Google Maps is one of the most common navigation app?

Google Maps is one of the most common navigation app. Given that the app is used by a majority of people across the world, Google keeps adding new features to the app to make your navigation experience easier and better. Google has now announced changes on how users see maps on mobile, along with new features for Apple users that are more in sync with the latest iOS functionalitiesOne of the main feature in this latest update is the ability to display the estimated toll prices for an entire route. Google Maps already warns users about toll roads ahead of them. With the ability to display the toll prices, Google has taken the feature to the next level. The data for the toll prices will come from local tolling authorities, based on the current day of the week and the time a user is expected to reach the toll, Google says. The company says that this feature will be available in four countries – US, India, Japan, and Indonesia – later this month for nearly 2,000 toll roads.Google Maps is also getting improved street data for navigation. Maps will now show traffic lights and stop signs on some roads, along with “enhanced details like building outlines and areas of interest.” Google is also adding data about the shape and width of certain roads. The company said that these new indicators will roll out over the coming weeks for Android, iOS, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.