of


a. atoms


b. orbitals


c. electrons


d. molecules


Correct Option: b



33. Octahedral shape is associated with


a. ClF3


b. TeF6


c. PF5


d. SF4


Correct Option: b



34. Which of the follwing substance have least ionic character in its bond


a. NaCl


b. KCl


c. Bacl2


d. CCl4


Correct Option: d



35. Which of the following substance is the strongest acid


a. CH4


b. NH3


c. H2O


d. HF


Correct Option: d



36. Which of the following is the strongest oxyacid


a. H ClO2


b. HClO


c. HClO4


d. HClO3


Correct Option: c



37. Which of the following is Lewis acid


a. CH3


b. NaH


c. BF3


d. CCl4


Correct Option: c


38. How many crystaline form of carbon exist


a. 3


b. 2


c. 4


d. 6


Correct Option: a



39. The main global temperature of earth surface is


a. 40◦C


b. 15◦C


c. 25◦C


d. 35◦C


Correct Option: b



40. Silicates are chief constituent of


a. hemoglobin


b. rocks and clay


c. chlorophyl


d. fertilizers


Correct Option: b



41. Which one  of the following used in lead pencils


a. lead


b. carbon


c. silicon dioxide


d. graphite


Correct Option: d



42. The self linkage of an element to form chain or rings is called


a. isomorphism


b. polymorphism


c. catenation


d. allotropy


Correct Option: c



43. In the alumino thermite process Al acts as


a. dehydrating agent


b. reducing agent


c. oxidising agent


d. flux


Correct Option: b



44. The structure of AlCl3 is dimeric because it is


a. salt


b. soluble in organic solvent


c. electron deficient


d. acid


Correct Option: c



45. Oxygen is a gass


a. has double bond


b. oxygen atom does not catenate


c. paramagnetic


d. has no d- orbital


Correct Option: b



46. Bleeching action of SO2 is due to


a. Oxidation state


b. reduction


c. hydrolysis


d. hydration


Correct Option: a



47. Aq. HF stored in


a. gutta- percha bottles


b. glass vessels


c. copper vessels


d. iron vessels


Correct Option: a



48. Which of the following is the most abundant noble gas in the atmosphere


a. Neon


b. Krypton


c. argon


d. Helium


Correct Option: c



49. Pyrosilicates are the silicates in which two tetrahedral units are linked at


a. four point


b. one point


c. two point


d. three point


Correct Option: b



50. After Hydrogen second most abundant element in the universe


a. He


b. Ne


c. Xe


d. Krypton


Correct Option: a