Best Netflix Series

Suppose you are looking for anything to watch on Netflix. In that case, you have various choices available, ranging from comedies that will make you laugh aloud to documentaries that will make you think deeply about a topic.

On Netflix, you may find a broad selection of entertainment options, ranging from original programmes to material provided by third parties. The following is a list of the best available series on Netflix, which you can watch whenever you like.

1. The Russian Doll

Best Netflix Series

Nadia is a New York-based game developer and a self-proclaimed ageing hipster. At her 36th birthday celebration, she looks in the bathroom mirror and sees herself. While leaving, she meets up with another acquaintance who tosses her a joint spiked with cocaine.

When Nadia and a man go back to her house, they stop at the bodega on the way. So far, everything is ordinary (in a New York hipster way). A vehicle strikes and kills her just as she is about to leave the bodega. The storyline starts with her peering at the same birthday celebration in a mirror.

Nadia shouts later that night, “the cosmos is attempting to mess with me, and I refuse to engage,”. Her strong personality and the events that occur to her enable the drama to explore themes of fragility, trauma, and even life and death. The storyline twists and inventiveness of the Russian Doll make it more enjoyable to watch each time it is rewatched.

Once you get the hang of this beat, you won’t be able to stop staring at it. As Nadia in Orange Is the New Black, Natasha Lyonne is a maestro. She has a lot of uniqueness and personality, making Russian Doll one of the most entertaining and unique shows to watch in 2022. She collaborated with Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland on the project.

2. Dark

Best Netflix Series

Sit tight because more of Netflix’s Stranger Things dreary suspense will come in Dark. Both series deal with the disappearance of a kid and have a similar style and soundtrack.

It’s a German drama about a village with a troubled past that’s thrust into the spotlight when a kid goes missing. Using gorgeous visual and melodic aesthetics, Dark manages to be both captivating and tension-filled.

To avoid spoiling the programme for you, we will give you a brief description of how the tale progresses. The fact that six people have gone missing in the second season implies that there will be more switching back and forth between different periods and more sinister and puzzling events.

3. Sex Education

Best Netflix Series

Like most teens, Otis (Asa Butterfield) is terrified of sex, masturbation, and intimacy in general because of his mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson), who works as a sexual health counsellor, and the usual adolescent discomfort, the situation is much more complicated for the young boy in this episode.

You’ll find an abundance of pornographic art and couples desperate for intimacy everywhere you go. With the help of bad-girl Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey), he turns his trials into a business concept for counselling his fellow high school students on a wide range of sexual-related concerns. Uninitiated youngsters have much to give in that regard, as you would expect. Except for its risqué concept and graphic pictures, this is a witty, varied, and friendly adolescent comedy because of writer Laurie Nunn’s writing. To the reviewers’ delight, this film will likely teach you something new about sexuality.

4. Unbelievable

Best Netflix Series

Based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning article, “An Unbelievable Story of Rape,” this production is one of the greatest detective-centric shows since the first season of True Detective and one of the best Netflix productions in a while.

The tale of a 16-year-old girl from Washington who alleges she was assaulted in her room is the subject of an eight-part television series, which analyses her story after the police grilled her. Later, a similar incidence elsewhere confirms her first account. Refusing to accept the little girl’s guilt, two detectives portrayed by Toni Collette and Merritt Wever set out to find the offender in their relentless search. Unbelievable was lauded for its ability to shift the focus from the abusers to the victims and tell their tales in a true-crime fashion.

5. The Black Mirror

Best Netflix Series

It is a science fiction/thriller anthology series in which each episode is a stand-alone tale with its cast and narrative. For the most part, each episode of Black Mirror has at least one big narrative surprise, which often leads things to go badly. However, the twists in the story are based on well-developed characters and well-crafted prose. “White Christmas” is a must-see episode! Think of it as a modern-day Twilight Zone, but with a focus on human-technology interaction.

6. The Pharmacist

Best Netflix Series

There is a lot more going on here than just a Netflix documentary about a real crime story. The story revolves around the tragic death of a kind, gentle father in New Orleans’ renowned Lower 9th Ward in 1999, known for his empathy, soft speech, and overall likeability as a person because of the widespread corruption in the city’s police agency, he decides to investigate his son’s murder on his own.

Dan Schneider, the primary protagonist, sees a surge in the number of opioid prescriptions from a certain doctor while doing so. The desire to safeguard other children from drug addiction drives him to resign from his work and begin collecting evidence against such a doctor and, indirectly, his employer Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of the well-known opioid medication Oxycodone. Audio and video recordings are made of every detail of Schneider’s research as he goes along. In addition to this feeling of immediacy, this Netflix production’s plot twists are spectacular, elevating it beyond other true crime forms. One individual’s charm and influence are used to tackle a catastrophe of global dimensions.

7. Wild Wild Country

Best Netflix Series

Did you not know about Wasco? Neither did anybody else in the past. In 1981, a hippie sect in India decided to relocate to Oregon. Rajneeshpuram, the cult’s new residence, quickly became a ghost town with just a few god-fearing residents and the topic of worldwide media interest. Old inhabitants of the town were unimpressed.

Will there be debaucherous orgies, long-haired dropouts, preaching and shouting involved? Yes. The film also covers the use of chemical weapons and attempted murder, one of the largest immigration fraud cases in US history, and the mysterious ways in which a charismatic cult attracts and manipulates its followers through historical interview footage with peers, which include Ma Anand Sheela, the strength secretary of the orange-clad guru. A fascinating and dramatic account of one of the strangest events in American media history is given in six one-hour parts in this Netflix miniseries by brothers Maclain and Chapman Way.

8. 13 Reasons Why

Best Netflix Series

Thirteen Reasons Why was terminated in 2018 after four seasons. The program attracted millions of viewers throughout its four-year run, even though it was controversial since it dealt with subjects such as suicide, sexual abuse, and bullying.

Teenager Dylan Minnette portrays Clay, who gets a box of cassette tapes from his classmate Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), who killed herself not long before. In addition to being executive produced by Selena Gomez, the program is based on Jay Asher’s book of the same name. It becomes clear as he listens to each audio separately that he and 12 others at their junior college, including himself, were somehow guilty of Hannah’s suicide.

Throughout the first season of this Netflix series, the actresses that portray Hannah, and Olivia’s mother, Kate Walsh, all provide stunning performances. When dealing with such important and sombre topics as mental health, the show’s approach lacks nuance and subtlety compared to what it should be given its target demographic of teenage viewers.

9. Money Heist

Best Netflix Series

There must be enough suspenseful twists and turns in heist thrillers to keep things interesting, but they must also be realistic enough to be credible. Most of the time, Money Heist strikes a delicate balance between action and suspense.

The enigmatic criminal genius known only as “The Professor” plans two heists, which is the focus of numerous seasons of Money Heist. Professor hires a team of criminals named after cities to kidnap hostages in Madrid’s financial sectors.

A series of mishaps, emotional tensions, and impetuous connections on both the hostage-takers and the robbers’ sides swiftly ruin the robbery.

With little fanfare and advertising, Money Heist was added to Netflix and has become a worldwide phenomenon, with a new audience falling in love with The Professor and his Dali-masked collaborators as a particular earworm dominated the European charts. On Spanish TV, the program has been deemed a flop, but Netflix decided to acquire three extra seasons and the last season consisted of two parts, which appeared in December 2021.

When it comes to this series of criminal capers, the individuals and connections between them count just as much as the actual theft. The series has a female narrator and a Spanish cultural perspective to keep things fresh. This criminal caper is a subversion of the heist genre. “When it’s at its finest, Money Heist has the potential to be one of the most popular non-English-language television programs in the world.

10. Lucifer

Best Netflix Series

Actor Tom Ellis, known for his portrayal of Miranda’s next-door neighbour Gary, remade himself as the Lord of Hell for this fantasy drama. Impressive! An even greater achievement is the passionate fandom that has developed around this series since its launch in 2016, with hordes of “Lucifans” ready to defend it until the very end of the earth.

Lucifer Morningstar, popular as the devil, is the show’s protagonist when he moves from Hell to Los Angeles and begins working with the local police force to investigate murder cases. He quickly develops feelings for Chloe Decker, a detective Lauren German portrays. Their growing romance becomes the show’s main focus, despite several obstacles in their path.

Many fans have a particular place in their hearts for the program, as seen by the one million tweets written to protest FOX’s early termination in 2018. After seeing these tweets, Netflix stepped in and renewed the program for an extra three seasons.

11. Squid Game

Best Netflix Series

A trip that is both wild and violent and thought-provoking awaits those who have yet to experience the online sensation known as the Squid Game. The popular South Korean series follows a group of people in debt who are given a chance to fight for an award worth 45.6 billion won; the only prerequisite is that they play well-known children’s games.

However, the risks involved in these activities are much greater than when they were younger; hundreds of people were brutally killed. Despite premiering on Netflix with minimal advertising outside of Korea, Squid Game is on course to become the streaming service’s largest programme of all time, becoming a legitimate pop-cultural phenomenon replete with social media challenges, fan cosplays and a boom in popularity in the show’s dalgona sweets.

It’s simple to understand why Squid Game is just superb television that is wonderfully performed, neatly written, and smartly directed.

12. After Life

Best Netflix Series

Only a few television series focus on the sadness of those who have lost a loved one, and the guy is known for cringe humour; Ricky Gervais is the last person you’d expect to offer us a nuanced representation of grief even though it appears a bit unusual on paper; After Life is hilarious and heartbreaking.

In the event of the death of his wife to cancer, Tony’s main source of motivation to get out of bed is his puppy. The rest of his life is meaningless, his work at the local newspaper is futile, and the world frustrates him. As time passes, he starts to cobble together a new life for himself.

13. The Queen’s Gambit

Best Netflix Series

Chess is an interesting and entertaining game, but it’s safe to say that most people don’t consider it a spectator sport. Scott Frank’s series, The Queen’s Gambit, was precisely that when it premiered on Netflix in 2020, even though it was a limited series focusing on the subject matter. While Beth Harmon, an orphaned adolescent chess prodigy who has risen to the highest ranks of the game, often suffers from substance abuse, the story is based on Walter Tevis’ book. While Anya’s Taylor performance as the protagonist is one of the greatest on the small screen in recent memory, Marielle Heller, Harry Melling, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster also shine in supporting roles.

Seven-episode historical drama The Chess Game is lavishly produced and brimming with period detail, including an impressive variety of chess match set-pieces and a story that will keep you riveted for the duration of its run.

14. Mindhunter

Best Netflix Series

To better understand those who have committed the unthinkable, FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff from Glee) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany from CSI: Miami) go deep into their minds.

A psychologist, Wendy Carr (Anna Torv, “Fringe”), assists them in searching for notable serial murderers by applying their specialised behavioural analysis techniques. ‘Mindhunter,’ based on true events and directed by David Fincher, is widely considered a masterpiece of serial storytelling and one of Netflix’s greatest achievements. The early stages of profiling are comprehensive, dark, intelligible, and, of course, thrilling. Serial murderers like Charles Manson and Edmund Kemper are the focus of the series’ interrogations.

Unlike previous comparable shows, “Mindhunter” provides a fair view of the investigators’ personal and professional lives. Like “The Fall,” each episode has a film-like quality. Slowness creates a sense of unease and fear in the viewer’s mind.

15. Safe

Best Netflix Series

This British-French miniseries featuring Michael C. Hall’s “Dexter” need to get a great deal more attention than it already receives: Tom (Hall), who was a surgeon, lost his wife to death a year ago. Now he resides in a nice residential complex with his two children. He lives there by himself. There are always good friends there, and at the same time, a friendly relationship is developing, but when one day his oldest daughter vanishes under inexplicable circumstances, he discovers that he was wrong about the people around him in his life. Suspenseful facts are made about his hometown and the individuals who are closest to him.

Do we deeply understand the people we love – whether they be our life partners, children, lovers, parents, or friends? This perplexing question is at the centre of the suspense drama series, and the fact that everyone could be involved is one of the primary reasons why it is so incredibly gripping.