Output Devices MCQs

1. Which of the following is the name of plotter as well as printer?

a. Impact

b. Drum

c. Flat bed

d. Laser

Correct Option: b

2. The printer is an _________

a. output device

b. Input device

c. storage device

d. All of these

Correct Option: a

3. Which of following printers have a speed range of 40-300 characters per second

a. Drum

b. Dot matrix

c. Laser

d. Inkjet

Correct Option: d

4. The devices that are used to receive _________ from computer and give it to user are called output devices

a. Information

b. Signals

c. Graphics

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

5. The output device make it possible to ________.

a. Store data

b. Scan data

c. View or print data

d. Input data

Correct Option: c

6. The device that are used to receive information from computer and give it user are called:

a. Output Device

b. Input Device

c. Storage Device

d. All of these

Correct Option: a

7. Which of the following is a temporary output

a. Hard copy

b. Soft copy

c. On paper

d. Duplicate copy

Correct Option: b

8. Computer device which is used to displays output on a screen is

a. LED

b. Projector

c. Monitor

d. LCD

Correct Option: c

9. which is used to output sound from multimedia presentation?

a. Elocutionists

b. External speaker

c. Keynoter

d. Announcer

Correct Option: b

10. A printer is this kind of device…..

a. Output

b. Input

c. Word processing

d. None

Correct Option: a

11. Which of the following is not a part of digitizer?

a. Cursor

b. Stylus

c. Stick

d. Digitizing tablet

Correct Option: c

12. A CRT monitor consists of _____ electron guns and the back of screen is coated with ______.

a. Three, phosphorus

b. Two,zinc

c. Four,graphite

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

13. Name the device that converts text information into spoken sentences:

a. compact converters

b. Speech synthesizers

c. Voice system

d. Speech sensor

Correct Option: b

14. The name of the computer’s Brain is?

a. CPU(Central Processing Unit)

b. Monitor

c. Hardware

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

15. The device primarily used to provide hard copy is _________

a. Card reader

b. Printer

c. CRT

d. Computer console

Correct Option: b

16. What type of keyboard is used in telephone and ATMS?

a. Numeric keyboard

b. Numeric keypad

c. Folding keyboard

d. Any type of keyboard

Correct Option: a

17. A laser printer is an

a. scanner

b. storage device

c. Non-impact printer

d. Impact printer

Correct Option: c

18. Data in a computer which can been processed in a useful information is called

a. Data processing

b. Output

c. Input

d. information

Correct Option: b

19. Printers are used to produce output in the form of _______and ________on paper

a. Text, graphics

b. Text,pictures

c. Graphics,pictures

d. None of these

Correct Option: a

20. Which among the device that convert computer output into a form that can be transmitted over a telephone line?

a. Multiplexer

b. Teleport

c. Modem

d. Concentrator

Correct Option: c

21. Which of the following groups consist of only Output device?

a. Plotter,Printer,Monitor

b. Scanner,Printer,Mouse

c. Mouse,Monitor,Printer

d. All of these

Correct Option: a

22. Computer output which is printed on paper and it is tangible is known as

a. Document

b. Result

c. Hard copy

d. Hardware

Correct Option: c

23. Laser printer is a type of

a. Non impact printer

b. Impact printer

c. Both

d. Non of these

Correct Option: a

24. Which is an example of pointing device?

a. HDMI port

b. Mouse

c. Pointer

d. Cursor

Correct Option: b

25. A printer that prints one line at a time and has a predefined set of characters.

a. Laser

b. Impact

c. Inkjet

d. Drum

Correct Option: d