Technology Essay

Technology Essay

Technology is the result of the collection of knowledge and application of techniques, methods, and processes used in manufacturing products and scientific studies. Technology is derived from the Greek word, ‘techne’, which means “science of craft”, and ‘logia’ which means “art, skill or cunning of hand”. After 1930, “technology” was referred not only to the study of industrial work but to the industrial arts themselves.

Technology Essay


Over the last two decades, the concept of “technology” has undergone a major shift. This phrase was not commonly used in English before the 20th century. It once meant studying the artists or making a technical training reference, like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (chartered in 1861). With or without detailed knowledge of the functions engaged in it, technology has been implemented into essentially every machine’s functioning for the intended goal of an organisation. The systems that makeup society’s technology are called In the process of operating a system, one must initially get an input, alter that entered data through a so-called process, and then generate an outcome that serves the system’s desired purpose.

Technology is also used in biology. Genetics is being explored, with humans understanding genetic engineering to a determined degree. However, gene editing is extensively divisive and often involves some grade of eugenics. Some have already wondered about the future of human engineering, including ‘superhumans,’ humans who are genetically engineered to become faster, stronger, and more survivable than the current humans. Farther, some people think that genetic engineering will be used to make humans more resistant or completely immune to some diseases. Some scientists have suggested that ‘cloning,’ which is a process of creating an exact copy of a human, maybe through genetic engineering.

Some believe that within the upcoming ten years, humans will discover nanobot technology, while others believe we are centuries away from its invention. Futurists believe that nanobot technology will help humans ‘manipulate matter at the molecular and atomic scale.’ This discovery could cover the way for many scientific and medical developments, such as curing new diseases or discovering new, more efficient technology. It’s even believed that nanobots could be injected or otherwise inserted inside the human body, replacing certain parts, keeping humans healthy for a fabulously long time, or combating organ failure to a degree.

Benefits of Technology

The following are a few advantages of technology in many fields:

1. Communication

The use of technology to communicate is extensive. Everyone owns a smartphone, a laptop, a computer, and other gadgets. We can readily connect with others because of modern technology. On computers and mobile devices, there is a range of platforms and services that support us in interacting effectively. Children can associate with their teachers and teammates for educational purposes in specific. You will be able to communicate with your loved ones in a couple of seconds.

Technology Essay

2. Education

Children are learning in better circumstances because of the developing field of education technology. Elements that are complex to learn can be isolated from the documents and learned. Children can communicate and discuss their questions with lecturers using technology. They will also be able to communicate with others all across the world to learn more. They’ll often get the resources they need for their assessments and project work.

3. Science & Medicine

The fields of science and medicine benefit enormously from technological developments. It aids in the advancement of discoveries and advancements for society. Additionally, it is advantageous in the medical world, where you may increase your knowledge and progress as a healthcare professional.

4. Industries

A diverse variety of small and large-scale businesses are expanding due to technology. They can create and yield goods in much less time while still maintaining high quality. The people who are able to create the output within the specified timeframe are often under less obligation.

5. New Discoveries

With the innovations of the latest tools and technology, new ideas are revealed every single day if you look carefully. For example, there would have been no more advancements in other electronic components and equipment if electricity hadn’t yet been developed.

6. Increased Productivity

Production capacity worldwide has risen because of the advancement of modern technologies and equipment. Any sector of the economy, as well as every other area worldwide, has benefited enormously from advanced technologies.

7. Secured Environment

A more secure environment for people has been created as a consequence of efficiency innovations. Banking and financial planning procedures have increased in legitimacy and security. In the current world, we might avoid the risk of paying in cash by shared communication with a plastic or credit card. Another fantastic example is the advancement of webcams, CCTV, or surveillance cameras, which have improved international integration, privacy, and accessibility to visual data.

8. Global Knowledge Access

The World Wide Web, or www, has improved interconnection by sharing systematic from all over the world, accessible to the public. The 21st century has been of science and technology.

You may learn about the internet from teachers or training organizers across the world or read an e-book in the luxury of your bed that has been published anywhere in the world.

9. Time Saver

Modern technology is helping us to save time and help to invest time. Now, tasks that used to take hours or even days to execute may be accomplished in a matter of minutes or seconds. A few excellent examples of how technology has benefited our lives are: using email rather than a letter through the mail, manufacturing processes, transportation, finance, robotics, etc. Further, no one has to stand in line anymore to pay their electricity bills or for banking services.

10. Cost-Efficient

The important feature of sustained technological advancement is that it has decreased the expense of almost every type of good or service by either enhancing production or by providing services that are significantly more easily accessible and simple to use. The advancement of computers and artificial intelligence is mainly responsible for this.

11. Entertainment and Data Storage

Everything that we see on television these days, including documentaries, cartoons, interviews, and special effects, is a result of advanced technology that is being developed around the world. Now, vital data may be saved on a storage medium or a dropbox with the pressing of a button.

12. Encourages creativity

Cooperation and communication automatically lead to a tendency toward innovation. Technology encourages creativity by enabling citizens with a platform for their concepts. Simple examples include the use of a smartboard during a brainstorming process or developing a mood board for a client using Pinterest. Another option is to make it easier for groups to find a productive location where they can easily exchange ideas.

13. Enhances comfort:

Strangely, technology promotes comfort. Noticeably, technology is enabling comfort. Imagine a smart device that automatically adjusts to the temperature of the ideal working environment or an activity detector that determines a universe’s design especially light sources. In their own distinct ways, these technologies encourage comfort, which enhances concentration, mood, and output.

Disadvantages of Technology

1. Data Security

With the help of digital technology, massive volumes of information can be accumulated and stored. Private information regarding people or organizations could be included here. It could be extremely challenging to protect this information. Various private information pieces may end up in the hands of cybercriminals, terrorists, opponents, foreign terrorists, or other evil institutions with just one hack.

2. Crime and Terrorism

The global scope, enormous size, and relative privacy that users may encounter provide the internet with the perfect platform for evil forces to operate.

Case studies of this include paedophiles using discussion forums and other positions to groom members of the public and export images, clips, and other data; terrorists using the internet to advertise themselves and promote everyone else; drug pushers using the dark web to exchange information; and authoritarian governments trying to persuade or help influence election campaigns in democratic countries.

3. Complexity

The equipment and technologies we use on a regular basis operate in a way that may be hard to recognize. Today, repairing an automobile requires the services of technology; it is no longer just technical. Interacting with a device’s various contexts might be challenging. Small errors in a laptop’s performance can cost money and energy.

4. Privacy Concerns

In the digital age, maintaining individual privacy has become significantly difficult due to the risk of having your private details hacked or exploited.

In contrast, anyone may use their smartphone to capture images and videos, which they’ll then upload online.

5. Social Disconnect

People are increasingly deliberately choosing to interact socially and communicate through smartphones over in-person interactions. This can rapidly result in feelings of exclusion and lack of connection.

Since people have evolved for thousands of years to have an actual connection, removing that contact has a range of adverse effects on them that we are only now starting to understand. According to surveys, many people are experiencing depression and other kinds of mental disorders as they don’t communicate with other individuals in actual situations.

6. Addiction

Addiction is a problem with social media, electronic games, chatting, and dating platforms. In order to allow you to acquire the latest edition, games demand customers have to play. Websites desire that you engage with them so they can commercialize through marketing. Users eventually waste a tremendous amount of their time and money for such little return.

7. Degradation of Memory

We use a wide range of tools and software, including spelling and grammatical analyzers, so typing even basic words may be challenging without an editor. All of these tools make us much more productive, but we should really not depend on them as heavily. However, it also limits our ability to write and study.

Our memory function changes abnormally as a consequence of contemporary technology and its accessories. Many devices, like timers and task organizers, are designed to assist us in keeping track of everything. Social media profiles also serve as an indicator when an acquaintance comments, likes, tags, or celebrates a birthday.

8. Distractions and Accidents

According to the research, more individuals have deceased in a specific year from selfies than shark attacks. Numerous accidents occur with smartphones each year. Of course, that would seem weird, but it’s the truth.

One might easily become distracted by their smartphones and end up being struck by a car or falling off a cliff. Individuals expose themselves and the people around them at risk if they employ electronics while driving.

9. Dependency on Technology

The civilization of humanity has incorporated advanced technology on an essential level. It is now extremely difficult to think of a business that would not leverage the advancements of modern technology.


There is no denying that technology has permanently altered our environment in both positive and negative ways. A smart, connected, and free civilization has emerged as a result, which is excellent. It has greatly facilitated and enhanced our way of life. Since most nations practise democracy and everyone gets the right to autonomy and equality, everyone has access to data and information.

On the other side, technology has contributed to climate change in a negative way and has made us depend on it. Automation and artificial intelligence (A.I.) technologies now jeopardize millions of professions. Cybercrimes, nuclear weapons, and contamination are all highly deadly.

Following a comprehensive review of the key information about the benefits and limitations of technology, the benefits of technology seem to outweigh its drawbacks. Therefore, technology can improve life on the planet if utilized wisely.