Democrat vs Republican

Democrat vs Republican: There are many differences between Democrat and Republican. A list of differences between Democrat and Republican are given below:

1)The Democrats are liberal and left-leaning by nature so they fear that the corporations have too much influence over our government.The Republicans are conservative and right-leaning so they fear that the government has too much control over corporation.
2)The Democratic’s ideology is based on community and social responsibility.The Republican ideology is based on individual rights and justice.
3)The Democrats are the advocate of decrease spending on military issues.The Republicans are the advocate of increase spending on military issues.
4)The Democrats believe that it is the responsibility of the government to care for all individuals.The republicans believe that each person is equal responsible for his/her own place in the society.
5)The democrats’ symbol is donkey.The republicans’ symbol is elephant.
6)The symbol’s color of democrats is blue.The symbol’s color of republicans is red.
7)It is older than republicans. (founded in 1824.)It is founded in 1854.
8)The democrats support the gay marriages. ( Some democrats disagree with this view)The republicans oppose the gay marriages.
9)While, there is a strong demand of the death penalty among democrats but opponents of the death penalty are also a substantial part of the democrats.Most of the republicans support the death penalty.
10)Democrats have a progressive stance on taxes and believe that the high earner should be taxed at a higher rate.The republicans believe in the flat tax scheme. Generally, they oppose the raising of the taxes.
11)The Democrats support universal healthcare. The government has a strong involvement in healthcare.In the republicans government, private companies provide better healthcare services than government-run programs.
12)The democrats are traditionally strong in California, Massachusetts, and New York.The republicans are traditionally strong in the state of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas.
13)Some famous presidents of democrats are:
Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama etc.
Some famous republicans presidents are:
Abraham Lincoln Ronald Regan, Teddy Roosevelt, George Bush, Richard Nixon etc.