What is a communication device?

A communication device is a type of electronic device that may send a digital or analogue signal wirelessly or via a wired network. A computer modem, which transforms digital data from a computer into an analogue signal that is transmitted over a phone line, is an example of a communication device. Similarly, just like a modem transforms digital data into an analogue signal and vice-versa, a modem also accepts analogue signals and transforms them into digital ones so the computer can process them. Modulation/demodulation is the name of this procedure from which the modem originated.

What is a communication device

Different types of communication devices and their uses

1) Bluetooth device

In simple terms, Bluetooth is a technology that provides a data transmission facility between devices that are close to one another.Bluetooth waves don’t travel too far and are continuously changing frequencies, but radio waves remain steady at a consistent band and cover huge distances. This is the very basic difference we see between Bluetooth and radio wave technology, which distinguishes radio waves from Bluetooth waves.

What is a communication device

Use of Bluetooth

  • Tethering is the technique of connecting your smartphone’s mobile data or Wi-Fi connections to a desktop computer or laptop. You can now use Bluetooth to connect our smartphones to our PC. We already know that Bluetooth can be used to transmit files between two smartphones. To exchange data, you may simply pair your smartphone with a Bluetooth-enabled computer.
  • Bluetooth can join different types of devices because its basic task is to establish a wireless connection between two devices.

Some of the tools are:

Advantages of Bluetooth

  • The reality is that Bluetooth sending data without the use of any cables is one of its main advantages.
  • Today, the majority of devices, including smartphones and tablets, come with the special function of Bluetooth. All such types of electronic devices having Bluetooth prove how popular their use is.
  • One Bluetooth device can connect to up to seven other devices. However, this relies on the newest technology and device-to-device compatibility.

Disadvantage of Bluetooth

  • It is power-consuming technology. Thus, it won’t be present everywhere.
  • The maximum range a Bluetooth connection may provide is 100 metres. As a result, Bluetooth normally has a limited communication range (lower than a Wifi connection).

2) Modem

What is a communication device

A modem is an electronic device that converts one kind of signal into another kind of signal. Initially, the modem was analogue. It enables a computer to transfer signals via a physical telephone connection. There are still analogue modems, but nowadays, there are also VoIP modems, cable modems, cellular modems, DSL modems, and other types of modems. Today’s modems offer a variety of telecommunications services, such as e-mail, personal computers, faxes, downloading items from the internet, and more.

What is a communication device

Based on the device’s purpose, the name “modem” basically comes from a mixture of two words. The terms modulator and demodulator are words from which it derives. Digital data is modulated into analogue signals that may be sent via phone lines. The analogue signal is then gathered and converted back to a digital signal that a computer can understand using a demodulator. Here, binary coding is used in computers to show digital data.

Types of modems

Internal modem – Internal modems, as their name indicates, are internal components of computers. It almost always comes pre-installed and with the computer.

External Modem – The internal modem and an external modem are very similar. Access to the Internet is another advantage of an external modem. The computer’s external modem is an external component of a computer. When a computer’s internal modem cannot fit inside, this alternative can be utilized. The usual method of connecting the modem to the PC is through a serial or USB cable.

Wireless modem – An electronic device that connects to a wireless network is called a wireless modem. Although wireless modems are being used with computers to an internet connection, modems sometimes are connected with telephone networks. When a wireless modem is connected to a computer, then your mobile can be used to connect directly to your wireless ISP (Internet Service Provider); simply, you will be able to connect the data service of your mobile with the computer.

Cable modem – A hardware component known as a modem which links your computer to your Internet service provider (ISP). A cable modem does the same task by connecting to the Internet and communicating with your ISP through a coax connection.

An example of a digital translator is a cable modem. It takes the information from your ISP and sends you and also converts it into the language your router can recognize.

What is a communication device

3) Network card

What is a communication device

An electronic circuit called a network interface card (sometimes called a network card, network adapter, LAN adapter. or network interface controller) is an electronic hardware part without which a computer cannot be connected over a network. It provides a link of the computer to a computer network. A network card is a piece of hardware for computers. Today the motherboard of the majority of recent computers has an integrated network interface controller, which reduces the need for an additional component.

A computer may communicate with a network via network cards. Network cards support an appropriate protocol, such as CSMA/CD, to make a connection.

The physical layer and the data link layer, which are the first two levels of the OSI model, are mostly used by network cards.

How does network card work?

A NIC card may transfer a signal at the physical layer and deliver data packets at the network layer by acting as an interface at the TCP/IP layer. The network interface controller serves and acts as an intermediary between a computer/server and a data network, irrespective of the layer where the NIC is located. The LAN card (NIC) collects data from the user’s computer when a user makes a request, then delivers that data to a web server, and then collects the necessary data from the web server to show to the computer user.

Components of Network Interface Card

Initially, a network adapter’s basic components include a controller, a single or many NIC ports, a motherboard connection interface, LED indications, etc.

  • NIC port for cable/transceiver: This port generally connects directly to an Ethernet cable or transceiver, which may send and get the electronic signals sent on the network cable or fibre cable.
  • Bus interface: The circuit board’s side has an interface called a bus that connects the NIC to a computer or server by inserting it into the expansion slot on that device.
  • LED indicators: They are used to allow users to determine a network card’s operational status, including whether the network is connected and data is being transferred.

Types of Network Interface Card

There are wired NICs and wireless NICs depending on how a network card connects to the internet. As its names suggest, a wired NIC generally has to use a cable, such as Ethernet or fibre optic cable, to join a device to a network. A wireless NIC card usually has a tiny antenna (satellite dish) that connects to the access point via radio waves to join a wireless network.

4) Smartphone

It is also an electronic device. With a smartphone, you can do more than just make and receive phone calls and text messages. Smartphones can use software just like a PC and access the Internet. Smartphones have touch screens that offer user interaction. Many apps for smartphones, including games and apps for personal and professional use, are available.

What is a communication device

Does a smartphone have an operating system?

Yes. An OS, such as Windows or macOS, is present on a smartphone, just like it is on a desktop or laptop computer. The four most popular operating systems in the smartphone are Windows Phone (developed by Microsoft), BlackBerry (developed by research in motion), Android (developed by Google), and iOS developed by apple.

5) Wireless Router

A wireless router is an electronic device. It is used to forward the internet connection to all of the other devices. In homes, we usually have wireless routers, which are the hardware tools that are used by Internet service providers to deploy internet connection and to link you through their cable.

What is a communication device

A wireless router is the type of router used in home and small business networks, often known as WLANs. It allows to access the local network and the Internet. Usually, a wired or wireless WAN (Wide Area Network) is directly connected to the wireless router. Both the internal LAN and the external WAN, such as the Internet, are accessible to the user who remains connected to the wireless router.