Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla is a Serbian-American inventor. He is one of the greatest inventors in the history of science. His contributions to wireless radio communications and electromagnetism are spell bounding. He was considered a mastermind in the 1800 century. Till today his name is used as a brand for lot many companies. His birth itself is a coincidental miracle. An average human IQ is between 100 to 120, and Tesla was born with an IQ of 280. Newton, the greatest scientist ever, once addressed Tesla as the smartest man alive.

He was an electrical engineering graduate and a mechanical engineer too. Tesla went to the University at Prague as well. He’s a futurist and is better known for his contributions to designing the alternating current (AC) motor. Tesla made a lot of breakthroughs in the production, transmission, and application of electric power. Nikola Tesla invented the first alternating current (AC) motor. Although he’s famous and respected, he couldn’t stand tall in the long-term financial success, unlike his primary rival Thomas Alva Edison. He was the first to develop AC generation and transmission technology. The vision Tesla had for the alternating current power system was so transformative and is the reason for the electricity supply to the Homes and buildings.

Tesla is also a pioneer in the radio communication field and has over 100 U.S patents. He invented an Induction coil which is still used extensively in radio communication. It is named Tesla coil (1891), and Westinghouse used its system to light up the World’s Columbian exposition. Tesla also established an electric power station at the Niagara falls that delivered electricity to Buffalo, New York, in 1896. Nicolas is also known for his work on Carbon button lamps and the power of electrical resonance. Tesla discovered the Terrestrial stationary waves around 1899-1900, proving that the earth is also a conductor. Many of his visions and ideas have remained on the paper as he had no appropriate funds to work on them. He left a lot of inventive clues for the inventors to examine.

Early Life:

Nikola Tesla

Nicola Tesla was born on 10th July 1856. He was born in the Smiljan Serbs of the Austrian Empire. His father’s name is Milutin Tesla, who was a priest in Eastern Orthodox Church and her mother’s name is Duke Mandic. Tesla’s ancestors were experts in craft tool making. They have a good memory, too, as they used to perform epic poems of Serbia. Surprisingly her mother never had a proper education, but Tesla was blessed with extraordinary knowledge. Tesla had four siblings: Three were sisters, and one was a brother. Unfortunately, Tesla lost his brother in an accident.

Then, Tesla is just five years old. His primary schooling has happened in Smiljan, and his high schooling is done in Higher Real Gymnasium. While his primary schooling, his family moved to Gospic. He then chose his interest in electricity and applied to multiple universities. His performance at University was also spellbound, and professors were surprised by his problem-solving abilities. He then finished his graduation and then came back to his hometown. Tesla got attacked with cholera at that time. Tesla’s father was devastated by this fact and promised Tesla that he would send him to the best engineering college that Tesla wanted if he recovered from the disease. Tesla’s father was initially skeptical about his studies as he wanted his son to take up the priesthood. Then the year after, Nicolas joined Austro-Hungarian Army. He dedicated a few years to Army and explored many things, and his health improved during that while. Tesla applied to Imperial Royal college situated in Graz on a scholarship basis. He topped the University, and as a token of appreciation, he received a letter of commendation from the head of the faculty. Here is when Tesla was working on the designs of electric motors, his first and biggest contribution to science. But it was said in one of Tesla’s biographies that he was about to fail the third year of his engineering. There were rumors that he was involved in gambling and womanizing. However, all those rumors haven’t had proper proof, so they remained as rumors. Tesla lost his father in 1879 because of a certain illness caused in his 60s.

Personal Life:

Nikola Tesla

Tesla was a tall man who was described as a serious person. He has a charming, elegant, and stylish personality. His attires were mostly formal since Tesla was always into business conversations and communications. As earlier, he has an amazing memory, and Tesla was blessed with a photographic memory. Tesla spoke eight languages: Czech, German, Italian, Latin, English, Hungarian, and Serbo-Croatian. He was born during the lightning effect, so he had certain problems regarding vision. Speaking about his relationships, Tesla stayed single all his life. He contributed his life to scientific inventions as Tesla had the utmost respect for women. Nicolas was a person who was generous and sweet in his personality.

Speaking about his sleep habits, he sleeps just two hours per night. In one of his autobiographies, he added that he takes naps in between to adjust his sleep cycle. No one could ever replace him in the history of science. He used to spend a straight eighty-four hours without sleep. He remembers all his theories in his head, even in sleep. But Tesla’s work habits were punctual. He follows a 9 to 6 work schedule. Tesla did not agree with the atom theory and haven’t believed in electrons. If he had been alive for a few more years, we would have gotten his theory of ‘Dynamic theory of gravity.’ He also made predictions of upcoming world wars that were coming in future.

His scientific contributions:

He has made an enormous contribution to science. Here are some of his scientific contributions:

Alternating Current:

The idea of Tesla’s alternating current began when he first joined Edison’s. Edison first asked Tesla to solve his Direct current flaw in one of his experiments. Tesla was offered fifty thousand dollars for fixing the flaw.

Nikola Tesla

While fixing his problem, he invented an alternating current. Later, Tesla quit Edison without solving the direct current issue of Edison. He then tried to get patent rights for his invention, and he finally got one.


Back then, there was no wireless power. Whatever power is being generated used to be through direct-wired connections. Tesla thought of giving it a solution. So, he invented wireless power by using the transmission concept. Tesla experimented with wireless power in his laboratory. He first tried it with a kilometer distance transmission and succeeded in it.

Tesla Coil:

He invented his famous Tesla coil. He used electrical sparks to generate alternating currents. This Tesla coil still exists in Shoreham, situated in New York.

Tesla Turbine:

All the automobiles we use today are turbine systems. Tesla invented this turbine-based system for automobiles. Before his invention, people used to use blade-based systems. Turbine-based systems were more fuel effective than blade-based. So it gained popularity for that reason.


While Tesla was working on a radio signal transmission experiment, his laboratory had a fire accident. His radio setup was all burnt down. He was about to get the patent rights for his invention, but somebody already had patent rights.


Tesla did not invent the radio waves, but he improved the design. Mr. Rontgen first invented X- rays, but Tesla used techniques to get clear images of x-rays.

Neon Lamp:

He designed various forms of neon lamps and signs. However, Neon lamps were already existing in his time. People use some of those neon signs in casinos, hotels, bars, and on the roadways.

Induction Motor:

His invention of the induction motor is a game-changer in the scientific revolution. He used electromagnetic theory in his invention of the induction motor. An induction motor is used everywhere, such as in hairdryers, power tools, and vacuums.


He invented hydroelectricity at Niagara falls, the biggest waterfall ever. The member commission at Niagara falls invited Tesla to design the project. He used his invention of the alternating current technique to generate electricity. That was recorded as the first power plant.

Radio-based Boat:

Tesla designed a toy boat with an engine, steering, and lighting. He used radio transmission signals to control the boat. Drone technology is just as same as this technology. He introduced robotic technology with this invention. It was used as a replacement for men in the Army.

Tesla’s labs:

Tesla had many laboratories in Manhattan. A lab at Grand Street on the fourth, sixth and seventh floors. He rented all his labs with the money he made with his patents.

Awards and Honors:

Nikola Telsa won countless awards. Starting from 1892, he won the Grand officer award presented by the order of St.Sava. Then in 1894, he won Elliott Cresson Medal. He then won Edison Medal from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in 1916.

Nikola Tesla

He was the Cross Cross of the Order of the Yugoslav Crown in 1931, the Grand Cross of the Order of the White Lion in 1937, Order of the White Eagle in 1936. He won a medal at the University of Paris in 1937. And a medal from the University of St.Clement of Ochrida in 1939.

Forget about awards and honor; many things and products are named after him. A few of them are:

  • Tesla tower
  • Tesla turbine
  • Tesla’s Egg of Columbus
  • Singing Tesla coil
  • Unit of magnetic inductivity=Tesla
  • Tesla valve
  • Tesla oscillator
  • Tesla Experimental Station

There is a school under his name in Washington:

  • Tesla STEM High School.

There are also places, societies, and organizations named after him. Some of them are:

  • Tesla Inc
  • Nikola Motor Company
  • Ericsson Nikola Tesla
  • Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
  • Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre in Smiljan
  • Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade
  • Thermal power plant Nikola Tesla
  • Tesla Memorial Society
  • International Tesla Society

Also, there are holidays in his name.

  • National Day of Science
  • Nikola Tesla Day
  • Association of Teachers on the day of Nikola Tesla
  • Nikola Tesla’s annual electric vehicle rally

There were biographies of him which are:

  • The life of Nikola Tesla
  • The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
  • Tesla-Lightning in His Hand
  • The Secret of Nikola Tesla
  • The Inventions, Researches, and Writings of Nikola Tesla

The Nikola Tesla Award is presented by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics every year to someone who makes the ultimate contribution to electric power. The award was made in honor of Nikola Tesla in 1975.

There is a currency on Tesla in Yugoslavia, Serbia, and Croatia. Yugoslavia has Tesla’s face on six banknotes in 1970 and 1993. His face is still portrayed in hundred Serbian dinars.

Ending Days of his life:

In 1937, Tesla had an accident where he broke three ribs. He neglected his health afterward. In the year of 1943, we lost our greatest inventor ever. He died at the age of eighty-six in a hotel in Newyork alone. Sources say that he doesn’t want to see a doctor, which has led to his bad health. When the doctors examined his body, they said he died because of a blood clot. Whatever the reasons that are to be considered, his death was an end to an era of a scientific revolution. His contribution to science and technology is astonishing. The whole world has paid a huge tribute to Tesla’s death. Tesla’s funeral happened in Manhattan. A huge crowd of two thousand people attended Tesla’s funeral. The Mayor of new york read Tesla’s eulogy on live radio. A second service has happened in Newyork by priests.


There were an enormous number of patents for his inventions. For the record, there were three hundred patents. Few were not on record and still need to be figured out. Most of his patents were in Canada, Britain, and the United States.


In Niagara Falls, a monument of Tesla won the best design in an international competition. Another statue is sculpted in Croatia.

Nikola Tesla

There is an intersection called Nikola Tesla in New York. On his 100th death anniversary, a full-sized statue is sculpted in California.