PUBG MOBILE with Bilal Saeed and Aima Baig

PUBG MOBILE, Pakistan’s most popular mobile video game is marking four years of entertainment, vibrance and thrill for players with a host of celebratory activities. These include a Version 1.9 Update and more importantly a ‘Game Strong Hai’ anthem sung by two of the country’s most legendary artists. A unique collaboration between Bilal Saeed and Aima Baig, the song represents the playing spirit and commitment that PUBG MOBILE has shown towards its local audiences. The celebration of PUBG MOBILE’s four years in Pakistan are being touted in an extremely decorated way. The highlight of the festivities is a catchy and attractive anthem that is unprecedented. The ‘Game Strong Hai’ song by Bilal Saeed and Aima Baig marks an engaging instance in the music and entertainment landscape of Pakistan. Through the song, PUBG MOBILE is symbolizing the transformation it has brought to the country’s gaming and entertainment ecosystem. The platform has not only created diverse avenues for exciting gameplay but also built revenue generation pathways for individuals across the nation. Ever since it launched in Pakistan, PUBG MOBILE has been extremely successful in enthralling audiences and players through distinct opportunities for online gaming and entertainment. Marking its 4th birthday party, a number of amazing changes are coming to Erangel, Livik and Spawn Island maps for an enhanced gaming experience for users. A new floating gameplay mode in the sky, new themed camps, vehicles, and more are now available to players. Players will also have a chance to get a new X-Suit, enjoy a new Season and Royale Pass Month, and experience the new collaboration with the massively multiplayer online game Warframe.PUBG MOBILE’s Version 1.9 Update also introduces Cycle 2 Season 5. A whole new set of legendary rewards are available including Glasses, Set, Parachute, MK14, Mask, and Cover. New 4th Anniversary-themed missions will also be available, allowing players to unlock commemorative titles and exclusive rewards through collecting souvenirs. Other updates include the adjustment of Ranked Classic Mode team ranges, Season Tokens that can now be obtained through activity in Ranked Matches, and changes to the shop and season purchase limit.New content is coming to Royale Pass Month with Month 9: Cosmic Clash. Work through the ranks and unlock the Wukong Prime Set, Fluorescent Flash Set, and the themed PP-19 Bizon, Kar98K, and QBZ finishes! Players can unlock these rewards and also earn a free RP Voucher (60 UC) for the next Royale Pass Month, Micro Battle, by participating in the server-wide Golden Chicken event. Royale Pass Month 9: Cosmic Clash, begins March 22nd and ends April 19th. The new Arena mode Royale Arena: Assault is now available. In Royale Arena: Assault the Playzone appears randomly in different areas and can suddenly turn into a combat zone. Strong teamwork and quick reactions are essential as the team who completes the elimination goal first will be the winner. This fast-paced action is available beginning April 07th in Erangel and Livik.PUBG MOBILE’s Version 1.9 Update also introduces the new Silvanus X-Suit. Find Silvanus on Spawn Island in Erangel with exclusive Emotes, X-Elements, and abilities!A new collaboration is coming to PUBG MOBILE, this time with the massively multiplayer online game Warframe. Players can currently enjoy a special Warframe preview event that features a series of challenges to complete in order to obtain a skin. Players can also look forward to obtaining exclusive skins as well as an additional event as part of the Version 1.9 update, with details to be revealed soon.PUBG MOBILE’s Version 1.9 Update will also bring a revamped Classic Mode featuring a number of significant updates. A Recall Tower has been added in certain game modes that allows players to recall eliminated teammates, giving them a second chance for success on the battlefield. A new Fog of War Anti-Cheat system has been added to select Arena Maps and some Classic Modes to help combat wall hacks. A number of other quality fixes have also been made, including an update to the Military Base Bridge in Erangel, as well as Control, UI and Settings Improvements.The new map Aftermath is also getting a series of updates in PUBG MOBILE’s Version 1.9 Update, with changes to ziplines and weapon behavior to improve gameplay experience. The Cheer Park will also be refreshed with new racing gameplay, updates to the Shooting Range, the addition of new fast-travel options, and an expanded settings section for sound and UI.A number of other improvements have been made to PUBG MOBILE, including visual improvements, UI upgrades and much more.With a culture of strong and adhesive gaming communities, PUBG MOBILE has brought this genre of entertainment away from specialized gaming zones and right to people and their smartphones. From making like minded friends to creating opportunities for money, fame and recognition, PUBG MOBILE has single-handedly transformed the ecosystem in Pakistan. PUBG MOBILE’s Version 1.9 Update is available now! Download for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.